Changelog 4.11 beta1


  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices" option "Lock Invoices" was added for a specific month and invoice group. If an invoice is locked in this way, it isn't possible to change, cancel, change dates and address and issue a new invoice in this particular period. Locking and unlocking can be only done by the MasterAdmin or MainAdmin.
  • Added support for exporting invoices to "BYZNYS" accounting system.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Overview / Invoices" there it is possible to "View Statistics by Service" but each row has a new added icon to print out a statistic of every individual service
  • While adding common services it is now possible to choose an accounting code for each item. If accounting codes are permitted (the tab "Invoicing / Settings / Accounting") and in the tab of the service no accounting code is used, the system applies a global accounting code selected from the general service (the tab "Settings / Active services / General").
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoice / Invoice" by click on view or print invoices in PDF, an intermediate step appears with the option to choose a certain type of payment.
  • In The detail of each invoice it is now possible to generate SEPA data for the invoice (currently only possible for all invoices issued in a given month).
  • Now when generating files for SEPA (the Client card / Information / Invoicing and Invoicing / Invoices) the system automatically settle all invoices for which SEPA was generated. This feature is only available for localizations ES, IT, and IE (for other localizations available on demand).
  • Enabled reloading for erroneously processed e-mail from the bank. In some cases it may happen that the system marks one as processed, but couldn't read any payments. So now in the menu "Invoicing / Bank / E-mail" erroneously processed emails, can be marked as unprocessed with the icon at the end of the line and the system tries to precesses them again in regular 5-minute intervals.
  • A new system variable created invoice_offset_correspondence_address in the menu "Invoicing / Settings / Universal" , through which it is possible to move the mailing address on the invoices. The value indicates how many millimetres the address is moved downwards.


  • Automatic matching of incoming payments in PayPal now supported.
  • A new tab PayPal is now available in the tab "Invoicing / Bank", where all payments received via PayPal are displayed.
  • For proper functionality it is necessary to set following parameters:
    • In the tab "Settings / Syst. Settings / General" it's necessary to adjust the parameter ispadmin_server and insert an IP address or Domain of an ISPadmin server (eg.
    • In the tab "Invoicing / Settings / General" it's necessary to adjust the parameter paypal to "1" and also into the paypal_account_id fill in the PayPal account ID.
    • In the firewall rules HTTPS must be allowed globally.
  • If everything is properly configured and enabled, after any payment of the invoice from Client portal (by clicking on the icon PayPal), the payment appear in the tab "Invoicing / Bank / PayPal" and the invoice is automatically set as paid.

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