ISPadmin 4.14 stable

ISPadmin 4.14 beta4


  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • New in pairing payment: in the tab Invoicing Settlements Settlements, a graphical overview for the current year was added.
  • In the tab Invoicing Bank FIO, instead of the supplier's bank account number now the description set in the tab Invoicing Settings Bank FIOis displayed. For the selected bank account number, now information about the last downloaded statement is displayed.
  • New type of Postal money order TKSZ was added (only HU localization).


  • The bank account number of the client has to be equal to the bank account number of the payment.
  • The system automatically saves the bank account number of the client, on each payment. These informations are saved into a special table, where the system checks on a new payment for particluar bank account number for payment pairing (Searching and pairing of a payment by this rule is available only in the case when the rule to pair payment by account number is defined in the system).
  • If the system finds the same bank account number on a client or no matching bank account number, then the current rule will be ignored and the system will apply the next rule in the rules list.

ISPadmin 4.14 beta3


  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • In the tab Client card / Contracts in the column Issue Date, the exact time is displayed now.
  • When defining an IP range in the tab Settings Code lists IP ranges, it is now possible to specify a locality. After a range has been set it is now possible, in the tab Statistics IP ranges, to filter a range by its locality.



  • In the tab Invoicing Settings Templates General, it is now possible to set an accounting code for each item in a template (if accounting codes are enabled for invoices). These accounting codes are then used, when choosing a template while adding an universal service.
  • Now it is possible for Excluded payments in the tab Invoicing Bank FIOto be sorted by month, year and supplier account number and it is also possible to display them in PDF.

Invoicing - Include Overpayments to VAT

  • In the tab Invoicing Settings Invoice group, it is now possible to Include overpayments to VAT/TAX. If this option is turned on, the system starts to add all new overpayments to the VAT/TAX. It is also necessary to set up a number line in which the system will index new overpayments. Initial value of number line of included overpayments to VAT (VAT documents). If the option Include overpayments to VAT is enabled, the system automatically creates an invoice for the newly credited overpayment, with counted in VAT / TAX from a received payment. If such a overpayment is later subtracted on an issued invoice, the VAT amount is also subtracted, for the overpayments that have been already registered. Overpayments included to the VAT and all issued documents can be found in the tab Invoicing Overpayments Incl. to VAT where it is possible to print a single or a overview statement of all overpayments included to VAT, in a specific date period. If this feature is used, we recommend to include information about the overpayments into the Terms of Service for your clients.

ISPadmin 4.14 beta2


Bug fixed for the cancellation of an added payment to the client credit. If a payment was added to the client credit and afterwards cancelled, an error was occurring in the displaying of the import. In the list of imports all payments were credited to the client and marked as unpaired. On the client, however, the credit was added correctly.


A new system variable was added for the setting of an invoicing day in the active service internet ($INT_INVOICE_DAY$).

ISPadmin 4.14 beta1


  • Some minor bugs, as reported by providers, fixed


  • The tabs Settings Code lists Task types and Settings Code lists Holidays were moved into Settings Code lists Scheduling.
  • In the tab Clients  VoIP, fulltext search now also searches through other IP phones which were specified in the active service.
  • In the tab Clients Contacts, now every administrator is able to set which columns are displayed. The button for the column setting is located on the top left corner.
  • The tab Statistics  Client stat. is due to sensitive financial data now only displayed for administrators with the rights of MainAccountant or MasterAdmin.
  • In Information messages (tab Settings Info Page Info. messages), a new filter Client details was added. So now it is possible to filter by client without email address, without a phone numbers and etc. It is now also possible to display an information message by the current balance of a client.
  • When adding active services internet (tab Client card / Active Services), in the section Suspend service, a new check box Repeat was added , it refers to the suspension type Suspend service and invoicing (from-to).

Newly rewritten pages


  • For newly saved task solutions now the time is saved as well.


  • The rules for payment pairing are now also applied to the tabs Invoicing Bank E-mail and Invoicing Bank FIO.
  • In the tab Invoicing Invoices Invoices, when exporting SEPA , now a submit box is displayed where it is possible to choose if all invoice exports are marked as paid. Because the corresponding SEPA file, send by the bank, only has information about the refused payment, by which it isn't possible to automatically reimburse an invoice.
  • Unification of functions for payment pairing. Previously it was possible for unpaired payments to Pair, Pair manually and Add to Credit. Now payments have only one button Pair. By clicking on this button a form for searching clients, invoices and client information about the current payment is displayed. Further bellow on the page a list with clients and their invoice is displayed. Next to a client is the button add to credit, which makes it possible to add credit to a client. Next to an invoice is the button Pair, which makes it possible to pair a payment for the current invoice. The system tries to automatically display clients and their unpaid invoices by the payment information.
  • A new import for GoPay payments was added.
  • In the tab Invoicing Bank superCASH, it is now possible to pair unpaired payments.


  • Improved client portal for better usability - font style, column width, padding between virtual interfaces.
  • In the tab RoutersAll, new filter options, DFS supported and DFS enabled, for the State filter were added.
  • Now in the tab RoutersAll, WiFi clients on Access points are also displayed.
  • Now on the header of a router: in the tab Extra, the number of photos assigned to that a specific router is displayed.
  • The icon for displaying ping graphs on routers was added back to the frequently used icons.


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