• Client card / Invoicing / Payments: The list of received payments now includes a new column Accepted. This column displays the name of the administrator that received a given payment (through Invoicing Payments Payments).
  • A bug has been fixed in the check mechanism on the Add new contact / Edit contact information page. In the case of company clients, it was not possible to enter other than numerical values into the Company ID field.
  • A bug in credit note cancellation has been fixed: The credit note amount was not added to a client's credit.
  • In the IPTV service configuration, it is now possible to enter a contract number.
  • In the cable internet service configuration (CMTS), it is now possible to not enter a client's IP address. A dynamic IP address is used instead. The address is taken from the range defined on a given router in the Routed Network section (the Dynamic range of DHCP fields). Such a service can be saved to the system only if the Use DHCP box in the router configuration is checked.
  • Client card / Active services / Internet: Services can be ordered by name or ID. This may come in handy, for example, when one of the services is primary and the rest are secondary.



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