Removing records from ISPadmin


Delete client

Deleted client is not deleted from the system, instead its record is excluded from active client list.

Delete service

Removed service is not deleted from the system, it is deactivated and hidden from list of active services. You have the following options in Client card.

icon lupa disShow deleted services Displays also already deleted services
 Restore cancelled service It enables to restore a deleted service using service edit.

Delete invoice

Standalone invoice You can icon delete invoiceCancel invoice from invoice detail in Client card / Invoicing, and then delete completely icon check ko from Invoicing Cancellations Invoices.
Bulk invoices

You will be allowed to delete issued invoices only if all of them are unpaid.

Delete router

A router can only be deleted if no service is assign to it. It will be deleted entirely, just its ID is stored in the database so it will be possible to add a new one with the same ID, and then re-define its settings.

One-time invoice for a service provided in a certain time period


If you want to issue a one-time invoice for a certain service that is provided, for example, the whole year, you have to be careful not to confuse the total amount charged with the price of service per month. If a given service costs, for instance, 72 EUR per year and you want to issue a one-time invoice covering the whole period (12 months), do not insert 72 EUR as the price of service. If you did that, the system would do the following: 12 x 72 EUR (which is not what you want). Instead, insert 6 EUR as the price of service (12 x 6 EUR = 72 EUR).  



Charging clients for tariff changes


You might want to charge clients, for example, when they decide to change to a lower tariff. You can do it in the system, but the system does not do it automatically. You have to invoice them for it manually (on an individual basis).


How to issue an expenditure cash slip


The system issues an expenditure cash slip when overpayments are refunded in cash. Overpayments can be refunded in the Invoicing section of the Client card. Refunded overpayments are displayed in the list at the bottom of the page. There you can also download an expenditure cash slip in PDF format. You may then print it.


If you want to issue an expenditure cash slip when there is no overpayment to be refunded in the ISPadmin system, you can do the following: In the Invoicing section of the Client card, click on icon money acceptReceive payment in cash. Then fill in the Add to credit field at the bottom of the form. Enter a particular amount and save the form. Now there is an overpayment in a given client. Refund the overpayment by clicking on icon money backReturn overpayment. Then you can print the slip.

How to send a client an email containing all of their unpaid invoices

If you want to send a particular client an email containing all of their unpaid invoices, proceed as follows:


  1. Go to Client card / Invoicing.
  2. Find an unpaid invoice.
  3. Click on the Detail button.
  4. Click on the  icon email2Reminder by E-mail button.
  5. Check the Assign all unpaid invoices box and complete the form.
  6. Click on the Send button.


Adding/Editing invoice group


Invoice group set-up


Name The internal name of a given invoice group
Hide invoicing group Hide/Do not hide an invoice group
Currency The currency used. Enter the currency code (according to the ISO 4217 standard - e.g. CZK, EUR, USD).
Accounting period Current accounting period
VAT VAT payer/non-payer 
Accounting Tax evidence / accounting 
Civic association

The company is / is not a civic association. If you check this box, the following modifications will be made to the texts on an invoice:


  • Client ID --> Member ID
  • Supplier --> Name of organization
  • Subscriber --> Member
Hide a superCASH code on an invoice Hide/Do not hide a superCASH code on an invoice. 


Logo / Stamp



More about overpayment inclusion here

More about overpayment refunds here.



By checking this box, you activate PayPal payments for a given invoice group. You also need to enter a PayPal ID. More about how to set up PayPal here


Invoicing information - export

icon info2 You can use system variables. More about invoice export here.

Export invoices to POHODA excl. Clients list Fill in the following: Description
Export invoices to POHODA incl. Clients list Fill in the following: Description

Fill in the following: Export - Accounting codes, Export to accounting, Export - account center, Description, Export of numerical series prefix, Export VAT code, Export of cashdesk abbreviation, Export - Accounting codes, Export - account center, Export VAT dividing, Export of numerical series prefix

Export MRP/KS Fill in the following: Export - Accounting codes a Export VAT code
Export invoices to MK-soft Fill in the following: Export - Accounting codes
EKONOM Fill in the following: Export of numerical series prefix
KASTNER - stereo Fill in the following: Export of numerical series prefix
Abra G3  


Invoicing information


Company The company represented by a given invoice group The company name entered here has to be the same as the one in the trade licence.
Company Company name
Street Place of business - address   
Phone Phone number
Fax Fax number
E-mail This email address will be displayed as the sender of invoice emails. Example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
E-mail Description for sending

The description that will be displayed instead of the sender’s email address in an invoice email Example: XY Company - Invoicing Department

If the E-mail and E-mail Description for sending fields are not filled, the system uses the settings from InvoicingSettingsGeneral (the billing_mail and billing_mail_name keys).

WWW pages The website of your company
Invoice from date Who made invoice The name is included on an invoice 
ID Company ID
VAT ID Company tax ID
Account number Company bank account number If you want the system to handle more than one bank account, add another invoice group. 
Bank Bank name
IBAN International Bank Account Number You can generate an IBAN from the bank account number you entered in the Account number field by clicking on Calculate
BIC Bank Identifier Code (SWIFT address) helps to uniquely identify the recipient’s bank. 
Number for bulk payments The number for bulk payments assigned to you by the postal service
Creditor ID (SEPA) Creditor ID (SEPA)
Postscript at Invoice This appendix contains the text (including system variables) that is added to the footer of every generated invoice. Frequently used appendices:


  • Access details to the Client portal: You may also view all your invoices in electronic form in the Client portal. Your registration data:
    • Username: $USERNAME$
    • Password: $PASSWORD$
  • Information about company registration: Pursuant to the Act No. 235/2004 Coll., on VAT, §26, this electronic tax document is absolutely legally permissible. The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section A, Insert 1234.
  • Details for setting up a standing order:
    • The recipient’s bank account number 1234567890/9876
    • Due: on the 1st day of the month (or the quarter in the case of quarterly payments)
    • Variable symbol: $KLIENT_NUMBER$
    • Amount payable: see TOTAL AMOUNT


If you click on List of system variables, a list of all variables in the following categories will appear: Client, Internet, VoIP, Reminders etc. You can use all these variables when creating contract templates.


Proforma invoice

More about proforma invoices here.

Issue a proforma invoice Issue / Do not issue a proforma invoice When this function is activated, proforma invoices will be issued to all the clients in a given invoice group.
Name for proforma payments (Notice of payment) Here you can set the title for proforma invoices. On classic invoices, the title “Invoice” is used, while on proforma invoices, the titles “Notice of payment” or “Proforma invoice” are most frequently used.
Addition on proforma invoice The appendix that is added to a proforma invoice It is possible to use a different appendix for a proforma invoice and a different invoice for a final invoice.


  • A template of a proforma invoice appendix : The tax document will be sent to your email address $EMAIL$ in PDF format once we have received your payment. The invoice in question is considered to be settled only if the full price has been paid.


If you click on List of system variables, a list will appear of all the variables that you can use.


Payment calendar

More about payment calendar here.

Stamp - left margin The distance of the stamp from the left edge of the page in mm
Stamp - top margin The distance of the stamp from the top edge of the page in mm
Text on payment schedule The text that appears on a payment schedule If you click on List of system variables, a list will appear of all the variables that you can use.




Generating reminders

Reminders are automatically generated every day at the time set in the reminder_send_hour key. Only those reminders are generated that meet the conditions set in individual templates. If you create a new reminder template, it will be used only for those invoices that become overdue during the existence of the template. Automatic reminders will not be generated for those invoices whose payment period exceeds the one set in a given template.

If you create a five-days-past-due reminder template, every day at the set time, the system will check all overdue invoices and then generate reminders for those that are exactly five days past due. If there are any invoices whose payment period has been exceeded, for example, by 10 days, reminders will not be generated because at the time when these invoices were 5 days past due, the template did not exist. However, you can create a new reminder template with a payment period of 15 days that will process given invoices.


icon info2 If you do not want to bother a particular client with reminders (for example, VIP client), check the Do not send reminders automatically box in the Client card.

icon info2 Manual generation of reminders

icon info2 Sending of individual reminders



  • Automatic reminders are generated once a day at the set time.
  • The system searches the list of templates for those that have either the Send automatically by e-mail or the Send SMS automatically option activated.
  • Then it searches the list of invoices for those that are past due the number of days stipulated in the templates.
  • If it finds such an invoice, it checks whether it is allowed to send this particular client automatic reminders and whether the client owes more the minimum amount for sending reminders set in the request_for_pay_min_amount key in Invoicing Settings General.
  • Furthermore, the client has to have their email address in the system and their classification (invoice group, status, group) has to meet the conditions in the reminder template.
  • If all conditions are fulfilled, a reminder is sent off and added to Client card / History / E-mails / Automatic reminders. All reminders are saved to Invoicing Reminders History.


Invoicing Settings General

reminder_send_hour The time when automatically generated reminders are to be sent
request_for_pay_min_amount The minimum amount owed for which a reminder is automatically generated If the amount owed is lower, a reminder is not generated and sent off.
reminder_mail_copy The email address to which copies of automatically generated reminders are sent If you enter an email address here, copies of all automatic reminders will be sent to this email address.
reminder_additional_item_desc The description of a pending item that will be added if reminders sent are subject to a charge.


Proforma invoices

Proforma invoice is a non-fiscal document. It is merely an instruction for the client to pay for a service. It is defined for each invoice group individually.


Invoicing Settings Invoice groups, Proforma invoice, Issue pro-forma invoice  

Pro-forma invoice is issued for all clients irregardless to their individual set up. If no pro-forma invoicing is set, you may do so individually for a client.

Name for proforma payments (Notice of payment) Invoice heading (Usually, texts like “Notice of payment”, or “Pro-forma invoice” are used.)
Addition on proforma invoice Text used in pro-forma invoice supplement, e.g. “You will be sent a due invoice automatically on your e-mail $EMAIL$ following your payment”.

Invoicing Settings General

proforma_automatic_send A due invoice may be sent following a payment. You may select if due invoice is to be sent, and to what address.
proforma_invoice_number 0: Pro-forma invoice is with the same number
1: Pro-forma invoice is with a different number (Use 0 for clients with permanent bank order)
proforma_mail_copy If proforma_automatic_send is set to 2 or 3 you can define e-mail for sending copy of due invoice.
proforma_prefix If client has no client number you have to define prefix for generation of variable symbol on pro-forma invoice. Prefix must be NNN, where N is the number 0-9.



If issuing of pro-forma invoices is on, the system automatically issues pro-forma invoice. Pro-forma invoice (Notice of payment) is not a tax document; it is merely information which amount, and under what VS/SS is to be paid by client. If pro-forma invoice is settled, the system automatically issues a due invoice and sends it to the client (optional). But if a client has set his invoicing to post or hasn't set his email or does have invoicing by email disabled, then the system sends the notification to the email set in Invoicing Settings General, ID billing_mail.

Change of numerical series for Invoicing

Typically, you would need to change a numerical series for Invoicing on New Year´s day, or the subsequent day. We will show you an example of changing the series from 2017 to 2018.

icon info2 How to set invoice numbering

Generation of Invoices

You have to set up a new numerical series for new invoicing in 2018. Enter a new number into Opening invoice number in Invoicing Invoices Invoices, e.g. 2018000001,  thus creating automatically the new numerical series for 2018.

alert icon  A new numerical series for a selected invoice group must be greater than the highest used invoice number for the invoice group. If the new numerical series were smaller, the system would then use the highest used invoice number and increase it by 1.

Change just the year number in most of the cases. E.g. from series 2017XXXXXX to 2018XXXXXX.
If old numerical series had e.g. 7 digits, the new one must be greater.
Either 218XXXX, or 8 digits.


Creating Standalone Invoice

A new numerical series may also be created by creating a standalone invoice for a client. So if you are creating a standalone invoice, change Invoice number in Client card, Invoicing - icon create invoice Create standalone invoice in the same way.

The following topics may relate to the above-mentioned change of numerical series for Invoicing.


If you continue to include overpayments into VAT (Invoicing Settings Invoice group), you have to change Initial value of number line of included overpayments to VAT (VAT documents), in Overpayments section following the same logic.

Client´s Cash Payment

If you continue to use numbering of cash receipts for clients´ payments base on invoice groups (settings: Invoicing Settings General, ID hotovostni_doklad_rozdeleni = 1), you have to change Cash Receipt Number in Client card, Invoicing - icon money acceptReceive payment in cash.

Introduction to invoicing

Here you will find basic settings for you to start using Invoicing module.

General settings

The very first set up to be performed is in Invoicing Settings General. There are items here that have impact on basic behaviour of the module. The most important items are:


Setting of price type used in the ISPadmin system:

0 - Prices entered = prices excluding VAT. Prices incl. VAT are calculated based on the specified VAT rate.
1 - Prices entered = prices including VAT. Prices excl. VAT are calculated based on the specified VAT rate.

See the examples below.

dph VAT rate
dph_low Reduced VAT rate
export Select software used for importing invoices.
pozastavit_neplatice Option to suspend a client:
0 - off
1 - If invoice meets suspension parameters client will be suspended
pozastavit_neplatice_min_castka Minimum amount for a client ‘s debt before suspension.
pozastavit_po_splatnosti Number of days after invoice due date before client gets suspended.
price_rounding Invoice rounding
splatnost_faktur Invoice due date according to a specified number of days
vs_ss_exchange 0 - Client number is stated on the invoice as a specific symbol and invoice number as a variable symbol.
1 - Client number is on the invoice stated as a variable symbol and invoice number as a specific symbol.

Calculation example following settings in cena_dph_typ:

cena_dph_typ = 1

 Price incl. VAT = 11.85 - entered in ISPadmin

Rate = 20% - entered in ISPadmin
VAT = Price incl. VAT x coefficient
Coefficient = [rate/(100 + rate)]
VAT = 11.85 * [20/(100+20)]
VAT = 11.85 * 0,1666666667
VAT = 1.975
Rounded VAT = 1.98
Price excl. VAT = Price incl. VAT - VAT
Price excl. VAT = 11.85 - 1.98
Price excl. VAT = 9.87

cena_dph_typ = 0

Price excl. VAT = 11.85 - entered in ISPadmin
Rate = 20% - entered in ISPadmin
Coefficient = [(100 + rate)/100]
Price incl. VAT = Price excl. VAT x coefficient
Price incl. VAT = 11.85 * 1.2
Total incl. VAT = 14.22
VAT = Price incl. VAT - Price excl. VAT
VAT = 14.22 - 11.85
VAT = 2.37

Create Invoice group

Invoicing Settings Invoice group

Each client belongs to a certain invoice group which represents provider´s company. If you are one company, one invoice group is sufficient. Some ISP´s compose of more companies, hence more invoice groups for each company. Each invoice group has its own logo and stamp for invoices. Also, all data such as numerical series, invoicing, statistics or clients are kept separately. Each invoice group must have its own numerical series.

Bulk Generation of Invoices

You can issue invoices in bulk by invoice groups in Invoicing Invoices Invoices.

If you are a beginner, please bear in mind not to use test invoices in real world - do not send them to client emails! As soon as you’re done with testing you can contact your technical support that will remove all test invoices from your system. This way you will always have your invoicing module ready for real invoicing.

icon info2 Useful

Creation of standalone invoice

Proforma invoices

Invoice logo/stamp


In Invoicing Settings Invoice Groups, while adding a new group (), or editing an existing one icon edit:




Logo Company logo which will be used for all invoices of the invoice group. Upload logo picture in PNG format, 24 bit, no transparency. Maximum picture size is 1 MB.
Logo - width Adjust logo width in a graphical editor and set size in millimetres.
Logo - left margin Distance of logo from left margin (A4) in mm; it is used for logo shift on printed invoices. Measure the real position on printed invoice with a ruler. If you fill in values with 0 the picture will not be shown on next printing of invoices.
Logo - top margin Distance of logo from top margin (A4) in mm; it is used for logo shift on printed invoices. Measure the real position on printed invoice with a ruler. If you fill in values with 0 the picture will not be shown at next printing of invoices.


Stamp The same as for logo settings applies.
Position of the stamp on the invoice with postal order Settings for placement of logo on invoices with postal money order in the bottom.
Stamp - cash payment Stamp displayed on cash receipt; recommended settings:
Stamp - cash payment - width 50 mm (Stamp width)
Stamp - cash payment - left margin 130 mm (Left margin)
Stamp - cash payment - top margin 115 mm (Top margin)


icon info2

 The easiest way to convert stamp or logo picture is to paste it to MS Windows Painting application. Then you select a requested PNG format, and save the picture.
This settings will be applied at next printing of invoices. Invoices issued prior to this change will remain unchanged.
Click on show to display picture preview, or icon pdf1 Preview to display entire invoice.



If you fill in millimetre values (width, margins) with 0 the picture will not be shown at next printing of invoices.

icon info2

 This way you discontinue logo or stamp display for newly issued invoices. It is possible to correct issued invoices only by their cancelling and issuing new ones. Ultimate solution is to use database intervention of our technical support.


Invoice due date functionality

Standalone Invoice

Invoice Due Date - the system automatically offers Issue date + number of invoice due days as defined for a client.
If client has no individual number of invoice due days the system works with value defined in Invoicing Settings General, ID splatnost_faktur.

E.g.: Invoice due date is set to 14 days in the system. No individual due date is set for client. When standalone invoice with issue date of 1 February, 2015 is issued, the system pre-fills due date 15 February, 2015.

Bulk Generation of Invoices

During bulk generation of invoices the system sets due date according to client set up. If no individual due date is set for client the system uses value from Invoicing Settings General, ID splatnost_faktur.

E.g.: Global due date is set to 14 days, one client has an individual due date of 20 days. During bulk generation of invoices with issue date of 1 February, 2015, all clients will have due date of 15 February, 2015, the client with 20 days will have due date 21 February, 2015.

How to issue invoices in foreign currency


If you want to issue invoices in foreign currency you can do so in a few ways. Which one you select depends on certain circumstances. The following examples will help you choose the right one.


If you are issuing invoice in foreign currency occasionally, choose method 1.

If you do so regularly, opt for method 2.


Method 1:

You do not need to create a separate invoice group. You can issue invoice in the same numerical series. The only thing to do is to set a different currency and VAT. To be able to do so, you have to enable editing currency and VAT for issued invoice in Invoicing Settings General: So modify the following two ID’s: "currency_change" and "vat_change".

Then you issue an invoice and change VAT rate (usually, invoices going abroad are with 0% VAT). Save invoice and edit it, changing currency as well.

If you want to send the invoice, go to Client card, switch ISPadmin to foreign language and send the invoice. The invoice will be sent in foreign language.


Method 2:

If you issue more invoices in foreign currency, we recommend you add a separate invoice group. Then you have e.g. 2 invoice groups for one company. You define the right bank account and currency for each invoice group. You then issue invoices by currency. 


How to add overpayment into client´s credit


Let’s assume you use FIO bank. Go to InvoicingBankFIO to display all incoming payments. Click Match to match payment to a client - search client in Client field. A list of possible clients will be displayed, select the one you want and press Add to credit. Amount will be recorded to client’s credit.



A credit note issued, yet the invoice is still marked as "unpaid".


When viewing a particular credit note, you have to use the Confirm the credit note button. Afterwards the invoice is marked as settled.


How to set invoice numbering


On this page, you can find out how to appropriately and correctly set invoice numbering.


  1. Two different invoices must not have the same number. Invoice numbers are unique, which make it possible to search for and unambiguously identify individual invoices.

  2. The maximum recommended length of an invoice number is 10 characters. This recommendation stems from the fact that banks and business applications usually expect that the variable or specific symbol on an invoice has a maximum of 10 characters.

  3. You can choose the invoice numbering format according to your needs, but it is necessary to stick to it.

  4. When generating invoices, you can set the default invoice number for a given invoice group in Opening invoice number / SS (or Opening VS)*.

    * Note: The way the field is named (either Opening invoice number / SS or Opening VS), depends on the setting of the vs_ss_exchange key in InvoicingSettingsGeneral. If the value = 0, then Opening VS is displayed. If the value = 1, then Opening invoice number / SS is displayed.

  5. Each invoice group has its own numerical series.


    Invoice group 1 Opening invoice number / SS (or: Opening VS) 2018100001
    Invoice group 2 Opening invoice number / SS (or: Opening VS) 2018200001

  6. If it is even remotely possible, the numerical series should be pending, without interruptions. Thus, it should not happen that invoice No. 2018100003 follows invoice No. 2018100001.

  7. If you enter 2018000001 as the opening number of a series, then this number is assigned to the first invoice. Whenever a new invoice is issued, its number is the number of the last invoice increased by 1.

  8. Numerical series are, as a rule, changed at the beginning of every year. For example: In 2017, the opening number was 2017000001, while in 2018, it was 2018000001.

  9. The opening number of a new numerical series for a given invoice group must always be greater than the highest used invoice number for a given invoice group. If the opening number of a new numerical series were lower, the system would use the highest used invoice number and increase it by 1.

  10. You need to adhere to the set numerical series not only when generating bulk invoices, but also when issuing individual invoices.

 icon info2 Change of numerical series for invoicing


How to use one client payment to settle multiple invoices


In Invoicing Bank, you can now settle more than one invoice at once (There is no need to add excess amount to overpayment). If it is possible to settle more invoices with one payment, you will see here the following option: Pay more invoices. In the next step, you will be able to select which invoices are to be settled. The remaining amount to be paid then goes to credit.



Where to set the email address from which invoice emails are sent?


Invoice emails are sent from the email address that you have entered on the configuration page of a particular invoice group. You can change the setting in Invoicing Settings Invoice group. In the Invoicing information section, find the E-mail field and type in the address you want.


Import of CSV bank statement files to ISPadmin is not working


If you cannot import a CSV file from your bank to the ISPadmin system, check whether the file in question is in the requested format. You can do that by going to Invoicing Bank Import, clicking on the icon info2 icon in the Type item and choosing to have a look at an example of a CSV import file in the pop-up window that appears. Then you compare the downloaded file with your original one and make the necessary modifications.


Payments from bank emails have not been imported and matched.


Check whether there are bank emails in the Invoicing Bank E-mail tab.


If they are not there, it is necessary to find out whether the connection to the email account works correctly. You can do that in Invoicing Settings Bank Bank - e-mail (Connection test).


Check whether bank emails have been wrongly classified as Bulk. If so, move them to the Inbox folder so that payments can be imported to the system.


Payments can be manually added to the system in Invoicing Payments Payments.

Calculation of VAT on invoices


VAT is calculated for each individual invoice item. It is always rounded to 2 decimal places. The total VAT amount is a sum of individual VAT amounts.

Configuring your PayPal account

icon info2 In order to have your PayPal-payments matching functional, each individual payment has to be started via PayPal button in the Client portal. Payment notification should then be visible in the Apache server logs following this command: cat /var/log/apache2/access_support_ispadmin.log | grep notify.

Configure notifications on your PayPal account as follows


PayPal notifications


Should PayPal payments fail to be delivered to ISPadmin, check the settings as follows:

  • Profile and settings > My selling tools > Instant payment notification - Update > notification URL: set URL to, replacing with your actual data
  • Receive IPN messages > Enable

CSV format for payment import


Column 1 SS (Specific symbol)
Column 2 Note
Column 3 VS (Variable symbol)
Column 4 Due date
Column 5 Amount


Column are separated by semicolons (";"). Example: 1796;John Doe;7620784;30.1.2018;10000


Tips on how to use this documentation



Searching required information is possible either via structured menu which is divided into sections, or via full-text search of the entire contents of this on-line documentation.

This aid will make it possible for you to find out where exactly you are at the moment.

If, for example, the following appears beneath the main menu - ISPadmin Wiki / ENG / Client management / Menu - CLIENTS / Clients / Message Board / Groups - it means that you are:


  • in the Wiki documentation of the ISPadmin system
  • in its English localization
  • in the Client management section
  • in the Clients tab
  • in the Message board subtab
  • in the Groups sub-subtab


It contains newly added functionalities and modifications of the system which are displayed by versions and issue date. Changelog articles are also displayed in individual sections / pages of the documentation which relate to new functionality or modification. 

Basic orientation

You will find a welcoming menu with basic instruction on trying / implementing / using below. 


Frequently asked questions along with most important procedures and settings are listed in FAQ section. 


Items which refer to real system menu are highlighted in corresponding colour, including their graphical background. Eg. Invoicing Settings Templates Reminders. This is also a working reference to an article. 


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