ISPadmin 4.19 stable

All changes from previous beta versions have been implemented.


ISPadmin 4.19 beta2


  • Form for adding a new task has been modified. The fields have been organized so that filling them would be more intuitive.
  • Internal ID field has been added to router edit. You can store there any number related to your internal records. You will be able to see the number in Hardware Routers Router Status Routers, column “Internal ID”.
  • A new system variable has been added - it is related to client: $AMOUNT_DUE$. It return current client´s debt. If there is no debt, or overpayment the variable return zero.
  • Now you can define a default task type for adding through Client card in Settings Code lists Scheduling Task types.
  • alert icon The process for checking number of remaining licenses has been altered. Instead of a check upon login, the system now checks while you add Internet service, and does not allow you to exceed your number of licenses. This will prevent situations where you were able to exceed your number of licenses, and when exiting the programme, you were blocked from using it.


ISPadmin 4.19 beta1



  • In router overview - Hardware Routers All - you have now the option to hide, or display all Switches on the page in one click (Switches ). There are buttons for it on top of page numbering.
  • Variable and specific symbols are now displayed instead of Invoice number in $OUTSTANDING_INVOICES$ variable.
  • You can now set up your own template for sending a lost password into Client portal. Define the template in Settings Other Email templates, and save it as Forgotten password to CP.
  • Statistics Client stat. Withdrawals has been amended by the following filters: Invoice group, Location, Withdrawal date from - to. Also, Address, Created By, and Time to withdrawal columns have been added.
  • Clients Contacts tab has been optimized; the main impact on the speed of its loading have the following columns: Total sched.tasks, Services, and Balance. Turn unused columns off to speed up the loading.
  • While saving client data, a duplicity check is done on “Number of ID (passport)” and “Company ID”. If a duplicity is found, information message is displayed. Client data are saved.
  • In Dashboard, you can now set up a number of hours for displaying Nagios messages. E.g. using value “2”, you will have displayed messages not older than 2 hours.
  • Sending a bulk email - Other Bulk Email - has been adjusted. Prior to this change, attachments were saved directly to email body, and then to the database. In case of larger number of emails the database was overloaded. Currently, attachment is only saved once to a hard drive, and attached to email from the database during sending. This will decrease the database load and speed up sending of bulk email.
  • New system variables for IPTV have been added:
  • New client-related system variables have been created - $FAKTURACNI_EMAIL$, $TECHNICKY_EMAIL$ a $OBCHODNI_EMAIL$ (English equivalents: $CLI_INVOICING_EMAIL$, $CLI_TECHNICAL_EMAIL$, and $CLI_BUSINESS_EMAIL$). If one of the email fields is blank, it is substituted by the main client email.



  • Hardware CMTS Detail
  • Hardware Routers All > Add > Device
  • Hardware Routers All > Add > Headend
  • Settings Active services General
  • Settings Administrators Service MAC
  • Settings Tariffs Internet / CATV / DVBC / VoIP
  • Statistics Server Graphs / Processes / Services / E-mails



  • In global settings - Settings Syst.settings General, ID auto_assign_access_point, you can now turn on automatic allocation of access point to Internet service. The function detects an Internet service without access point, yet with allocated MAC address. The MAC address is searched for on all routers with defined access point and active registration for WiFi card. If a match is found, the system automatically assigns it to Internet service, and save the information to log.



  • Rights for tabs Statistics and Other have been modified.


XML export (HU localization only)

  • A new button HU Export XML has been added to Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By period. It enables to export invoices for Hungarian tax law purposes.


  • Tab Statistics Logger has been renamed to Statistics History.
  • You can now define an automatic deletion of the History, which is saved in ISPadmin. There is the set up for it in Statistics History Settings. There are sections listed here with information about current number of records in the history. You can define a number of days for keeping the history of the records. The records are automatically deleted every night. Click on Delete now to delete the records immediately.
  • For safety, this tab is off by default and you will have to enable it in Settings Administrators Administrators.
  • Logger - OLD tab continues to show an old type of events which will be transferred to History.




  • Button Delete task has been removed from task edit pane due to the new administrator rights. A new button Delete has been added to Scheduling Calendar when you hover over a task.
  • Emails with tasks from Scheduling now contains a direct link to a client. Click on client's name to follow the link. You have to have ID ispadmin_server correctly set up in Settings Syst. settings General.


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