ISPadmin 4.22 Stable

ISPadmin 4.22 Stable

A new script has been added that enables you to generate SSL certificates from the certification authority Let's Encrypt. The script generates certificates for the administration interface and the Client portal at the same time. Consequently, it is necessary to have at your disposal two domain names with the correct IP address of the ISPadmin server. Also, it is necessary to enable ports 80 and 443. You can launch the script using the following command: /usr/local/script/ispadmin/ (no parameters). More information can be found here:


ISPadmin 4.22 beta2


  • You may now limit fulltext search in Clients. The limit regards a minimum number of characters to be entered by an administrator for a search to work. Define the limit for each administrator in Settings Administrators Administrators, parameter Limited clients´ search.
  • You may now set Returned Contract flag to clients in Other Bulk Action.
  • You can define a default GPS position to be displayed while editing a client, router, etc. To define it, go to Settings Syst. settings General, ID google_maps_default_gps.



  • Hardware Routers All > Add > Add net interface
  • Hardware Routers All > Settings > Virtual line
  • Hardware Routers All > Extra > Planned antennas on the router


  • New rights were created in Settings Administrators Administrators in Scheduling section:
    • Allow task completion
    • Allow task opening: Opening of closed tasks
  • You may now re-schedule tasks with unspecified time in Other Tools Scheduling.


ISPadmin 4.22 beta1



  • You can now use fulltext to search Contact persons in Clients Contacts. The setup is available via iconopen on this page.
  • A Connect. points filter has been added to Clients Internet. You can use it to filter services. The filter is displayed when a router is selected.
  • You can now Show HTML of emails in the email queue in Statistics Server stats E-mails Queue.
  • Printing a list of clients into PDF (Clients Contacts) has been modified to include those clients and columns which are currently displayed. You can modify the column setup by iconopen - Columns for print. You can turn on/off this button for any administrator in their setup.



  • Other Tools
  • Other Backups Routers
  • Other Bulk Action
  • Scheduling Calendar > Print to PDF / Sending PDF to email



Generation of Contracts

  • The process of bulk creation of contracts has been implemented into the system replacing the old “Bulk contracts” from Other Bulk Document. This has been discontinued.
  • You may generate bulk contracts in Settings Contracts Bulk.
  • It is just like an individual contract, except there are filters to select certain clients who you are creating the contracts for. You can also select a type of active service thus creating the number of contracts according the the number of services.
  • You can also use system variables, and an automatic transfer to PDF.
  • You will see who and when generated bulk contracts, and how many contracts were generated. You can use the number to click on it and display a list of contracts.
  • By deleting a contract, you will remove the contract from client´s account.
  • Bulk contract is marked as Bulk contract icon check ok in Client card.


Request form

  • You can now set the system to send an information e-mail upon creation of a request.
  • The settings needed:
    • Settings Syst. settings General, ID send_email_after_new_client_request = 1
    • a due record in Settings Syst. settings General, ID system_mail and system_mail_name
  • You can define the email layout in Settings Other E-mail templates. To activate the template, click on icon check ko in New request column.





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