Send and receive SMS via the protocol SMPP

  • Added support for sending and receiving SMS via the Internet protocol SMPP. If a SMS gateway (for example 2N VoiceBlue) supports the SMPP protocol, it is possible for the system to send and receive SMS. The gateway is connected via Ethernet and ISPadmin is communicating via the TCP / IP protocol. The main advantage is that the gate does not have to be placed directly next to the ISPadmin server, but can also be located anywhere (e.g., in another server room). So it can be used in combination with virtualization, where it is sometimes difficult to map a serial or USB port on an SMS gateway to a specific virtual installation.
  • In the tab Settings Syst. settings General, it is now possible to set up new parameters:
    • sms_notify: sett value to 3 for SMPP protocol usage.
    • sms_smpp_ip_address: IP address of the SMS gateway
    • sms_smpp_login: login name
    • sms_smpp_password: login password
  • Accordingly it is possible to send SMS to clients, send automatic system notifications and notices


  • In the tab Other Map, a new filter All states of clients and All Routers is added. By selecting the filter states of clients all clients belonging to this state are displayed on the map and the same applies for the Router filter.


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