Changelog 4.10 beta1


  • In the client card (the tab "Invoicing" there are now displayed all client's payments (at bottom of the page) which has been accepted in particular year. By clicking on the loupe icon it is possible to display detail of payment.
  • The tab "Invoicing / Overviews / Payments" there is a new button "Excluded payments". By clicking on this button the list of unmatched payments. Next to that button it is possible to display list of the same in PDF format.

Changelog 4.10 beta2


  • In the tab "Invoicing / Cash box" there is a new dividing of invoicing groups and years. While exporting payments in the tab "Cash box - Sent payments" there it is now possible to export CSV or different format from a context menu.
  • New rewritten pages also now displays line numbering.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Overviews / Payments" there is now also total overview at bottom of the list.
  • Now it is also possible to create "Credit note" even for item with Reverse charge (CZ only - as we know).


  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Time period" there is now possible to export statement for defined time period to PDF (by clicking on a particular icon).
  • The statement includes information about invoices which belongs to a particular month.
  • Detail of particular month includes detailed preview of invoices for time period (by clicling on a PDF icon at each line).

Changelog 4.10 beta3


  • Fixed bug in export of Direct debit file where was necessary to customize data structure for CZ post office.
  • Slovakia ČSOB bank has changed payment notification format. The format has been customized to accept payment notifications for ČSOB.
  • In a tab "Invoicing / Invoices" there were displayed icons with additional options at each row with generated invoices. Now there is a pop-up menu which includes all available option better organized behind one icon.


  • Completely rewritten setting of accounting codes for invoicing.
  • In the tab "Invocing / Settings / Accounting / Accounting" there it is possible to set up own accounting codes. Ïn the case system will offer from a table only those pre-defined accounting codes.
  • In the tab "Invocing / Settings / Accounting / Services" there it is possible to set up accounting codes for services Internet, VoIP, General etc.
  • In the tab "Invocing / Settings / Accounting / System" there it is possible to set up accounting codes for system items used for invoices generating like fee for sending invoices by post.
  • In the tab "Settings / Tariff" there it is possible to define accounting codes for services INTERNET, CATV, DVBC, VOIP, IPTV. Now it is possible to set up acconting code for whole service but also for individual tariffs. If any accounting code for tariff is defined here, system will use it as default before application of accounting code for whole service. If there is no specific accounting code for particular tariff system will use accounting code for whole service as default.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing" there it is possible to display statistics by accounting codes and also export accounting codes to accounting system.

Changelog 4.11 beta1


  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices" option "Lock Invoices" was added for a specific month and invoice group. If an invoice is locked in this way, it isn't possible to change, cancel, change dates and address and issue a new invoice in this particular period. Locking and unlocking can be only done by the MasterAdmin or MainAdmin.
  • Added support for exporting invoices to "BYZNYS" accounting system.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Overview / Invoices" there it is possible to "View Statistics by Service" but each row has a new added icon to print out a statistic of every individual service
  • While adding common services it is now possible to choose an accounting code for each item. If accounting codes are permitted (the tab "Invoicing / Settings / Accounting") and in the tab of the service no accounting code is used, the system applies a global accounting code selected from the general service (the tab "Settings / Active services / General").
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoice / Invoice" by click on view or print invoices in PDF, an intermediate step appears with the option to choose a certain type of payment.
  • In The detail of each invoice it is now possible to generate SEPA data for the invoice (currently only possible for all invoices issued in a given month).
  • Now when generating files for SEPA (the Client card / Information / Invoicing and Invoicing / Invoices) the system automatically settle all invoices for which SEPA was generated. This feature is only available for localizations ES, IT, and IE (for other localizations available on demand).
  • Enabled reloading for erroneously processed e-mail from the bank. In some cases it may happen that the system marks one as processed, but couldn't read any payments. So now in the menu "Invoicing / Bank / E-mail" erroneously processed emails, can be marked as unprocessed with the icon at the end of the line and the system tries to precesses them again in regular 5-minute intervals.
  • A new system variable created invoice_offset_correspondence_address in the menu "Invoicing / Settings / Universal" , through which it is possible to move the mailing address on the invoices. The value indicates how many millimetres the address is moved downwards.


  • Automatic matching of incoming payments in PayPal now supported.
  • A new tab PayPal is now available in the tab "Invoicing / Bank", where all payments received via PayPal are displayed.
  • For proper functionality it is necessary to set following parameters:
    • In the tab "Settings / Syst. Settings / General" it's necessary to adjust the parameter ispadmin_server and insert an IP address or Domain of an ISPadmin server (eg.
    • In the tab "Invoicing / Settings / General" it's necessary to adjust the parameter paypal to "1" and also into the paypal_account_id fill in the PayPal account ID.
    • In the firewall rules HTTPS must be allowed globally.
  • If everything is properly configured and enabled, after any payment of the invoice from Client portal (by clicking on the icon PayPal), the payment appear in the tab "Invoicing / Bank / PayPal" and the invoice is automatically set as paid.

Changelog 4.11 beta2


  • Optimization of payment read-outs in the tab Invoicing Overviews Invoices and Client card / Invoicing, resulting in a speed increase.
  • If issuing a new invoice in (Client card / Invoicing), a new option Mark invoice as sent was added. It can mark an issued invoice as sent by E-mail.
  • New in tab Invoicing Invoices Invoices: it is now possible for the current year and invoicing group to set the option Mark invoices as sent.
  • If issuing a new invoice in (Client card / Invoicing), it is now possible to select all months for one service at once.


  • New Tab Invoicing Bank SEPA added.
  • So now there is also supported to import returned SEPA payments with error payments.

Changelog 4.12 beta1


  • The HU localization now displays the taxable date also in the invoicing group of VAT / TAX non-payers.
  • For exports to Omega the items and invoices are now set to a mathematical rounding of 2 decimal places.
  • The values export_vat_code and export_of_numerical_series_prefix are moved to the global configuration of invoicing (tab Invoicing Settings General) to the configuration of invoicing groups (tab Invoicing Settings Invoice group).
  • For the export of invoices to the program EKONOM a invoice date (dat_zauct) was added. This date is set as the date of invoice.
  • For the export of invoices to the program RLB (HU localization) now additional data, whether the invoice is paid or not, is saved. If the invoice is paid, the date and format (cash receipt, bank) of the invoice is saved.
  • Now it is possible to set PayPal for each invoicing group individually. The setting is moved from Invoicing Settings General to the tab Invoicing Settings Invoice group.
  • Now an export to the program SAP is available. For an implementation it is necessary to contact the support team.
  • Now a new page for issuing credit notes is available in the (tab Client card / Invoicing / Details / Issue a credit note) and it is now also possible to set a time interval for issuing of credit notes.
  • In the tab Invoicing Overviews Claims Statistic, by clicking on details a list of invoices is displayed. In it the invoice type is displayed and the entire report can be printed to a PDF file.
  • In the tab Invoicing Overpayments Returned, it is now possible to print the report to a PDF file.
  • When sending a cash receipt in the tab Invoicing Cash box, all selected filters are applied to it now.
  • Now when importing OC31 payments (HU localization) backed up invoices are paired as well.
  • A New tab was added to Invoicing Invoices Time period By invoice. In it is possible to find a list of invoices where every invoice is calculated by the selected time range.

Changelog 4.13 beta1


  • In Postscript at Invoice, located in the editing of an invoice group, now additional system variables can be used.
    • $TOTAL_VAT_AMOUNT$ - Total VAT amount.
    • $TOTAL_AMOUNT_WITH_VAT$ - Total amount with VAT.
    • $TOTAL_AMOUNT_WITHOUT_VAT$ - Total amount without VAT.
  • The tab Invoicing Cash box is now divided into the tabs Invoicing Cash box Sent and Invoicing Cash box Unsent.
  • The tab Invoicing Bank Unidentified payments was moved to a new rewritten tab Invoicing Bank Import. The payments that were moved can be found in this new tab under the button Unidentified payments.
  • In the tab Invoicing Bank Import, unused imports were removed.
  • In the tab Invoicing Bank Import, it is now possible to filter by import type. It works only for newly imported files.
  • When issuing an invoice (invoicing details in the Client card), it now displays the total balance of the invoice.
  • Export of MPR/KS invoices now exports IC VAT values as well.


  • A new tab for the rules of payment matching were added. Invoicing Settings Bank Rules. Here it is possible to define a multiple number of rules for the automatic matching of payments. The rules are applied by the order in which they are in the list. These rules are ONLY applied for the tab Invoicing Bank Import!
  • When creating a new rule for every action, an icon i is displayed. On icon mouse over additional details are displayed.
  • For the creation and assembling of rules it is possible to run a test to check if the rules work properly. The button Test rules for payment matching is located on the top of the list of rules. After clicking on the test button, a form is displayed where it is possible to display payment information. After the test, the rule table is displayed were each rule has a matching invoice or client. The green mark signalizes to which rule it would be able to match.
  • It works so that upon the automatic matching of payment imports it goes through the current rules of payment matchings and finds a matching invoice or a client according to the individual rules. The payment will be matched or added to the client credit, by the first rule that matches the criteria of the rule. To maintain the functionality, 6 system variables were created to ensure payment matching as before. This rules can not be edited or deleted . On every rule it is possible, with the help of the column Active, to activate or deactivate the current rule.
  • Now automatic invoice matching is possible.
    • Match the payment by a banking account number.
    • Match payments by a note on a payment (some clients use VS - variable symbol /SS - specific symbol).
    • Match a payment, if the payment amount is lower. (the invoice will be partially paid ).
    • Match a payment, if the payment amount is higher. (the invoice will be paid and the rest is credited to the client).
    • The possibility to automatically credit a client for payments was added.
    • The possibility to match payments by oldest or newest invoice.

Changelog 4.14 beta1

  • The rules for payment pairing are now also applied to the tabs Invoicing Bank E-mail and Invoicing Bank FIO.
  • In the tab Invoicing Invoices Invoices, when exporting SEPA , now a submit box is displayed where it is possible to choose if all invoice exports are marked as paid. Because the corresponding SEPA file, send by the bank, only has information about the refused payment, by which it isn't possible to automatically reimburse an invoice.
  • Unification of functions for payment pairing. Previously it was possible for unpaired payments to Pair, Pair manually and Add to Credit. Now payments have only one button Pair. By clicking on this button a form for searching clients, invoices and client information about the current payment is displayed. Further bellow on the page a list with clients and their invoice is displayed. Next to a client is the button add to credit, which makes it possible to add credit to a client. Next to an invoice is the button Pair, which makes it possible to pair a payment for the current invoice. The system tries to automatically display clients and their unpaid invoices by the payment information.
  • A new import for GoPay payments was added.
  • In the tab Invoicing Bank superCASH, it is now possible to pair unpaired payments.

Changelog 4.14 beta3

  • In the tab Invoicing Settings Templates General, it is now possible to set an accounting code for each item in a template (if accounting codes are enabled for invoices). These accounting codes are then used, when choosing a template while adding an universal service.
  • Now it is possible for Excluded payments in the tab Invoicing Bank FIOto be sorted by month, year and supplier account number and it is also possible to display them in PDF.

Invoicing - Include Overpayments to VAT

  • In the tab Invoicing Settings Invoice group, it is now possible to Include overpayments to VAT/TAX. If this option is turned on, the system starts to add all new overpayments to the VAT/TAX. It is also necessary to set up a number line in which the system will index new overpayments. Initial value of number line of included overpayments to VAT (VAT documents). If the option Include overpayments to VAT is enabled, the system automatically creates an invoice for the newly credited overpayment, with counted in VAT / TAX from a received payment. If such a overpayment is later subtracted on an issued invoice, the VAT amount is also subtracted, for the overpayments that have been already registered. Overpayments included to the VAT and all issued documents can be found in the tab Invoicing Overpayments Incl. to VAT where it is possible to print a single or a overview statement of all overpayments included to VAT, in a specific date period. If this feature is used, we recommend to include information about the overpayments into the Terms of Service for your clients.

Changelog 4.14 beta4

  • New in pairing payment: in the tab Invoicing Settlements Settlements, a graphical overview for the current year was added.
  • In the tab Invoicing Bank FIO, instead of the supplier's bank account number now the description set in the tab Invoicing Settings Bank FIOis displayed. For the selected bank account number, now information about the last downloaded statement is displayed.
  • New type of Postal money order TKSZ was added (only HU localization).


  • The bank account number of the client has to be equal to the bank account number of the payment.
  • The system automatically saves the bank account number of the client, on each payment. These informations are saved into a special table, where the system checks on a new payment for particluar bank account number for payment pairing (Searching and pairing of a payment by this rule is available only in the case when the rule to pair payment by account number is defined in the system).
  • If the system finds the same bank account number on a client or no matching bank account number, then the current rule will be ignored and the system will apply the next rule in the rules list.

Changelog 4.15 beta1

  • Now when importing a list into the ABO format the displaying of a bank account numbers has been changed so the bank code is now also being displayed.
  • When receiving cash payments it is now possible to receive a partial amount of credit.
  • Now new, the possibility to transfer any invoice to an other client. With the button Transfer invoice located in the details of an invoice.
  • In the tab Invoicing Overpayments Returned, it is now possible, after choosing a invoice group and the type of payment by Bank transfer, to generate an bulk payment order. This bulk payment order can then be used by for banking. To generate this payment the system uses the bank account number, the client used when creating a payment return and also the Bank account number for payment refund which needs to be set on the given invoice group.
  • When editing an invoice group in the tab Invoicing Settings Invoicing group, it is now possible to allow or forbid a superCASH code on an invoice.
  • When using an invoice backup the system automatically sends a standard invoice to the client when an invoice backup has been paid. But if a client has set his invoicing by mail and hasn't set his email or does have invoicing by email disabled, then the system sends the notification to the email set in the tab Invoicing Settings Generalby the value of the key billing_mail. In this version the system only sends this notifications only when a client has invoicing by mail enabled or has invoicing by mail enabled but has no email set.
  • The tab Invoicing Bank FIO is now displayed only when an account was added in the tab Invoicing Settings Bank FIO.
  • The tab Invoicing Bank Email is now displayed only when an account was added in the tab Invoicing Settings Bank Bank - email.
  • The tab Invoicing Bank Supercash is now only displayed when in the tab Invoicing Settings Generalthe values of supercash_id and supercash_password are set.
  • The tab Invoicing Bank PayPal is now only displayed in case an invoice group has PayPal activated.
  • The tab Invoicing Bank Raiffeisenbank is now only displayed in case an account has been added in the tab Invoicing Settings Bank Raiffeisenbank
  • If a client adds credit and the system finds out that a payment has arrived to a different bank number than the clients invoice group, then the system displays a warning.
  • For manual pairing of an payment the system displays information about, if a bank account number of an payment has been found on multiple clients. If the same bank account number is found on multiple clients then it is possible to remove this number from the client. If the same bank account number is found on multiple clients then then it is not possible to automatically pair payments on a payment rule that contain the rule of a matching banking numbers.
  • In the tab Invoicing Overview Invoices, it is now possible to print an overview into PDF and also export it into CSV data.
  • In the details of payment pairing in the tab Invoicing Bank SIPO, new information about the details of a payment parings is now displayed.


INVOICING - integration of the Raiffeisenbank payment system

  • In ISPadmin it is now possible to automatically download payments from the Raiffeisenbank payment system.
  • In the tab Invoicing Settings Bank Raiffeisenbank, it is now possible to add a new account, on which the system automatically starts to download informations about payments.
  • To add a new bank account, the values shopname, creditaccount, creditbank and password have to be set. This data will be provided by the banks in case a payment system is being used.
  • Once a bank account is added to ISPadmin, the system automatically starts to download payments in 10 minute intervals.
  • After an bank account has been added to the system, the system downloads payments 48 hours retroactively. Therefore, it downloads also the previous two days.
  • In the tab Invoicing Bank Raiffeisenbank, a list containing information on payments, with the option to search and pair payments, is available. Exactly like in the other tabs of Invoicing Bank.

Changelog 4.15 beta2


  • In the tab Invoicing Settings General, it is now possible to select type of postal money order in the invoice_sk_slozenka_typ key:
    • 0 - Type S
    • 1 - Type SI
  • Currently, the Slovak Post accepts both types of postal orders, however as of January 1st 2016, the Slovak Post should only accept postal order type SI where all bank account numbers are in IBAN format.


INVOICING - SEPA PAYMENTS (ES, IT and IE localization)

  • A new payment type SEPA has been added into the tab Invoicing Settings Code lists Payment types.
  • To generate SEPA file at the same time, click on Generate SEPA File in the tab Invoicing Invoices Invoices. The system will then generate SEPA file only for those clients with SEPA payment type. The Generate SEPA File option is only displayed if there is at least one invoice with SEPA type for a given month.
  • In invoice detail (tab Client card / Invoicing), when you click on SEPA generation information about an option to Mark exported invoice as paid is displayed.
  • It is possible to set mass function for Payment method to SEPA in the tab Other Bulk Action.

Changelog 4.16 beta1


  • Invoicing Settlements History tab has been discontinued. All information on settlements is now in Invoicing Overviews Payments.
  • In Invoicing Overpayments Incl. to VAT, a newly displayed columns Price excl. VAT and VAT have been added. They have been also added to PDF files.
  • Invoicing Opening balance tab has been moved to Other Tools.
  • In Client card / Invoicing, an invoice with credit note is marked as Solved by the credit note. This information is also stored for invoice detail.
  • Invoicing Overviews Invoicingtab has been moved to Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By period. Along with this, a new tab Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By groups has been created. This overview is similar to By period, only you may choose month and not an invoice group. Results are listed by invoice groups (a separate line for each group).
  • In Invoicing Invoices, you can now lock invoices for a selected month for all invoice groups.
  • In Client card / Invoicing, a detail of cancelled payment shows who, when, and why cancelled the payment.
  • Adjustment in displaying tabs:
  • In Invoicing Bank Import, XML Import, SIPO, SK post, FIO, Raiffeisenbank, you can use fulltext to search in payment details.
  • You can now cancel a cash payment only provided that payments have not yet been sent in Invoicing Cash box. If payments are sent you have to make a correction tax document for an invoice.
  • You can now select document issue date while creating a cash receipt in Client card / Invoicing / Receive payment in cash.
  • You can select bank account number in Client card / Invoicing / Return overpayment. The system automatically fills in bank account number from the Client card, and also proposes bank account numbers used for payments of invoices in the past.
  • A filter by month has been added to Invoicing Cash box Unsent. The system displays current month by default.





  • Due to changes in PayPal policy, it is now possible to match payments automatically only in case of a valid certificate while using HTTPS. In case of HTTP no certificate is required, and PayPal connection continues to be functional.

Changelog 4.16 beta2


  • Invoice sending error fixed


  • A new router type, Delibertant, has been added. The system now reads basic info about a device operation, data transfers on interfaces, and connected clients on WiFi interface. You cannot add clients to this router type. (It behaves similarly to UBNT routers).


  • Headend Juniper G1 is newly supported.

Changelog 4.16 beta3


  • Tab Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By Period
    • Functions at row ends have been included into one select box.
    • PDF print: Page is now orientated to landscape and name of invoice group is displayed.
    • In List of Issued Invoices, header for all pages, page numbering, and line numbering have been added.
    • A new List of Issued Invoices for VAT has been added.
  • Tab Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By Groups
    • Functions at row ends have been included into one select box.
    • PDF print: Page is now orientated to landscape and period has been added.
    • A new List of Issued Invoices for VAT has been added.
  • Tab Invoicing Cash box Sent, a header for all pages, page numbering, and overview issue date have been added to List of Sent Payments.pdf.
  • In Invoicing Overpayments Returned / Display in PDF, a header for all pages, page numbering, and issue date have been added to PDF list.
  • Invoicing Overpayments Returned / Bank Order
    • While generating ABO file for returned overpayments, the system uses VS and SS as used in original payment.
    • If payment has neither VS, nor SS, SS is not stated and client´s s number is used as VS.
  • Tabs Invoicing Bank FIO and Invoicing Bank Raiffeisenbank, you can select Rejection Reason for excluded payment. In Invoicing Settings Code lists Rejection, you can define rejection reasons. You can filter list of excluded payments by rejection reason.
  • Functionality of excluded payments for CZ and SK localizations:
    • In excluded payments list, you can now filter by Excluded, Sent, and Returned. All excluded payments are under Excluded. It is possible to generate Bank Order for such payments. Upon clicking Bank Order, the system generates bank file (ABO file - bulk transfer) with excluded payments. Having been included into the file, payments change to Sent (Payment are sent to the bank through bank order). For sent payment, you can newly confirm its sending, or cancel it. Having been confirmed, payment changes to Returned, and it is not possible to restore it or work with it in any way. Having been cancelled, payment changes to Excluded, and it is possible to work with it further. Information on who and when approved payment exclusion is displayed.
  • Tab Invoicing Overpayments VAT / View OverPayments in PDF: Invoice group is now displayed, header is on all pages, as well as line and page numbering, and issue date.
  • Settings for reminders have been moved to Invoicing Settings Templates Reminders.
  • Settings for notifications have been moved to Invoicing Settings Templates Notifications.
  • A new tab Invoicing Settings Code lists has been created. Payment Types, Settlements and VAT rates have been moved there.
  • In Invoicing Bank FIO and Invoicing Bank Raiffeisenbank, you can now print Bank Payments. It contains information on downloaded payments for a given period, and whether they have been credited, credited towards overpayment, excluded, or are not yet matched. Also, excluded payments are divided into reasons.
  • File format for import type CSOB - text format - Slovakia has been adjusted. As of November 1, 2015, CSOB statement format has been changed (SK localization).
  • File format for Tatra Bank - SK import has been adjusted. Currently, records of type Kredit are imported only (SK localization)

Changelog 4.17 beta1


  • A page with option to print or display documents for Receive payment in cash (Client card, Invoicing) has been discontinued. Instead, this option is now on the top of the page when a payment is accepted.
  • DPH column has been added to Invoicing Overviews Invoicing. This column is also listed in printed documents.
  • You may now use new type for invoice export into ABRA G3 SW.
  • A new page in Invoicing Overpayments VAT By Group has been created. It contains all overpayments included into VAT and displays them by invoice groups.
  • In Invoicing Settings Accounting System, you may now set up accounting for overpayments counted to VAT. If accounting is included, the inclusion of overpayment will use this accounting.
  • All invoices are now sent to clients using their Invoicing email. If not used, common e-mail is used as yet.
  • While exporting to MK-soft SW, you have an option to Export invoices without payments. Export will be done without payments (SK localization only).
  • If client changes payment method from Bulk payments, the system includes information about termination of client while generating file for bulk payments. Thus the system includes these clients for the last 2 months into bulk payments file. (SK localization only).
  • In Invoicing Bank Email, a PDF list Payments from Bank is now displaying details of payments.
  • In Invoicing Bank FIO/Raiffeisenbank, a PDF list Bank payments now displays information about payments which were counted into opening balance. If a list is without excluded payments, a tab with detail list of excluded payments is not displayed.
  • In Invoicing Overpayments Overpayments, View OverPayments in PDF now shows title on all pages, numbering of pages and issue date.
  • Generation of SI type postal money order is changed (IBAN format supported). Code on the order is now generated from IBAN bank account number (SK localization only).
  • In Invoicing Overpayments Overpayments, you may now filter by year, month, and invoice group.
  • In Client card, Invoicing, you may now print a list of Issued Invoices, Cash Payments, and non-cash Payments. You can send these lists by email. While sending the list, you can attach the other list as well.
  • A print list of issued invoices in Client card, Invoicing is identical to Invoice overview.
  • In Invoicing Overviews Accounting, you can now display list of invoices in PDF.



  • Completely rewritten to new framework
  • Issuing a standalone invoice is divided into a few blocks:
    •  Invoice header - Basic settings of the invoice (number, dates, supplier, etc.)
    •  Service invoicing - Select month(s) for invoicing services A suspension period for invoicing a service is newly displayed; a service cannot be invoiced for such period.
    •  Pending items - If there are pending items for a client, you may invoice them here. You can now select items individually (in the past, you had to select all).
    • Other items on invoice - Add other items for invoice. Click + or - to add/delete items. Click on Items template to select any amount of templates and used them for invoice. Each template may contain more items. Set up templates in Invoicing Settings Templates Invoice templates.

Changelog 4.24 beta1


  • Bulk generation of invoices: If you are about to issue invoices for the previous year/for the next year, the system will inform you of the fact and ask you whether the numerical series used is correct. The system also checks whether the issue date is separated from the invoiced month by more than a month.


Changelog 4.24 beta3


  • Invoicing Cash book: In the payment details, you can find the name of the relevant client for each entry.

  • The watermark used on proforma invoices has been modified. It is now valid according to the PDF specification.


Changelog 4.24 beta5


  • The system now checks whether the VS (variable symbol) entered during the bulk generation of invoices is in the correct format. The system will allow you to enter only numerical values into the given field.

ISPadmin 4.29

Bug fixes

In version 4.28 in global settings in the menu "Invoicing / Settings / Invoice group" where it is possible to tick off checkbox "Issue a pro-forma invoice" for whole particular invocing group, the system had ignored this setting and it caused that generated pro-forma invoices displayed incorrect text in printed PDF files. Invoice number line was not affected but it is necessary to correct this issue and send invoices to your customers again.

Please proceed with following steps for automatic correction:

1) Typing command "ispadmin_update stable" in command line on your server update the system to the latest version which will automatically make corrections on incorrectly displayed pro-forma invoices.

2) Send again all invoices to your customers in the menu tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices" (for currently generated invoices) by clicking on the option "Send invoices by e-mail" located on the right side of the last generated period. It is necessary to mark checkbox "Send each invoice" for assurance that all of your customers will get correct pro-forma invoice.

During development process optimalization of invoice "Issue date" has been released in version 4.28.

There are now two settings for mass generated invoices for particular period:

A) While generating invoices in the menu tab "Invoicing / Invoices" there is possible to set up "Issue date" for all invoice which you are going to generate (default value is the 1st day of month the invoices are generated for)

B) In Client card in the left side menu tab "Information" there is possible to mark checkbox "Set Invoice issue date according to Invoice date:" and set up "Invocing date" by filling up the value, what means the Issue date which will be displayed on generated invoice for particular customer. If the value is set and the checkbox is marked, system will ignore settings while generating invoices (point A) but will use this settings for particular customer as superior for their invoices.

If you wish to generate invoices for all customers in particular invoicing group with the same date as described in point A, it is necessary to check issued invoices if there is any superior settings applicated from Client card as described in point B.

Changelog 4.26 beta2


  • A new column - Variable symbol - has been added to the list of Credit notes in Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By period.
  • Now it is possible to cancel proforma invoices even if a given invoicing month is locked.
  • VAT invoices now include a table with a VAT breakdown by rate.

Changelog 4.26 beta5


    • This feature is now available in all localizations. You can disable/enable it with the help of the reverse_charge item in Invoicing Settings General.
    • The Reverse charge type code field is also globally available. You can disable it with the help of the reverse_charge_code item in Invoicing Settings General
  • There is a new item invoice_vat_table in Invoicing Settings General. This option allows you to enable/disable the display of the VAT breakdown table on invoices. Default setting: disabled.
  • Invoicing Overpayments Overpayments: Export files now contain a new column Invoice group. In addition, the automatic generation of CSV files has been implemented. This option must be enabled in the export_monthly_statistics item in Invoicing Settings General.
  • There is a new tab Statistics in Invoicing Bank. On this page, CSV files are automatically generated on the last day of a month. This option must be enabled in the export_monthly_statistics item in Invoicing Settings General.


Changelog 4.26 beta6


  • There is a new item SEPA_custom_mandate_identification in Invoicing Settings General. It allows you to enable/disable the SEPA ID field on a client's configuration page. If you enter a certain value into the field, it will be used in the process of SEPA SDD XML generation.
  • HU localization: Postal check OC31 - Line breaks are now supported. There are no longer any decimal places in the total amount.


Changelog 4.27 beta1


  • A new check has been implemented: If invoices are being generated or saved in more than one invoice group at a time, a warning message is displayed.


Changelog 4.28 beta3


  • In Invoicing Overviews Payments, it is now possible to select more than one payment type at a time.
  • The Invoicing Cash book Cash book page has been rewritten.
  • The Invoicing Cash book Summary page has been rewritten.


Changelog 4.30 beta1


  • Invoicing Settings Cash book Category: The settings Invoicing group, Income/Expense and Amount have been removed. These items are to be set in the settings of a relevant group. Thus, they are unnecessary here.
  • Invoicing Cash book Cash book: When adding a new entry, you can (again) choose any one of the invoicing groups offered.
  • Invoicing Overviews Accounting: The Rounding column has been added. A bug affecting cancelled invoices has been fixed (HU localization).
  • Bug fix - Bulk invoice generation: If a proforma invoice is settled by an overpayment, an email with a corresponding tax invoice is sent to a given client.
  • Bug fix - Bulk invoice generation: Invoice date and Date of taxable supply are now set to the current date (HU localization).
  • Bug fix - VoIP service invoicing: An issue with VoIP services with more than 78 numbers.
  • Bug fix - Mobile service invoicing: Wrong invoicing periods appeared on invoices containing call charges if the invoices had not been issued for the current month.
  • Bug fix - VAT in pending items
  • Bug fix - Proforma invoices in a locked period can now be cancelled.
  • Bug fix - SEPA payment import: In certain cases, some payments could not be imported.
  • Bug fix - Download of bank emails via IMAP: Occassional problems have been resolved.


Changelog 4.31 beta1


  • Invoicing Settings General: A new setting has been added to the system - invoicing_period. With its help, you can set on the basis of which invoices are to be categorized into individual periods. Two options are available: Date of taxable supply or Invoiced month.
  • Invoicing Settings General: A new settings has been added to the system - reminder_active. With its help, you can globally deactivate reminders.
  • Invoicing Settings General: A new settings has been added to the system - export_abo_vs_data. Define what you want to appear in the VS field in the ABO export: 0 - VS retrieved from payment details, 1 - client number.
  • Invoicing Cash book Cash book: The total amount can now be seen above the table. The number of entries displayed on a page has been increased. The filter preset bug has been fixed.
  • Invoicing Overviews Debts Debts: A new filter has been added here - Within due date/Past due date.
  • Invoicing Invoices Time period By invoices: A month/year filter has been added.
  • Bug fix - Omega Kros invoice export
  • Bug fix - RLB export (HU localization)
  • Bug fix - System variable $CELKEM_S_DPH$ - IPTV services


Changelog 4.32 beta1


  • PDF file creator script rewritten (reminders, invoices, ...). Minor modifications made. We recommend that you check whether everything is all right.
  • Manual and automatically generated reminders + reminder templates rewritten
  • Bank email import script rewritten
  • Send invoice(s) by email page rewritten
  • RLB60 export rewritten (HU localization)
  • New type of the OC31 postal money order - FM version (HU localization)


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