Changelog 4.10 beta2


  • The page "Active services" has been rewritten to new framework interface.
  • Billing information now also includes field "Invoicing day" where it is possible to fill in the date for invoicing of client service. This information will be used (when Invoicing part is rewritten to framework) to invoice client for whatever time period needed (e.g. from 15th of November to 14th of December). It is not applied yet.
  • Individual fields are now organized in a logical order for adding new internet service.
  • Fields "Access point" and "Switch" now provides also search option to fill in the name and find out search results faster.
  • Displaying of client IP address and IP of client's end device is now switched.
  • While filling in IP address it is now possible to define which will be used for NAT (mentioned above in article IP NAT POOLS) by clicking on a checkbox "Client NAT".


  • Suspension of clients which are authenticated via RADIUS has been customized. In the past when a client was suspended (e.g. because unpaid invoice) system refused authentication via RADIUS but there was a problem that client did not know if their service was suspended or disconnected due to some technical problems on provider's site.
  • Now it is customized and every suspended client persist authenticated via RADIUS but system forward them to a special info page where they can find information why their service is not available. So it means the same process as it is at standard Internet service without authentication via RADIUS.

Changelog 4.15 beta1

  • When editing a service in IPTV, it is now possible to choose on which port of a switch the service is located. It allows for a better overall view of each port.
  • When editing a service in IPTV, it is now possible to set Invoicing date. It makes it possible to set a day on which the client will be invoiced. This setting will be used in the near future (when the Invoicing module is rewritten) so it will be possible to invoice a client on a specific date for any invoicing period (for example: 15.11.2014 to 14.12.2014). For now, this setting has no effect on invoices.

Changelog 4.15 beta1

  • New in the system: it is now possible to add and record Withdrawals of active services , including information about the reasons and methods of a given withdrawal and possibly a record of a state, in which a client has been able to be convinced to revoke his withdrawal and wants to continue his service subscription(for example if better terms where given by the provider).
  • In the tab Settings Syst. settings General, with the the help of the key default_notice_period, it is now possible to set a default number of months for a withdrawal. This setting is only applied to newly created services.
  • Newly added into the system: the possibility of a withdrawal for client services. This is applied to two new code lists Reasons and Submission, which are located in the tab Settings Code lists Withdrawals.
  • When saving an active internet service, it is now possible to save a withdrawal period for a specific month. When creating an withdrawal, this period is automatically set.
  • A withdrawal can be then create in Client card / Withdrawals.
  • In the tab Client Internet, it is now possible to filter clients by active withdrawals by using the filter Details / Active withdrawal. An active withdrawal is when a client is currently within a withdrawal period.

Changelog 4.22 beta1

Request form

  • You can now set the system to send an information e-mail upon creation of a request.
  • The settings needed:
    • Settings Syst. settings General, ID send_email_after_new_client_request = 1
    • a due record in Settings Syst. settings General, ID system_mail and system_mail_name
  • You can define the email layout in Settings Other E-mail templates. To activate the template, click on icon check ko in New request column.


Changelog 4.24 beta1


  • In Clients Requests, you can now add as many notes to each request as you want. It is also possible to send an email directly to the person that made the request in question. These emails are then saved to the history of the given request.
  • Authorized requests from clients now contain a link to the relevant Client card.


Changelog 4.24 beta3


  • You can now add a note to an IPTV service.

  • HU localization: Wrong prices for Internet services were displayed in the Client card, in Clients Internet and in the tariff settings when a special VAT rate for Internet services was used. The bug is fixed now.

  • The form used for adding a new General service to the system has been fixed. Before the fix, it was not possible to enter a price in the form of a decimal number.

  • When a credit note is issued, the system, by default, confirms it immediately (the Confirm credit note now checkbox). The note is thus immediately included in the various accounting overviews in the system.


Changelog 4.24 beta5


  • In Clients Internet, it is now possible to filter clients with a suspended service based on the reason for the suspension of the service.
  • A new column has been added to the table in the Clients Internet tab: Monthly price incl. VAT. Whether the column is displayed or not depends on the configuration of this page.
  • Clients' SMS messages are now identified as belonging to a particular client even based on the contact persons entered in the Client card.

Changelog 4.26 beta1


  • Clients Internet: The page loading time has been reduced.
  • There is a new category Except VAT on cash receipts. It is used, for example, for invoice settlements.
  • Date field is now updated when a note is modified in Client card.
  • You can now check the Delete service automatically when cancellation date is over option while adding a new client´s cancellation. This way the affected service will be automatically removed on Contract ends on date. In addition, an email will be sent to the client. You can define the email in Settings Other E-mail templates, Cancellations column.

Changelog 4.26 beta2


  • In Clients Contacts, you can now display/print the following columns: Company ID and VAT ID - iconopen.
  • You can now send Cash Payment Receipts individually by clicking on icon email2.

Changelog 4.26 beta5


  • Client card / Invoicing / Payments: The list of received payments now includes a new column Accepted. This column displays the name of the administrator that received a given payment (through Invoicing Payments Payments).
  • A bug has been fixed in the check mechanism on the Add new contact / Edit contact information page. In the case of company clients, it was not possible to enter other than numerical values into the Company ID field.
  • A bug in credit note cancellation has been fixed: The credit note amount was not added to a client's credit.
  • In the IPTV service configuration, it is now possible to enter a contract number.
  • In the cable internet service configuration (CMTS), it is now possible to not enter a client's IP address. A dynamic IP address is used instead. The address is taken from the range defined on a given router in the Routed Network section (the Dynamic range of DHCP fields). Such a service can be saved to the system only if the Use DHCP box in the router configuration is checked.
  • Client card / Active services / Internet: Services can be ordered by name or ID. This may come in handy, for example, when one of the services is primary and the rest are secondary.


Changelog 4.27 beta1


  • Radius NAS IP lock - If the Lock Client checkbox in the Internet (Radius) service configuration is checked, the system goes through all the routed networks and assigns ("locks") a given client to the router where a match with their IP address has been found. If a match has been found on two routers, the client is assigned to the one that is (according to the configuration) closer to them (if shaping has been set up on it). If the situation is not clear-cut, the original algorithm is used (the client is "locked" only after their first log-in from any concentrator). For all this to work correctly, the client's IP address must be entered into the system. Already "locked" clients are not affected in any way.


Changelog 4.28 beta1


  • The $CLI_USER_GOODS$ variable has been replaced with a new one: $CLI_GOODS[column][number]$ . This variable can be used in contract templates, which can be added to the system in SettingsContracts My templates. More information can be found here:
  • Bug fix: When a service was automatically deleted at the end of the notice period, no information was given on the name of the administrator that had entered the cancellation into the system.
  • The Inclusion of overpayment page in Client card / Invoicing has been rewritten.


Changelog 4.30 beta1


  • Clients Internet --> Column SSID: The way an access point is determined has been modified. The system first tries to find the access point name based on the configuration of a given Internet service. If there is no SSID, the system retrieves the requested information from a relevant MikroTik device based on MAC address.
  • Clients Internet --> Column HW end device - modification: CPE is displayed here, not a client's end device (their own router).
  • Clients Internet --> Click on a particular amplifier --> Statistics of the amplifier: Clients' addresses and direct links to the Client card have been added.
  • Individual invoice creation --> Other items on invoice (cena_dph_typ = 1): The way the price excl. VAT is calculated has been modified. CZ localization x other localizations.
  • Individual invoice creation --> Other items on invoice (cena_dph_typ = 1): The way the calculated price excl. VAT is rounded has been modified.
  • The Add/Edit Internet service page has been modified: If you did not select any location, you were not able to choose any of the tariffs with a set location.
  • The page Client card / Invoicing --> Invoice details --> Edit date on invoice has been rewritten.
  • The page Client card / Invoicing --> Invoice details --> Cancelled invoice recovery has been rewritten.
  • Client card / Internet statistic: In the case of SNMP unavailability, the Modem online function could slow the system down. As a result, a timeout limit has been set for this function.


Changelog 4.31 beta1


  • The Client card / Invoicing / Invoice - detail / Credit note cancellation page has been rewritten.
  • The script used to suspend clients' services has been rewritten. The way it works has been modified: The system suspends only the service for which the now overdue invoice has been issued. The other services are left intact.
  • Bug fix - Restore VoIP service script


Changelog 4.32 beta1


  • Client card / Active services: There is a new button Copy, which allows you to prefill the Add new service form. That is useful if you want to create an *almost* identical service with a different ID. In the list of deleted services, there is a new button New service, which allows you to create a new service based on one of the deleted services.
  • Client card / Invoicing: Table Payments renamed to Matched payments
  • Issue invoice copy rewritten
  • Script for automatic assignment of MAC addresses from cable modems to particular services (CMTS) rewritten
  • FUP check script rewritten


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