This page contains a map with additional features. You can make use of various layers, several filters, the terrain profile function and the search function.




  • You can view the locations of clients, routers, access points, devices, switches and CMTS on a high-quality map (standard, satellite, hybrid and terrain).
  • You can visually monitor the status of your network directly on the map.
  • You can have the system measure the visibility range and the distance between two points and you can also have it display the elevation profile between these two points.
  • You can have the system display signal coverage provided by already installed antennas or planned antennas.
  • You can have the system display signal coverage with the help of a heat map.
  • You can view links between devices and clients.
  • You can filter by location, status or router.
  • You can quickly search for a specific address.


Available layers


  • Clients
  • Routers
  • Access points
  • Device
  • Switches
  • CMTS
  • Heatmap
  • Backbone links
  • Links to clients
  • Signal coverage


Check all the layers that you want to be displayed on the map. You can check any number of them.


Bear in mind that only clients, routers and other devices that have their coordinates in the system can be displayed on the map.

Backbone links – according to the configuration of the Superior device for Nagios item in the hardware settings

Links to clients – according to the Internet service configuration

Signal coverage – show signal coverage


Available filters


  • Online
  • Offline
  • Monitoring
  • Planned coverage
  • Locality
  • Client status
  • Router
  • Access point


Choose the filters that you want to apply to the map. Again, you can select any number of them.


Online - Show clients, routers and other devices that are online (green icons).

Offline - Show clients, routers and other devices that are offline (red icons).

Monitoring - Show clients that are in monitoring mode.

Planned coverage - Show planned coverage.

Location - Filter based on location.

Client status - Filter based on client status.

Router - Filter based on router.

Access point - Filter based on access point. This filter can only be used after you have selected a particular router.


Terrain profile and visibility and distance measurement


The system can display the elevation profile (terrain profile) and the distance between two specific points on the map.


Choose a starting point by a double-click and an end point by another double-click. The elevation profile between these two points (x-axis: distance, y-axis: elevation) will then be displayed in the upper part of the page.


The points can be moved anywhere you want.

The elevation may also be manually edited.


Address search


Enter an address into the field in the Find Address section. The corresponding place will be automatically shown on the map. This address is marked as Point A. You can add Point B by a double-click on the map. The terrain profile between the two points is then displayed.


What you can do with the map


You can change the type of map used in the upper-left corner.

In the lower-right corner, you may zoon in / out as well as switch to the Street View mode.

You can zoom in / zoom out using the mouse wheel too.

You can move the map using the keyboard arrows or by a drag and drop gesture.

There are various icons on the map. When you click on one of those, an info bubble will appear with all the basic information about a given element. When you click on the Open link, you will be taken to a page with more details. 


Google Maps setup


More about Google Maps setup here.


Tips on how to use this documentation



Searching required information is possible either via structured menu which is divided into sections, or via full-text search of the entire contents of this on-line documentation.

This aid will make it possible for you to find out where exactly you are at the moment.

If, for example, the following appears beneath the main menu - ISPadmin Wiki / ENG / Client management / Menu - CLIENTS / Clients / Message Board / Groups - it means that you are:


  • in the Wiki documentation of the ISPadmin system
  • in its English localization
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  • in the Clients tab
  • in the Message board subtab
  • in the Groups sub-subtab


It contains newly added functionalities and modifications of the system which are displayed by versions and issue date. Changelog articles are also displayed in individual sections / pages of the documentation which relate to new functionality or modification. 

Basic orientation

You will find a welcoming menu with basic instruction on trying / implementing / using below. 


Frequently asked questions along with most important procedures and settings are listed in FAQ section. 


Items which refer to real system menu are highlighted in corresponding colour, including their graphical background. Eg. Invoicing Settings Templates Reminders. This is also a working reference to an article. 


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