IPTV is a service of providing television via the Internet as the digital television is broadcasted via IP protocol and computer networks. Set-top box is used for receiving. Its purpose is to bring the customer a broader offer of television programmes and broadband data services. Another significant attribute is the ability to transmit images in higher quality than analogue signal.

This article describes only how it is possible to directly link ISPadmin with the middleware of a content provider - see Supported providers. Naturally, you can use ISPadmin to keep track of the IPTV services provided and to issue invoices for them, but for unsupported providers, there is no automatic interaction between ISPadmin and the middleware.


Supported providers

At the moment, ISPadmin supports the following providers: SledováníTV, 4NetworksTV and EasyTV.


How to link the system with the middleware of an IPTV provider

Here is an example: SledovaniTV


  • Now it's possible to use the service Sledovanitv.cz in combination with ISPadmin. Clients are identified by IP addresses in their Active Internet services. After the browser displays the URL of sledovanitv.cz, he is rerouted to ISPadmin (https://[isp.example.cz]/new/www/sledovani-tv/identify) , which identifies the client and invokes a reroute to the sign in form on sledovanitv.cz. If the Client needs an list of TV stations for VLC, their is the possibility of using the URL https://[isp.example.cz]/new/www/sledovani-tv/channels, which returns, after authentication, a list of TV channels.
  • After commissioning , it is necessary to agree on Rerouteing with sledovanitv.cz s.r.o from their URL sledovanitv.cz to ISPadmin ISPadmina https://[isp.example.cz]/new/www/sledovani-tv/identify


System configuration

The configuration can be edited in Settings Syst. settings General using the following IDs: iptv_username_sledovanitv, iptv_password_sledovanitv (for Sledovani.TV) and iptv_username_4networktv, iptv_password_4networktv (for 4network). Enter here the credentials for the API of a given provider.



In Settings Active services IPTV Synchronization:

It reads packages and links clients from SledovaniTV/4network system to ISPadmin services.
You can check proposed changes before the import.
You may then click Import do ISPadmin.

icon info2  Automatic daily sync of changes has been turned off in beta version of ISPadmin.


Price list update

The price list is updated during synchronization - see the previous step. IPTV tariffs in Settings Tariffs IPTV are updated in the process.


How to add / edit a service

As far as the SledováníTV system is concerned, clients have to be registered in the system before you can add services for them. As for the 4network system, clients are created automatically.
Selected packages will be activated/deactivated.
Added/deleted set-top boxes will be activated/deactivated.
When adding a new IPTV service in the Client card, choose the relevant IPTV type.

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