Changelog 4.21 beta1


  • New rights to Settings have been implemented. Previously, the rights were set for MasterAdmin, and for Main admin in some cases. Currently, the rights are automatically set for MasterAdmin only, and you have to set up the rest manually.


Changelog 4.23 beta1


  • You can now separate IPTV services from each other - SledovaniTV and 4network.
  • To do it, change ID´s iptv_username_sledovanitv, iptv_password_sledovanitv (for Sledovani.TV) and iptv_username_4networktv, iptv_password_4networktv (for 4network) in Settings Syst. settings General.
  • When adding a new IPTV service in Client card select the respective IPTV Type.
  • IPTV type is also displayed when checking pricelist and syncing clients.
  • For complete information click here.


Changelog 4.24 beta1


  • There are new items in Settings Syst. settings - request_create_the_task and request_hour_for_task. The first item mentioned allows you to activate the automatic creation of a new task in Scheduling on the basis of the data that a client entered through the request form on the web. Such a task is then assigned to those administrators that have the Manage request in Scheduling option activated. The task is scheduled for the following day. The time is set according to the request_hour_for_task item. 
  • Bulk SMS messages - sms_minute_limitation: If you want to use this function, bear in mind the following: The configuration part is the same as before, but the function itself works differently. You can enter the maximum number of SMS messages that may be sent within a minute in the system settings. In practice, however, the system monitors the number of SMS messages sent within a second. The number of SMS messages sent within any second can never exceed 1/60 of the set limit value. This function is especially important in the case of the SMPP protocol.
  • It is now possible to disable the UBNT vulnerability alert with the help of the show_ubnt_warning item in Settings Syst. settings General.
  • In Settings Contracts Bulk, generated contracts are zipped into one ZIP file that you can download.
  • In Settings Active services General, it is possible to set a different VAT rate for the Internet service. This setting is particularly relevant to Hungarian providers.


Changelog 4.24 beta3


  • A new filter Tariff has been added to the Settings Contracts Bulk tab. With its help, you can generate bulk contracts for a particular tariff.

  • The auto_logout function has been fixed. The system did not display the set value (in minutes), but only information about whether the given function was active or inactive.

  • The Settings Administrators Admin. groups tab has been reenabled. You can now select a particular group in the configuration of rights of individual administrators.

  • In Settings IP pools IP Pools NAT, you can now add a note to reserved IP addresses.

  • There is a new variable mac_logger in Settings Syst. settings General. With its help, you can activate/deactivate MAC address logging. Default state: inactive. In this case, the number of database accesses is dramatically reduced. 


Changelog 4.26 beta1


  • The following pages have been rewritten Settings:
    Syst.settings CATV SIP template
    Syst.settings CATV Modem template
    Syst.settings VPN server
    Active services DVBC Programs
    Active services DVBC Packages
    Active services DVBC Packets
    Other VOIP asterisk
    Code lists SchedulingHolidays
  • The setting sms_minute_limitation now applies to SMS reminders too.

Changelog 4.28 beta1


  • The Settings Syst. settings Backups page has been rewritten.
  • The SettingsAdministrators Administrators / Allowed IP addresses has been rewritten.


Changelog 4.28 beta3


  • In Settings Syst. settings Scheduling, you can set the subjects of emails used for sending daily technicians' plans and unfulfilled tasks.


Changelog 4.30 beta1


  • Settings Syst. settings Mikrotik - reading_dynamic_routes: To speed up the retrieval of data from MikroTik devices, the following modifications have been made:
    • Option 0: Only static routes. Some local routes will not be retrieved. You will see warning messages in the list of routed networks ("This network is not configured on the router"). Such messages do not affect the way the system works. In case of need, please try changing the setting to 1 or 2.
    • Option 1: Local + static + PPP + PPPoE.
    • Option 3: An option #3 has been added - retrieval of data from routing tables deactivated. This option is suitable for specific situations: for example, for situations where the BGP protocol is used and the routing table has 360 000 rows. ISPadmin tries to retrieve static and local routes, but it takes too long. The process execution time exceeds the set limit, and the process is thus terminated. As a result, data is not retrieved and the requested update is not performed.
  • SMS failure notifications: A new function has been added that checks how long SMS message have been in the queue. If a set limit (sms_failure_notify in Settings Syst. settings General) is exceeded, a notification is sent to the email address of the system administrator.
  • If your license covers the Netflow module, but you do not use it (it is inactive), a message appears informing you of the fact that Netflow is not active. You can disable this feature using the netflow_button item in Settings Syst. settings General.
  • The page Settings Syst. settings Security has been rewritten.


Changelog 4.32 beta1


  • Settings Syst. settings General: New item added - sms_UDH_Support. With its help, you can activate so-called Concatenated SMS messages. It is necessary to first check whether your GSM gateway supports UDH. Default status: OFF.
  • Settings Administrators Dealers rewritten: Please check the permission settings.
  • SNMP template fix


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