ISPadmin 4.10 beta3


  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • Invoicing / Cancel / Invoices
  • Invoicing / Cancel / Cash


  • Fixed bug in export of Direct debit file where was necessary to customize data structure for CZ post office.
  • Slovakia ČSOB bank has changed payment notification format. The format has been customized to accept payment notifications for ČSOB.
  • In a tab "Invoicing / Invoices" there were displayed icons with additional options at each row with generated invoices. Now there is a pop-up menu which includes all available option better organized behind one icon.


  • Completely rewritten setting of accounting codes for invoicing.
  • In the tab "Invocing / Settings / Accounting / Accounting" there it is possible to set up own accounting codes. Ïn the case system will offer from a table only those pre-defined accounting codes.
  • In the tab "Invocing / Settings / Accounting / Services" there it is possible to set up accounting codes for services Internet, VoIP, General etc.
  • In the tab "Invocing / Settings / Accounting / System" there it is possible to set up accounting codes for system items used for invoices generating like fee for sending invoices by post.
  • In the tab "Settings / Tariff" there it is possible to define accounting codes for services INTERNET, CATV, DVBC, VOIP, IPTV. Now it is possible to set up acconting code for whole service but also for individual tariffs. If any accounting code for tariff is defined here, system will use it as default before application of accounting code for whole service. If there is no specific accounting code for particular tariff system will use accounting code for whole service as default.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing" there it is possible to display statistics by accounting codes and also export accounting codes to accounting system.


  • If in the client card are incorrect coordinates for displaying location on Google maps, the system runs internal script (once per day) which will set up correct coordinates at those clients. Google API has limited number of attempts for location corrections (one-hundred times per day), so when the daily limit is exceeded script will be ran next day to continue.


  • Adding of photos to client card now also includes EXIF information which are displayed below photo preview. Currently system save information about taken date, device model and GPS coordinates of photo taken location (if available). If coordinates are retrieved system will display also "Earth" icon below the photo preview to display location on Google maps by clicking on the icon.
  • By clicking on the photo to display it in larger window there are also displayed EXIF information, if available.
  • Retrieving of EXIF information is available for new uploaded photos only.


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