ISPadmin 4.21 beta2


Modified script

When running
with check, checkdevices, checkusers, or cleaninfected parameter, a dialog will be displayed, and you will be able to specify the following parameters:

IP addresses (all) ? : You may insert a list of IP addresses to be scanned by typing them. If you leave it blank, the script will use IP addresses from the database.
SSH PORT (22) ? : Default port for ssh is 22. If your ssh is somewhere else, enter ssh port number here.
SSH usernames for connect ( ubnt, admin, mother) ? : Usernames used for accessing the units. If blank, the script will try to use ubnt, admin, mother.
DEBUG (yes) ? : If you select yes, the progress of the test will be displayed in the console.



Check  devices from ISP admin bookmark ROUTERS
/usr/local/script/ispadmin/ check             - show ONLY vulnerable and infected ROUTERS ( AP )

Check devices like AP ....( may take a long time )
/usr/local/script/ispadmin/ checkdevices      - show ONLY vulnerable and infected devices ( Acces points )

Check  END USER devices ....( may take along time )
/usr/local/script/ispadmin/ checkusers        - show ONLY vulnerable and infected client end device

Clean INFECTED devices ( from previous check )
/usr/local/script/ispadmin/ cleaninfected     - show vulnerable and infected devices and  REMOVE infection


More on Ubiquiti - security bug in changelog version 4.21, beta1.



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