ISPadmin 4.12 stable

ISPadmin 4.12 beta2


  • Minor bugs fixed


  • New system variables for clients were added:
    • $IBAN$ (EN: $CLI_IBAN$)
    • $BIC$ (EN: $CLI_BIC$)


  • The calendar is now first order by non specific tasks and then by task beginning time.


  • The fulltext search in the tab Invoicing Overviews Invoices now searches on individual invoice items.
  • In the tab Invoicing Invoices Time period By invoice, new features are added:
    • print to PDF
    • export to CSV
    • on mouseover on a client, additional information about the client is displayed
    • on mouseover on a invoicie, additional information about invoice is displayed

ISPadmin 4.12 beta1


  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers
  • Bug Fix for the NAT 1:1 rules.


  • In the tab Settings Other News, it is now possible to message clients in a specific invoicing group.
  • In Client card / History, it is now possible to display all changes of a certain category on one page.
  • In the tab Settings IP Pools IP Pools NAT, it is now possible to click on Number of engaged IP addresses to display a list of clients and their IP addresses.



  • The HU localization now displays the taxable date also in the invoicing group of VAT / TAX non-payers.
  • For exports to Omega the items and invoices are now set to a mathematical rounding of 2 decimal places.
  • The values export_vat_code and export_of_numerical_series_prefix are moved to the global configuration of invoicing (tab Invoicing Settings General) to the configuration of invoicing groups (tab Invoicing Settings Invoice group).
  • For the export of invoices to the program EKONOM a invoice date (dat_zauct) was added. This date is set as the date of invoice.
  • For the export of invoices to the program RLB (HU localization) now additional data, whether the invoice is paid or not, is saved. If the invoice is paid, the date and format (cash receipt, bank) of the invoice is saved.
  • Now it is possible to set PayPal for each invoicing group individually. The setting is moved from Invoicing Settings General to the tab Invoicing Settings Invoice group.
  • Now an export to the program SAP is available. For an implementation it is necessary to contact the support team.
  • Now a new page for issuing credit notes is available in the (tab Client card / Invoicing / Details / Issue a credit note) and it is now also possible to set a time interval for issuing of credit notes.
  • In the tab Invoicing Overviews Claims Statistic, by clicking on details a list of invoices is displayed. In it the invoice type is displayed and the entire report can be printed to a PDF file.
  • In the tab Invoicing Overpayments Returned, it is now possible to print the report to a PDF file.
  • When sending a cash receipt in the tab Invoicing Cash box, all selected filters are applied to it now.
  • Now when importing OC31 payments (HU localization) backed up invoices are paired as well.
  • A New tab was added to Invoicing Invoices Time period By invoice. In it is possible to find a list of invoices where every invoice is calculated by the selected time range.


  • New Tab Settings Info Page Inf. messages.
  • A new filter in Tariff internet was added. It is now possible to inform only clients with a specific internet tariff.
  • A new column No. of clients was added. It displays the count of clients that are affected by an information message, it can be clicked on to display a list of affected clients.


  • New system variables for the service Mobile were added:
    • $MOBILE_NAME$ - Service name
    • $MOBILE_STREET_INST$ - Street (of installation)
    • $MOBILE_CITY_INST$ - City (of installation)
    • $MOBILE_Postcode_INST$ - Postcode Code (of installation)
    • $MOBILE_FLAT_INST$ - apartment(of installation)
    • $MOBILE_FLOOR_INST$ - floor(of installation)
    • $MOBILE_CONNECTED_FROM$ - connected from (date)
    • $MOBILE_INVOICED_FROM$ - invoiced from (date)
    • $MOBILE_INVOICING_PERIOD$ - invoicing period (date)
    • $MOBILE_CONTRACT_NUMBER$ - contract Number
    • $MOBILE_PRICE_WITH_VAT$ - price per month incl. VAT
    • $MOBILE_PRICE_WITHOUT_VAT$ - price per month excl. VAT
  • New rewritten system variables page (in the tab Settings Contracts / List of system variables). Now it is possible to hide or display individual sections of the system variables.
  • The configuration of system variables is moved to a new tab (Settings Code lists Syst. variables).


  • In a situation where the router Mikrotik is only an AP without any routed network and clients, and also has QOS set on his parent router. It starts to write the clients, that are assigned to this access point, to the Access-List(included AP-TX-LIMIT, CLIENT-TX-LIMIT according to the settings for internet services).The Routers have to be listed as active and their API, MAC filter, wi-fi Mac has to be enabled.


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