ISPadmin 4.13 stable

ISPadmin 4.13 beta2


  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • Now it is possible to export data to CSV format in the tab Clients Internet. Export option is available for only those administrators which have enabled permission to export data from system. This new permission option is available to set in the tab Settings Administrators.
  • In the tab Other Bulk Action, there is now possible to display only those clients (by using the right filter option) which do not have filled in password to their Client portal and there is also possible to generate new password for such clients.
  • In Client card /Active services, there is now possible to run update router configuration. The button is enabled to use only in the case if the router configuration is not updated and there is a need to update rules on router immediately, e.g. when a MAC address is changed.
  • Auto-sent reminders (requests for payment) now counts with credit of particular client as well. In the past, while sending auto-reminders, system did not count overpayment for particular client. Now if the overpayment is higher than the amount of outstanding invoice the system will not send auto-reminder because the unpaid invoice can be settled from Client's overpayment.
  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.

ISPadmin 4.13 beta1


  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • New rewritten page Clients Internet. Now all columns are displayed. The display of the columns can be changed by clicking on the button Columns on the top left.
  • Now it's possible to set multiple email addresses on a client. New options for Invoicing email, Technical email and Business email were added. In future releases, this email options will be used for the division of email recipients.
  • Now it is possible in Bulk e-mail to choose, to which email addresses it will be send. If the above mentioned email addresses are empty, the email will be send to the (default) email addresses of the client.
  • When editing Additional IP addresses in active services internet, it is now possible to write quotes around the input of Client MAC address this prevents the automatic assignment of MAC addresses.
  • The updating of routers, when making changes to the system, was optimized.
  • If on a router the option DHCP is enabled.Then on every router update, before uploading the DHCP leases, it removes the dynamic assigned DHCP leases.
  • Newly added the possibility of sending SMS via Nagios when using the SMPP protocol.
  • When making backups of a configuration on a MikroTik router it now removes the file from the router after the backup has finished (safety measure).


  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • Now it is possible to set a default number of minutes for the task solution time. It can be set in the tab Settings Syst. settings Scheduling by the key planning_default_task_solution_time_minutes. Once a date is selected, the solution time is automatically calculated and set to the given setting.
  • When adding a task, below every selected technician, a table with his current workload for the day is now displayed. It also displays overlapping tasks and the time interval of each task. On mouse over the detail of a task is displayed.


  • In the tab Settings Syst. settings General, it is now possible to set new parameters.
    • sms_smpp_port: TCP Port for the communication between a SMPP gateway.
    • sms_smpp_sender: sender identification.


  • In Postscript at Invoice, located in the editing of an invoice group, now additional system variables can be used.
    • $TOTAL_VAT_AMOUNT$ - Total VAT amount.
    • $TOTAL_AMOUNT_WITH_VAT$ - Total amount with VAT.
    • $TOTAL_AMOUNT_WITHOUT_VAT$ - Total amount without VAT.
  • The tab Invoicing Cash box is now divided into the tabs Invoicing Cash box Sent and Invoicing Cash box Unsent.
  • The tab Invoicing Bank Unidentified payments was moved to a new rewritten tab Invoicing Bank Import. The payments that were moved can be found in this new tab under the button Unidentified payments.
  • In the tab Invoicing Bank Import, unused imports were removed.
  • In the tab Invoicing Bank Import, it is now possible to filter by import type. It works only for newly imported files.
  • When issuing an invoice (invoicing details in the Client card), it now displays the total balance of the invoice.
  • Export of MPR/KS invoices now exports IC VAT values as well.


  • A new tab for the rules of payment matching were added. Invoicing Settings Bank Rules. Here it is possible to define a multiple number of rules for the automatic matching of payments. The rules are applied by the order in which they are in the list. These rules are ONLY applied for the tab Invoicing Bank Import!
  • When creating a new rule for every action, an icon i is displayed. On icon mouse over additional details are displayed.
  • For the creation and assembling of rules it is possible to run a test to check if the rules work properly. The button Test rules for payment matching is located on the top of the list of rules. After clicking on the test button, a form is displayed where it is possible to display payment information. After the test, the rule table is displayed were each rule has a matching invoice or client. The green mark signalizes to which rule it would be able to match.
  • It works so that upon the automatic matching of payment imports it goes through the current rules of payment matchings and finds a matching invoice or a client according to the individual rules. The payment will be matched or added to the client credit, by the first rule that matches the criteria of the rule. To maintain the functionality, 6 system variables were created to ensure payment matching as before. This rules can not be edited or deleted . On every rule it is possible, with the help of the column Active, to activate or deactivate the current rule.
  • Now automatic invoice matching is possible.
    • Match the payment by a banking account number.
    • Match payments by a note on a payment (some clients use VS - variable symbol /SS - specific symbol).
    • Match a payment, if the payment amount is lower. (the invoice will be partially paid ).
    • Match a payment, if the payment amount is higher. (the invoice will be paid and the rest is credited to the client).
    • The possibility to automatically credit a client for payments was added.
    • The possibility to match payments by oldest or newest invoice.


  • New rewritten router list.
  • In the router list. a new filter State was added, which has the option to filter Monitored routers and Routers with a restart configuration.
  • In the router list under the filters, the buttons + and - are located. With the help of these buttons, it is possible to hide or show all parent routers. In the hidden state, a list view with the most important information is displayed. At the beginning of every row, a button + for the option to collapse is displayed. This option to expand or collapse is saved to each administrator account, so after the next login it displays the last set state. The same principal of expanding and collapsing is also used on Network interface, Device attached to device, Switches, Headends and Routers.
  • With the new rewritten router list, also the permissions for the routers have changed (tab Settings Administrators). The option to set the permissions to MasterAdmin and MainAdmin for the routers was removed. Now they have no effect on the router list. Everything is set for each administrator separately, this can be set on any given account.
    • Allow routers: routers ON/OFF
    • Adding routers
    • Editing routers
    • Deleting routers
    • Manage devices
    • Manage headends
    • Router restart
    • Update router configuration
    • Router backup
    • Photogallery management
    • Emergency mode


  • New system variables for the service Internet were added.
    • $INT_PRICE_WITH_VAT_INV_PERIOD$: The price for an invoice period with VAT
    • $INT_PRICE_WITHOUT_VAT_INV_PERIOD$: The price for an invoice period without VAT
  • New system variables for the service IPTV:
    • $IPTV_CONTRACT_LIFETIME$: Minimal duration of a contract




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