It is suitable to create several administrator accounts, each with a different set of rights. First, it is necessary to create the Master admin account (usually the CEO) and the Main administrator account (usually main technicians). Afterwards, you can add further administrators. If you do not check either the Master admin or the Main administrator box, you can define exactly which rights individual administrators will have.


Here is an example:


Master admin

Master admin has all the rights there are in the ISPadmin system. They can do everything. It has automatic rights for Settings.

Main administrator

Somewhat limited rights. They can handle only technical things. They cannot do invoicing. Mostly main technicians.

Technicians  They cannot do invoicing and have only limited rights in the Scheduling module. The Routers section is read-only.
Planning administrator They can do everything in the Scheduling module, but everything else is either forbidden to them or is read-only for them.
Accountant They can do invoicing, but have limited rights in all technical tabs and Scheduling.


A new administrator can be added by clicking on + Add Administrator. Fill in the form that appears (according to your needs).


In this section, enter the personal data of a new administrator:


User name

The username used to log into the system


The password used to log into the system
icon info2 We recommend that you adhere to strong password guidelines.

Shown name This name will be displayed throughout the system, which is why it is best to enter here the first name and surname of a given administrator.
E-mail The email address of a given administrator that will be used for both incoming and outgoing emails
Phone The phone number of a given administrator that will used for SMS messages
Master admin

Here you can specify whether a given administrator is Master admin.
Master admin = the ultimate system administrator. They can modify all the settings in the system and see all the tabs.

Main administrator

Here you can specify whether a given administrator is Main administrator.
Main administrator = main technician. They have almost the same rights as Master admin, but they cannot work with the Invoicing and the NetFlow module (because of the protection of sensitive personal data).

Exports to CSV format Here you specify whether a given administrator is allowed to export data to CSV.

In this section, you can set the Invoicing rights for a given administrator. Simply choose from the list those tasks that the administrator in question is allowed / is not allowed to perform. Here you can define:


  • whether a given administrator can only read invoices,
  • whether they can also issue, modify and cancel invoices,
  • whether they can work with the cashbox, with non-cash and cash payments.


If you designate a given administrator as Main accountant, they will have unlimited rights in the Invoicing module.

In this section, choose those invoice groups with which a given administrator can work. Master admin can work with all invoice groups, regardless of which have been selected.

In this section, you can choose what a particular administrator can do in the Scheduling module. If you check the box, you can choose the type of authorization:


  • Administrator - Administrators can do everything in the Scheduling module.
  • Leader - Leaders can manage their own affairs as well as those of their subordinates in the Scheduling module.
  • Technician - Technicians can manage only their own tasks (with the rights specified below).


Here you can choose whether a given administrator is allowed to use Inventory.

In this section, you can choose whether a given administrator is allowed to use Statistics and Other. Further, you can choose whether clients are to be displayed to this administrator.

Here you can choose whether Dashboard is to be displayed to a given administrator.

In this section, you can define in detail what a given administrator is / is not allowed to do in the Client card. You can select which tabs from the Client card will be visible to this administrator and which not. Also, you can allow / forbid this person to edit, add and delete items in individual tabs. The Invoicing section offers the broadest range of configuration options. For example, an administrator can be allowed / forbidden to issue invoices, refund overpayments, receive payments in cash etc.

Here you can choose which tabs from the Main menu will be / will not be visible to a given administrator. There are further options for some of the tabs (e.g. Add / Delete / Edit).

User name

The user name of an administrator

Full name The full name of an administrator
E-mail The email address of an administrator
Last login The date and time when a particular administrator last logged into the system

Empty field - the administrator in question does not belong to the MasterAdmin category

icon check ok - the administrator in question belongs to the MasterAdmin category


Empty field - the administrator in question does not belong to the MainAdmin category

icon check ok - the administrator in question belongs to the MainAdmin category


You can limit access to the system based on the IP address of a user.

If you use this function, administrators will be able to log in only from a set of specified IP addresses. For example, you can allow access only from the IP addresses of your office. That means that administrators will not be able to access the system from home or other places. After clicking on Add new IP address, you can add individual IP addresses or whole subnets (e.g. from which access to the system by a given administrator is allowed. If you only add allowed IP addresses and do not activate the function by clicking on Enable, the function will not work. If you activate it, access from IP addresses that have not been allowed will be denied (in much the same way as in the case of entering the wrong password). Unsuccessful login attempts from IP addresses that have not been allowed are recorded in the history of events in Statistics History History in the System / Login / Administrator interface section. You can disable this function by clicking on Deactivate. Only Master admin can perform the abovementioned steps.

icon edit Editing an existing administrator works the same way as adding a new administrator.
icon delete btsp Delete a particular administrator


You can monitor the history of logins of individual administrators in Statistics History History in the System / Login / Administrator interface section. Everything that administrators do with clients is recorded in the Client card in the History section. In this way, you can keep track of who and when modified client or service data.


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  • in the Clients tab
  • in the Message board subtab
  • in the Groups sub-subtab


It contains newly added functionalities and modifications of the system which are displayed by versions and issue date. Changelog articles are also displayed in individual sections / pages of the documentation which relate to new functionality or modification. 

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