• The page "Active services" has been rewritten to new framework interface.
  • Billing information now also includes field "Invoicing day" where it is possible to fill in the date for invoicing of client service. This information will be used (when Invoicing part is rewritten to framework) to invoice client for whatever time period needed (e.g. from 15th of November to 14th of December). It is not applied yet.
  • Individual fields are now organized in a logical order for adding new internet service.
  • Fields "Access point" and "Switch" now provides also search option to fill in the name and find out search results faster.
  • Displaying of client IP address and IP of client's end device is now switched.
  • While filling in IP address it is now possible to define which will be used for NAT (mentioned above in article IP NAT POOLS) by clicking on a checkbox "Client NAT".


  • Suspension of clients which are authenticated via RADIUS has been customized. In the past when a client was suspended (e.g. because unpaid invoice) system refused authentication via RADIUS but there was a problem that client did not know if their service was suspended or disconnected due to some technical problems on provider's site.
  • Now it is customized and every suspended client persist authenticated via RADIUS but system forward them to a special info page where they can find information why their service is not available. So it means the same process as it is at standard Internet service without authentication via RADIUS.


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