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ISPadmin - Client management

New client must be added as a new contact first. By doing this, you only add a real person to the system. In order for the contact to become a client, you have to assign it a requested service in Client card.

+ Add new contact

Adds a new contact from Clients Contacts.

Personal information / Mailing address

* - field is mandatory  
Client number *

Client´s number is stored in the database. It is a unique identifier which is further used in the system, hence its uniqueness. Client number is further used as variable symbol for invoices, and also as default login to client portal.

Client Name *

Client´s first name and surname or company name. We strongly recommend to use Surname First name due to better sorting in case of bigger numbers of clients.

 Private person / Corporate Client If you check Corporate Client one more field for adding more information appears as well as following field Contact person.
Contact person Contact person for companies.
Street *, Postcode *, City *, Country, GPS How to add address

Floor, Flat Floor and flat numbers where a client lives.
CATV Access line This item is linked with CMTS module; it stores information on clients connected via cables. You can interactively select socket number to which the client is connected. To do so, select city, street, building No., switchboard and you will get a list of socket numbers which are defined for the building in question. This way, you assign socket to client.
ID number (e.g. Passport No.), Birthdate Additional personal information for better identification of a client. ID number is being checked against the database for its presence. If the ID is found, a warning message is displayed, yet the record may be saved.

Main client´s email.

Invoicing email

Email used for invoices - invoices are sent to clients using their Invoicing email. If no Invoicing email is entered, common e-mail is used.

Technical email

Email used for technical info.

Business email

Email used for business info.


Phone number used for communication with the client.

Mobile phone

Mobile phone number used for communication with the client. If you use an SMS gateway, SMS will be sent to this number.

Fax Fax number. It is mostly used for business clients.

Client´s/company web pages.

Mark client Client marked here is in contact list to be contrasted. You can add a note to Client card as to why you have marked the client.
Don't send bulk e-mail Client is excluded from contacts which receive bulk emails or SMS´s (Other Bulk). This is not applied for sending invoices.
Show info messages If you check it, client will see information message from Settings Info Page Inf.messages.
Client Name

Login name to Client portal.
When you add a new client, settings from Settings System settings Client portal, ID ci_enable_login_name_creation is applied, i.e. name is either automatically filled in based on client number, or you may enter it manually.


Password to the Client portal. While adding the client to the system, password is automatically generated.

Or you can use   Generate random password to the Client portal

Each client can belong to a group. Examples: Company Employees, VIP etc. Set groups in Settings Code lists Clients Client groups


Client´s status. You may sort clients by this status. Examples: Connected, Disconnected, Restricted, Normal, Gamer, Downloader, Spammer, Dodger. Set status in Settings Code lists Clients Client status

Location Router location
Internal note 1 (2) Notes which can be used as client system variables ($CLI_INTERNAL_NOTE_1$, $CLI_INTERNAL_NOTE_2$).

Invoice group / Client

Send invoice by Postal

   Not selected

Send invoice by e-mail It is checked by default, you have to fill in client´s email.

Do not send reminders automatically Leave it unchecked since sending payment reminders to regular clients is a common practice. As far as a VIP client, company client, or a bigger/regularly paying client are concerned, you may wish to check it to exclude such client from reminders.

Issue a pro-forma invoice

   Not selected

Client will receive proforma invoices. If client belongs to invoice group with proforma invoices, proforma invoices will be issued automatically.

Company ID

Used only for self-employed and companies.

Company ID is being checked against the database for its presence. If the ID is found, a warning message is displayed, yet the record may be saved.

Value-added tax ID. Used only for self-employed and companies.

Bank Account, IBAN, BIC

Client´s bank account number.
IBAN is international bank account number enabling foreign payments.
BIC is 8- or 11-digit number identifying client´s bank.

Client has different address Check it in case that client´s installation address differs from invoicing address. E.g. branch offices, shops.
Opening Balance

 If you migrate from an old system, or transferring a bigger amount of clients (e.g. following an acquisition) to ISPadmin with client’s overpayment/debt, record it here. 


Returned Contract

   Not selected

If checked, insert a date. A client without returned contract is displayed with colour-highlighted client number in contact list.

Invoice group

Invoicing Settings Invoice group

Each client belongs to a certain invoice group which represents provider´s company. If you are one company, one invoice group is sufficient. Some ISP´s compose of more companies, hence more invoice groups for each company. Each invoice group has its own logo and stamp for invoices. Also, all data such as numerical series, invoicing, statistics or clients are kept separately. Each invoice group must have its own numerical series.

While adding a new client, the system remembers the last chosen invoice group and pre-fills it automatically next time.
Payment method

Client´s payment option Set payment options up in Invoicing Settings Code lists Payment types.

If you select Number for bulk payments, fill it in the next field.
Invoicing date

Day of invoicing the client/services. You may invoice the client on a certain date for certain time period (e.g. from November 15, 2014 to December 14, 2014). Due to accounting reason we recommend to set the date to the first day of month (1).

Invoice Due Date

Maturity of an invoice. Set it up in Invoicing Settings General.

You may insert individual number of due days.
Suspend services

If an invoice is not paid within a selected number of days, client will be suspended automatically. General settings are in Invoicing Settings General, ID pozastavit_neplatice, pozastavit_neplatice_min_castka and pozastavit_po_splatnosti. These settings are not applied, if you select   Don´t suspend client.

Assigned VS

If a client keeps paying with wrong variable symbol causing his payments fail to be matched to the invoices, you can enter up to 3 variable symbols which are used by the client, and thus his payments get matched. Better solution, however, is to have the client pay with correct variable symbol.

Don't show Overdue payment

   Not selected

Check it if you wish to prevent information page on overdue payments from displaying (Settings Info Page Overdue).
Do Not Send Notifications

   Not selected

See Invoicing Settings TemplatesNotifications for more details.

Contact persons

Persons who may be contacted in client’s stead. There is no need to fill in this information if a regular client is concerned (names are identical). The only mandatory field is Name. You can later work with contact persons in Client card / Information.


Use it for information not mentioned above, such as personal information, comments etc. Information inserted here is only visible in administration interface of ISPadmin in Client card / Information so it won’t be seen by any client. This is an initial note while adding a client. You can later work with notes in Client card / Information.

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