Changelog 4.17 beta1


  • A page with option to print or display documents for Receive payment in cash (Client card, Invoicing) has been discontinued. Instead, this option is now on the top of the page when a payment is accepted.
  • DPH column has been added to Invoicing Overviews Invoicing. This column is also listed in printed documents.
  • You may now use new type for invoice export into ABRA G3 SW.
  • A new page in Invoicing Overpayments VAT By Group has been created. It contains all overpayments included into VAT and displays them by invoice groups.
  • In Invoicing Settings Accounting System, you may now set up accounting for overpayments counted to VAT. If accounting is included, the inclusion of overpayment will use this accounting.
  • All invoices are now sent to clients using their Invoicing email. If not used, common e-mail is used as yet.
  • While exporting to MK-soft SW, you have an option to Export invoices without payments. Export will be done without payments (SK localization only).
  • If client changes payment method from Bulk payments, the system includes information about termination of client while generating file for bulk payments. Thus the system includes these clients for the last 2 months into bulk payments file. (SK localization only).
  • In Invoicing Bank Email, a PDF list Payments from Bank is now displaying details of payments.
  • In Invoicing Bank FIO/Raiffeisenbank, a PDF list Bank payments now displays information about payments which were counted into opening balance. If a list is without excluded payments, a tab with detail list of excluded payments is not displayed.
  • In Invoicing Overpayments Overpayments, View OverPayments in PDF now shows title on all pages, numbering of pages and issue date.
  • Generation of SI type postal money order is changed (IBAN format supported). Code on the order is now generated from IBAN bank account number (SK localization only).
  • In Invoicing Overpayments Overpayments, you may now filter by year, month, and invoice group.
  • In Client card, Invoicing, you may now print a list of Issued Invoices, Cash Payments, and non-cash Payments. You can send these lists by email. While sending the list, you can attach the other list as well.
  • A print list of issued invoices in Client card, Invoicing is identical to Invoice overview.
  • In Invoicing Overviews Accounting, you can now display list of invoices in PDF.



  • Completely rewritten to new framework
  • Issuing a standalone invoice is divided into a few blocks:
    •  Invoice header - Basic settings of the invoice (number, dates, supplier, etc.)
    •  Service invoicing - Select month(s) for invoicing services A suspension period for invoicing a service is newly displayed; a service cannot be invoiced for such period.
    •  Pending items - If there are pending items for a client, you may invoice them here. You can now select items individually (in the past, you had to select all).
    • Other items on invoice - Add other items for invoice. Click + or - to add/delete items. Click on Items template to select any amount of templates and used them for invoice. Each template may contain more items. Set up templates in Invoicing Settings Templates Invoice templates.

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