ISPadmin 4.11 beta1


  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.
  • Changed permission for Administrator management. Now Administrators can only be modified by administrators with the permission of MasterAdmin


  • Added a check for the item "Allocate an IP address from the number" in the configuration of Routed Networks.
  • In Tab "Clients / IPTV"a filter was added for "Invoice Group".
  • In Tab "Clients / Home" service tasks were removed. Now they are available in the menu "Scheduling / Overview"


  • Settings / Administrators / Admin. groups
  • Clients / VoIP
  • Clients / Universal
  • Other / Documents
  • Client card / Information / Documents
  • Invoicing / Settings / Templates / Universal
  • Invoicing / Settings / Templates / Pending it.
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Opening Bal. - Show list of invoices in CSV
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing / clicking on the number of invoices - displaying a list of invoices in PDF and CSV
  • Client card / Information / History


  • Maps are now displayed in Change service INTERNET, and loaded after the initial page load. The page is now able to load faster (up to 50%).
  • When editing the pop-menu "Router" it displays Active routers first and underneath are Monitored routers. They are separated by the title Active and Monitored.


  • In the tab "Settings / IP pools / IP pools NAT" an option in the table for clicking "Number of engaged IP addresses" was added, to display the list of engaged IP addresses.


  • Now it's possible to use the service in combination with ISPadmin. Clients are identified by IP addresses in their Active Internet services. After the browser displays the URL of, he is rerouted to ISPadmin (https://[]/new/www/sledovani-tv/identify) , which identifies the client and invokes a reroute to the sign in form on If the Client needs an list of TV stations for VLC, their is the possibility of using the URL https://[]/new/www/sledovani-tv/channels, which returns, after authentication, a list of TV channels.
  • After commissioning , it is necessary to agree on Rerouteing with s.r.o from their URL to ISPadmin ISPadmina https://[]/new/www/sledovani-tv/identify


  • In the tabs "Scheduling / Overview" and "Client card / Information / Scheduled interventions" is an overview of scheduled tasks. Each technician is able to see all tasks, they only differ in who is able to edit and delete a specific task.
  • Now it's also possible, for technicians with the lowest permissions in scheduling, to set the ability to change technicians on existing tasks. The Configuration is set in Administrators Settings, with the check box "Cange technician task"
  • If in tasks a assigned technician is removed, the technician is informed, via E-mail, that the task was cancelled. The E-mail is automatically sent, if the technician has set a valid E-mail address. The Subject of the E-mail can be set in the tab "Settings / Syst. setting / Scheduling" with the key "planning_email_subject_unassign"
  • While saving a task in scheduling it's possible to send information of the task via email to the clients. In the tab "Settings / Syst. settings / Scheduling" there it is possible to set the subject with the key "planning_email_subject_ticket_to_client" and it will be automatically completed with the ID of the Task. This E-mail can be sent with each change in tasks by clicking "Send ticket to Client" in the edit Tasks.
  • While adding and editing tasks it is now able to save up to 5 people at once.
  • In the tab "Scheduling / Overview" last applied filters are saved and used after the page reloading.
  • In the tab "Scheduling / Overview" it is possibility in the Calender, to click on a month to display tasks only for that specific month.
  • In the tab "Client card / Information / Scheduled interventions" filters are not saved and after the page reloading there are no before used filters applied


  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices" option "Lock Invoices" was added for a specific month and invoice group. If an invoice is locked in this way, it isn't possible to change, cancel, change dates and address and issue a new invoice in this particular period. Locking and unlocking can be only done by the MasterAdmin or MainAdmin.
  • Added support for exporting invoices to "BYZNYS" accounting system.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Overview / Invoices" there it is possible to "View Statistics by Service" but each row has a new added icon to print out a statistic of every individual service
  • While adding common services it is now possible to choose an accounting code for each item. If accounting codes are permitted (the tab "Invoicing / Settings / Accounting") and in the tab of the service no accounting code is used, the system applies a global accounting code selected from the general service (the tab "Settings / Active services / General").
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoice / Invoice" by click on view or print invoices in PDF, an intermediate step appears with the option to choose a certain type of payment.
  • In The detail of each invoice it is now possible to generate SEPA data for the invoice (currently only possible for all invoices issued in a given month).
  • Now when generating files for SEPA (the Client card / Information / Invoicing and Invoicing / Invoices) the system automatically settle all invoices for which SEPA was generated. This feature is only available for localizations ES, IT, and IE (for other localizations available on demand).
  • Enabled reloading for erroneously processed e-mail from the bank. In some cases it may happen that the system marks one as processed, but couldn't read any payments. So now in the menu "Invoicing / Bank / E-mail" erroneously processed emails, can be marked as unprocessed with the icon at the end of the line and the system tries to precesses them again in regular 5-minute intervals.
  • A new system variable created invoice_offset_correspondence_address in the menu "Invoicing / Settings / Universal" , through which it is possible to move the mailing address on the invoices. The value indicates how many millimetres the address is moved downwards.


  • Automatic matching of incoming payments in PayPal now supported.
  • A new tab PayPal is now available in the tab "Invoicing / Bank", where all payments received via PayPal are displayed.
  • For proper functionality it is necessary to set following parameters:
    • In the tab "Settings / Syst. Settings / General" it's necessary to adjust the parameter ispadmin_server and insert an IP address or Domain of an ISPadmin server (eg.
    • In the tab "Invoicing / Settings / General" it's necessary to adjust the parameter paypal to "1" and also into the paypal_account_id fill in the PayPal account ID.
    • In the firewall rules HTTPS must be allowed globally.
  • If everything is properly configured and enabled, after any payment of the invoice from Client portal (by clicking on the icon PayPal), the payment appear in the tab "Invoicing / Bank / PayPal" and the invoice is automatically set as paid.

Send and receive SMS via the protocol SMPP

  • Added support for sending and receiving SMS via the Internet protocol SMPP. If a SMS gateway (for example 2N VoiceBlue) supports the SMPP protocol, it is possible for the system to send and receive SMS. The gateway is connected via Ethernet and ISPadmin is communicating via the TCP / IP protocol. The main advantage is that the gate does not have to be placed directly next to the ISPadmin server, but can also be located anywhere (e.g., in another server room). So it can be used in combination with virtualization, where it is sometimes difficult to map a serial or USB port on an SMS gateway to a specific virtual installation.
  • In the tab Settings Syst. settings General, it is now possible to set up new parameters:
    • sms_notify: sett value to 3 for SMPP protocol usage.
    • sms_smpp_ip_address: IP address of the SMS gateway
    • sms_smpp_login: login name
    • sms_smpp_password: login password
  • Accordingly it is possible to send SMS to clients, send automatic system notifications and notices


  • In the tab Other Map, a new filter All states of clients and All Routers is added. By selecting the filter states of clients all clients belonging to this state are displayed on the map and the same applies for the Router filter.


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