This page allows you to manage reminder templates, both automatically and manually generated ones.

On this page, you can add, edit icon edit, or delete icon delete btsp reminder templates.



List of system variables - More about system variables here.

Name The name or short description of a reminder template This name will appear in the list of reminder templates offered during the manual generation of reminders.
Subject The subject of an email It will not be used in the case of reminders sent in the form of an SMS message.
Invoicing group Reminders can be applied selectively (based on invoice group). When creating a new reminder template, you can choose from the pop-up menu the invoice group to which this template is applied. If no invoice group is given, the reminder template in question is applied to all clients in all invoice groups. If a particular invoice group is given, automatic reminders are sent only to those that belong to a given invoice group.
In the case of manually generated reminders, it is also possible to choose the invoice group for which reminders are generated.
Client groups

Each client can belong to a group. Examples: Company Employees, VIP etc. Set groups in Settings Code lists Clients Client groups

Change client group to It is also possible to transfer a client from one client group to another by selecting the group to which they are to be moved from the pop-up menu. This change takes place after the generation of reminders is finished. Changes in client groups are recorded in the History section of the Client card.
Client status

Client´s status. You may sort clients by this status. Examples: Connected, Disconnected, Restricted, Normal, Gamer, Downloader, Spammer, Dodger. Set status in Settings Code lists Clients Client status

Change status to It is also possible to change client status to another by selecting it from the pop-up menu. This change takes place after the generation of reminders is finished. Changes in client groups are recorded in the History section of the Client card.
Assign all unpaid invoices If a given client has more than one unpaid invoice, it is possible to attach them all to the reminder being generated and send them in PDF format to him/her. It will not be used in the case of reminders sent in the form of an SMS message.
Send overview postal money order All the individual payments (invoices) are replaced with one single overview postal money order. In this way, a given client can settle the whole debt with a single payment (they do not have to pay more than once). It will not be used in the case of reminders sent in the form of an SMS message.
Send from Reminders will be sent out X days past due.
In practice, it means that if a given invoice is issued, for example, on 1 September, its due date is 14 September and you set the Send from parameter to 5, then the automatic reminder will be sent on 19 September.
If you set the parameter, for example, to - 2, the reminder will be sent 2 days before due date. In this way, you can remind your client that there are only two days left and he/she still has not paid.
Send to You can define a time interval during which reminders will be sent if you use this parameter in combination with the Send from parameter. If you have set both the parameters, reminders will be sent to all clients who have overdue invoices in this interval. This applies only to manual reminders. As far as automatic reminders are concerned, the Send to parameter is ignored. If you have not set the Send to parameter (the field is empty / the value is 0), reminders will be sent only once (according to the value of the Sent from parameter).
Reminder fee If you want to charge your clients for sending of reminders (motivational reasons), you can enter here the amount demanded. You can also enter the VAT rate that will be applied to this amount. Thus, a given client will pay either the amount including VAT (for example, 20%) or the amount excluding VAT (0%). The amount becomes a pending item that will be added to the next invoice of a given client.
Send automatically by e-mail The automatic generation and sending of reminders to clients’ email accounts
Text for e-mail Create you own reminder text using the HTML editor. You can use system variables too.
Send SMS Automatically You can arrange for the system to automatically generate and send reminders to clients by SMS.
Text for SMS In the case of SMS reminders, the system shows how many characters there are in a given reminder and the number of SMS messages the text will have to be divided into. In this way, you can optimize the number of SMS messages sent. You can make use of system variables here.

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