In this tab, you can define (with the help of the editor) what the info page will look like for those clients who have past-due invoices.


The system works in the following way: If there are any past-due invoices, the system will add to a MikroTik router rules that will redirect all HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443) traffic to the info page, where the message appears informing clients of the fact that they have past-due invoices. These clients have to confirm that they have read the message by clicking on OK and then access to the internet is granted to them. The info page is to be displayed repeatedly (at intervals - for example: one-day intervals) untill all the unpaid invoices are settled. If it is displayed, all other types of traffic (POP3, IMAP, HTTPS ...) are allowed.


Example: A client is using the website www.seznam.cz when an info page (with the OK button) appears informing them of an unpaid invoice. As soon as they click on OK, they are redirected to the original page (in this case: www.seznam.cz).


Further, there are several parameters with the help of which you can modify the way the function works:


remind_pay  If you set this key to 1, the function will be active. If you set this key to 0, all the relevant rules will be deleted from the router and all types of traffic will be allowed. 
remind_after_pay_day Set after how many days past due the first info page is to be displayed. This reminder will be displayed until a given invoice is settled.
remind_time Set how often the reminder is to be displayed (once in X days). For example: 2 = every other day.
remind_unaccepted_pay Set the minimum amount owed that is necessary for such a reminder to appear. This option should prevent reminders from being displayed to clients who owe, for example, 1 EUR.


alert icon After installation, this function is not active, so you have to set it correctly and activate it.


  • In Invoicing Settings General, allow automatic suspension of service by setting the pozastavit_neplatice key to 1.
  • In Settings Syst. settings Mikrotik, set the mikrotik_nat_disable_users key to 1.
  • In Settings Syst. settings General, set the server_ip key correctly. The IP address of the server (public or private) has to be accessible from all MikroTik routers. Otherwise, an info page will not appear.
  • In the Client card, you can individually allow or forbid the system to be display this info page. When adding/editing a client, you can check/uncheck the Don’t show Overdue payment box.


alert icon This reminder function is available only on MikroTik routers.


You can save the page you have created by clicking on Save. Its preview can be displayed by clicking on Preview (It is available on port 8600 - For example: http://isp.yourcompany.com:8600 or


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