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ISP admin Wiki

ISP admin is a complete information system which covers most of the internet providers needs. The system makes the work easier to technicians, network administrators, and allows even the less technically skilled to keep it, for example to sales managers, callcenter assistants, assistants, etc. Thanks to the ISP admin system, the provider keeps all the information about network devices, all clients, earlier solved problems, etc., at disposition. All this instantly online.

This Wiki is aimed at those who are interested and to the current users of the ISP admin system. It should become a place for everybody to find relevant information about the product. The aim of this website is to present and maintain updated documentation of the ISP admin system. in several world languages. Currently, all the articles are available only ni Czech and English.

How to use this wiki?

Search: If you are searching for something specific, simply enter the wanted word or expression into "search" field at the top of the page, or use search page. There is a topically ordered documentation content at your disposal. You can also display all pages preview, or just have a random page chosen.

Haven`t you find satisfactory information regarding your problem or question? Contact us and let us know about your enquiry. You will thus help us in enlarging our documentation of the ISP admin system in the required direction. We will be also glad to complete the documentation with your enquiry or remarks from using our system in the environment of an actual running of the ISP firm.

Orientation: A rolling out toolbar is in the upper part of the presentation which serves for the basic navigation between the wiki sections. These main sections of the web are not extensive and they are easy to orient yourselves in them. However, the main part of this wiki is an extensive documentation. For easier browsing over the whole documentation structure, you can use well-arranged guidepost for the documentation, or simply chose a requested topic within rolling out the menu of button Documentation in the upper toolbar.

The chapters of the documentation copy the structure of the bookmarks in the ISP admin system, for example Users, Routers, etc. Each chapter is titled by a page with another sub-bookmarks guidepost and a descripture of the meaning of a specific bookmark and eventually also additional processes of work in a specific chapter.

Every page than comprises an informative preview of the screen. In this picture you can very well se the colourful ISP admin system bookmarks panel according to which it is possible to orient oneself. The task of this effort is to maximally simplify browsing through the whole structire of the system as well as the documentation.

If you lose your way through the documentation, you may chose required topic from roll-out menu of the "Documentation" button in the web toolbar, or you can return to the main guidepost of the documentation.

Languages: Language option of this wiki is easily available thanks to the "Language" button in the control toolbar of the web page. If the wiki does not switch into chosen language version automatically, refresh the page by clicking on the "Home" button or the propagational banner at the head of the page. Such a casual behavior of the page is caused by the browser behavior, ie. by caching of the already seen pages.

Translation: It has been already mentioned that the main objective is to make the system documentation available in several world languages. At first, the documentation will be maintained in "Czech" and "English". In the future, it should be possible to create authorized user accounts with by means of which the readers would be able to translate the English version into other world languages.

Edits: Individual interventions into the texts within this web are not available for the readers, the edits are made exclusively by our company. We will be glad, however, to receive your official suggestions and remarks, you can e-mail your findings to