ISPadmin 4.14 beta3


  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • In the tab Client card / Contracts in the column Issue Date, the exact time is displayed now.
  • When defining an IP range in the tab Settings Code lists IP ranges, it is now possible to specify a locality. After a range has been set it is now possible, in the tab Statistics IP ranges, to filter a range by its locality.



  • In the tab Invoicing Settings Templates General, it is now possible to set an accounting code for each item in a template (if accounting codes are enabled for invoices). These accounting codes are then used, when choosing a template while adding an universal service.
  • Now it is possible for Excluded payments in the tab Invoicing Bank FIOto be sorted by month, year and supplier account number and it is also possible to display them in PDF.

Invoicing - Include Overpayments to VAT

  • In the tab Invoicing Settings Invoice group, it is now possible to Include overpayments to VAT/TAX. If this option is turned on, the system starts to add all new overpayments to the VAT/TAX. It is also necessary to set up a number line in which the system will index new overpayments. Initial value of number line of included overpayments to VAT (VAT documents). If the option Include overpayments to VAT is enabled, the system automatically creates an invoice for the newly credited overpayment, with counted in VAT / TAX from a received payment. If such a overpayment is later subtracted on an issued invoice, the VAT amount is also subtracted, for the overpayments that have been already registered. Overpayments included to the VAT and all issued documents can be found in the tab Invoicing Overpayments Incl. to VAT where it is possible to print a single or a overview statement of all overpayments included to VAT, in a specific date period. If this feature is used, we recommend to include information about the overpayments into the Terms of Service for your clients.


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