• The interface has been totally changed.
  • Its design is set to default skin. A logo is the only possible thing to move from the previous version. If set correctly, the logo should work correctly now.
  • There are the following skin themes available: red (default), blue, green and orange. You can switch between them in Settings Syst. settings Client portal, ID ci_skin_theme.
  • Login to the portal from an external login form continues to be possible, only you have to change an after link to http://domain.where_is_ispadmin_client_interface/sign/?do=signInForm-submit
  • How to configure the Client portal
  • Keys (IDs) have been renamed completely. They begin with ci_ (client interface), and now provide you with better names to describe the meaning of an ID. ID description has not been changed.
  • You can now set a number of months for displayed invoices in the Client portal. To do it, change the ci_display_invoices_for_the_last_x_months ID in Settings Syst. settings Client portal.


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