ISPadmin 4.19 beta2


  • Form for adding a new task has been modified. The fields have been organized so that filling them would be more intuitive.
  • Internal ID field has been added to router edit. You can store there any number related to your internal records. You will be able to see the number in Hardware Routers Router Status Routers, column “Internal ID”.
  • A new system variable has been added - it is related to client: $AMOUNT_DUE$. It return current client´s debt. If there is no debt, or overpayment the variable return zero.
  • Now you can define a default task type for adding through Client card in Settings Code lists Scheduling Task types.
  • alert icon The process for checking number of remaining licenses has been altered. Instead of a check upon login, the system now checks while you add Internet service, and does not allow you to exceed your number of licenses. This will prevent situations where you were able to exceed your number of licenses, and when exiting the programme, you were blocked from using it.


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