ISPadmin 4.16 stable

ISPadmin 4.16 beta3


  • Some minor bugs, as reported by providers, fixed
  • Adjustement of Tatra Bank SK import (amounts over 1,000€, SK localization)




  • In Scheduling Calendar / Daily, when you hover over calendar column, you´ll see administrator´s name that belongs to it.


New parameters have been added for Client portal:

  • ci_display_payment_details_tab - displays Payment Details in Client portal
  • ci_display_balance - displays client´s balance in Client portal


  • Tab Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By Period
    • Functions at row ends have been included into one select box.
    • PDF print: Page is now orientated to landscape and name of invoice group is displayed.
    • In List of Issued Invoices, header for all pages, page numbering, and line numbering have been added.
    • A new List of Issued Invoices for VAT has been added.
  • Tab Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By Groups
    • Functions at row ends have been included into one select box.
    • PDF print: Page is now orientated to landscape and period has been added.
    • A new List of Issued Invoices for VAT has been added.
  • Tab Invoicing Cash box Sent, a header for all pages, page numbering, and overview issue date have been added to List of Sent Payments.pdf.
  • In Invoicing Overpayments Returned / Display in PDF, a header for all pages, page numbering, and issue date have been added to PDF list.
  • Invoicing Overpayments Returned / Bank Order
    • While generating ABO file for returned overpayments, the system uses VS and SS as used in original payment.
    • If payment has neither VS, nor SS, SS is not stated and client´s s number is used as VS.
  • Tabs Invoicing Bank FIO and Invoicing Bank Raiffeisenbank, you can select Rejection Reason for excluded payment. In Invoicing Settings Code lists Rejection, you can define rejection reasons. You can filter list of excluded payments by rejection reason.
  • Functionality of excluded payments for CZ and SK localizations:
    • In excluded payments list, you can now filter by Excluded, Sent, and Returned. All excluded payments are under Excluded. It is possible to generate Bank Order for such payments. Upon clicking Bank Order, the system generates bank file (ABO file - bulk transfer) with excluded payments. Having been included into the file, payments change to Sent (Payment are sent to the bank through bank order). For sent payment, you can newly confirm its sending, or cancel it. Having been confirmed, payment changes to Returned, and it is not possible to restore it or work with it in any way. Having been cancelled, payment changes to Excluded, and it is possible to work with it further. Information on who and when approved payment exclusion is displayed.
  • Tab Invoicing Overpayments VAT / View OverPayments in PDF: Invoice group is now displayed, header is on all pages, as well as line and page numbering, and issue date.
  • Settings for reminders have been moved to Invoicing Settings Templates Reminders.
  • Settings for notifications have been moved to Invoicing Settings Templates Notifications.
  • A new tab Invoicing Settings Code lists has been created. Payment Types, Settlements and VAT rates have been moved there.
  • In Invoicing Bank FIO and Invoicing Bank Raiffeisenbank, you can now print Bank Payments. It contains information on downloaded payments for a given period, and whether they have been credited, credited towards overpayment, excluded, or are not yet matched. Also, excluded payments are divided into reasons.
  • File format for import type CSOB - text format - Slovakia has been adjusted. As of November 1, 2015, CSOB statement format has been changed (SK localization).
  • File format for Tatra Bank - SK import has been adjusted. Currently, records of type Kredit are imported only (SK localization)

ISPadmin 4.16 beta2


  • Invoice sending error fixed


  • A new router type, Delibertant, has been added. The system now reads basic info about a device operation, data transfers on interfaces, and connected clients on WiFi interface. You cannot add clients to this router type. (It behaves similarly to UBNT routers).


  • Headend Juniper G1 is newly supported.

ISPadmin 4.16 beta1


  • Some minor bugs, as reported by providers, fixed
  • Optimization of automatically run scripts for data reading (CRON).


  • Duplicate email addresses are no longer shown while sending email from Client card / Information / Send email.
  • The system remembers selected sender while sending email from Client card / Information / Send email, and pre-fills it next time.
  • While adding a new client, the system remembers the last chosen invoice group and pre-fills it automatically next time.
  • In Clients Internet, look up using Router filter searches in subordinated services of active Internet service too.
  • In Other Bulk Email, Router Locations item has been changed to MultiSelect, i.e. you may now select more items from the list.
  • A new feature of adding Planned Outages of devices has been added to HardwareOutages. When opening the Client card, a check against planned outages is now being done, if yes, a warning message is displayed. Also, planned outages could be displayed in Dashboard widget.
  • ARES service has been implemented into Client Edit. You can press the ARES button after you have entered company ID. If a match is found, values are filled in, and you may use them by pressing the Use data button to pre-fill the edited form. This service is available for the Czech localization only.
  • Newly added system variables $MIN_DOWNLOAD$ and $MIN_UPLOAD$ for Internet service, which read minimum guaranteed tariff speed for a given Internet service.
  • When editing Internet service, you may now add repeated suspension of a service. To do that, mark off Repeat.
  • In Hardware Routers All, it is now possible to choose routers with connected CMTS in State filter.
  • System set-up IDs ur_billing (newly ci_display_invoices_tab) and ur_billing_payment (newly ci_display_cash_payments) have been moved to Settings Syst. settings Client portal.
  • In Settings Info page Info.messages, it is now possible to filter clients by their actual invoice balance which are overdue.
  • In Client card / Active services, number of client's active services, incl. suspended ones, is displayed in the Active services button.
  • It is now possible to configure look up in Hardware Routers. There is a configuration button on the left side of the screen. You may choose whether to look up also in switches, devices connected to router, and routed networks. The configuration option has been added to avoid unwanted delays in look up time.
  • Now you may choose FUP for Radius-type tariff, similarly as for Wifi-type tariff. Set-up is available in Settings Tariffs Internet. Mikrotik device is then updated in Queue Tree and Mangle sections with reduced tariff speeds for clients with FUP. In case of regular tariffs, a typical speed management through Queue Simple by Radius service is used.



  • Mobile App licence only
  • Push notifications for Nagios have been newly implemented in the system. Their functionality copies the one of emails and SMS, only a mobile app is being used, and the notification is delivered free of charge directly to a mobile device. You have to be connected to the Internet.
  • You can create Push notification templates in Settings Code lists Nagios Templates.
  • A newly created Push notification template is then used in Settings Code lists Nagios Contacts.
  • Contact groups may be added to a device (router, switch) during its editing.
  • To change an SMS notification to a Push notification, just change notification type to Push and add Push contacts in Settings Code lists Nagios Contacts.



  • Clients tab is only displayed if an administrator has been granted access to it in the system. If so, he can only see clients who are in allowed invoice groups as per the settings. Changes in access rights are only applicable upon next login.


  • Invoicing Settlements History tab has been discontinued. All information on settlements is now in Invoicing Overviews Payments.
  • In Invoicing Overpayments Incl. to VAT, a newly displayed columns Price excl. VAT and VAT have been added. They have been also added to PDF files.
  • Invoicing Opening balance tab has been moved to Other Tools.
  • In Client card / Invoicing, an invoice with credit note is marked as Solved by the credit note. This information is also stored for invoice detail.
  • Invoicing Overviews Invoicingtab has been moved to Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By period. Along with this, a new tab Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By groups has been created. This overview is similar to By period, only you may choose month and not an invoice group. Results are listed by invoice groups (a separate line for each group).
  • In Invoicing Invoices, you can now lock invoices for a selected month for all invoice groups.
  • In Client card / Invoicing, a detail of cancelled payment shows who, when, and why cancelled the payment.
  • Adjustment in displaying tabs:
  • In Invoicing Bank Import, XML Import, SIPO, SK post, FIO, Raiffeisenbank, you can use fulltext to search in payment details.
  • You can now cancel a cash payment only provided that payments have not yet been sent in Invoicing Cash box. If payments are sent you have to make a correction tax document for an invoice.
  • You can now select document issue date while creating a cash receipt in Client card / Invoicing / Receive payment in cash.
  • You can select bank account number in Client card / Invoicing / Return overpayment. The system automatically fills in bank account number from the Client card, and also proposes bank account numbers used for payments of invoices in the past.
  • A filter by month has been added to Invoicing Cash box Unsent. The system displays current month by default.





  • Due to changes in PayPal policy, it is now possible to match payments automatically only in case of a valid certificate while using HTTPS. In case of HTTP no certificate is required, and PayPal connection continues to be functional.



  • Dashboard has been introduced into the system. Important information from ISPadmin can now be displayed on one screen.
  • After you login to the system, a Dashboard icon is displayed in the upper toolbar, and opens Dashboard in a new window.
  • It is recommended to be used on a separate screen where Dashboard is run with certain settings.
  • Dashboard comprises of various panels, Widgets. You can set displayed widgets with a button in the upper right corner. Each widget can be individually configured, e.g. refresh time or colour scheme. Any configuration is stored individually for each administrator.
  • There is a Fullscreen button in the upper left corner.
  • There are following widgets available at the moment:
    • Scheduled Outages: all scheduled outages are displayed, active ones are highlighted in red.
    • Routers CPU load: routers with higher CPU load are displayed. You can set the CPU load value in widget settings.
    • Received SMS: all received SMS are displayed; the same values as in Statistics History. You can set a number of days for displaying received SMS.
    • Offline routers: offline routers are displayed with off-line time


  • The interface has been totally changed.
  • Its design is set to default skin. A logo is the only possible thing to move from the previous version. If set correctly, the logo should work correctly now.
  • There are the following skin themes available: red (default), blue, green and orange. You can switch between them in Settings Syst. settings Client portal, ID ci_skin_theme.
  • Login to the portal from an external login form continues to be possible, only you have to change an after link to http://domain.where_is_ispadmin_client_interface/sign/?do=signInForm-submit
  • How to configure the Client portal
  • Keys (IDs) have been renamed completely. They begin with ci_ (client interface), and now provide you with better names to describe the meaning of an ID. ID description has not been changed.
  • You can now set a number of months for displayed invoices in the Client portal. To do it, change the ci_display_invoices_for_the_last_x_months ID in Settings Syst. settings Client portal.



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