ISPadmin 4.18 beta1


  • Added new bookmark Statistics Client stat. Withdrawals. It is a list of all saved withdrawals with option to filter and sort.
  • You can now add GPS coordinates to access points by pointing in the map, and display them in Other Map.
  • You can now set invoice group filter in Settings Info Page Inf. messages.
  • New column CPU load. was added to Hardware Routers Router Status Routers.
  • While editing Internet service and searching router by SSID you will now see column with description of access point.
  • Info page profiles have been moved from Settings Info Page to Settings Info Page Profiles. This way we created room for more profiles and created 4 optional profiles.
  • You may now attach other client´s PDF contracts while sending a contract to client (Client card / Contracts).
  • You can allow Change of the password in Settings Administrators Administrators. It is a main menu item and it is allowed for logged administrator only. It is mostly used for administrators without right for Settings Administrators.



  • Settings Code lists Clients Service type
  • Clients Requests
  • Client card / Invoicing / Invoicing details / Update client's address


L2TP service

  • Added support for L2TP service
  • Insert L2TP service in adding/editing Internet service in Client card.
  • Insert login name and password for verification on the same page.


System variables

Newly added:

  • $VOIP_TARIF_CENA_S_DPH$ ($VOIP_TARIFF_PRICE_WITH_VAT$) - returns tariff price incl. VAT
  • $VOIP_TARIF_CENA_BEZ_DPH$ ($VOIP_TARIFF_PRICE_WITHOUT_VAT$) - returns tariff price excl. VAT


  • ISPadmin administrator rights have been being rewritten and implemented.
  • Their implementation is going to be done step by step and it will only include rewritten pages.
  • Currently, rights are completed for Client card and Scheduling.
  • You can set them up in administrator editing pane (Settings Administrators Administrators), in Rights for Client card and Rights for Main menu sections.
  • New rights relate to those pages stated in administrator edit, and are going to be added to other pages with adjusted rights.
  • alert icon  Within scope of this update rights will be pre-set for the above-mentioned pages and must be checked and completed!!! This cannot be done automatically.


  • New bookmarks: Clientsand Cash Box. Check Clients to display option to enable icon money accept Accept cash payment, and also option to insert a minimum number of characters for filtering clients using full-text.
  • If Accept cash payment is enabled, it would be possible to accept cash payment in this interface. Prerequisites: client has unpaid invoice.
  • In Cash Box bookmark, you can now see a list of cash payments accepted by technician.



  • In Invoicing Invoices Time Periods, items with deducted overpayment on invoice are newly not included into the statistics of time period. (This may only happen in case that overpayments are included into VAT).
  • Option to print a list of claims to PDF added to Invoicing Overviews Claims Claims.
  • In Invoicing Overviews Cash box, you can now use sorting by invoice group. Also a new list Payment Overview has been added showing information where selected cash payments were included.
  • You can now sort by all columns in the tab in Invoicing Overviews Payments.
  • In Invoicing Overpayments Overpayments, you can now select All years and All months.
  • New type of imported statements has been added. It is possible to use it for any bank using SEPA format and supporting payment export in camt.053.001.02 format.
  • In Invoicing Bank Import, you can now select new import type - SEPA - camt.053.001.02.

INVOICING - Settlement of more invoices

  • In Invoicing Bank, you can now settle more invoices at once during pairing (no need to add excess amount to overpayment). If settlement of more invoices with one payment is
    available, you will see Pay more invoices.. As the next step, you will be able to select invoice to be settled. Remaining payment amount goes to credit.


Generation of invoices (HU localization only)

  • Description of situation BEFORE 4.18 beta1
    • Issue date - fixed
    • Taxable date - option to modify it
    • Due date is automaticaly set to Taxable date
  • Description of situation AFTER 4.18 beta1
    • Issue date -fixed
    • Taxable date - option to modify it
    • Due date is generated automatically from system setings. System calculates due date from number of days set in Client card. If client doesn´t have this value set, then the system uses a number from Invoicing Settings General, ID splatnost_faktur


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