ISPadmin 4.22 beta1



  • You can now use fulltext to search Contact persons in Clients Contacts. The setup is available via iconopen on this page.
  • A Connect. points filter has been added to Clients Internet. You can use it to filter services. The filter is displayed when a router is selected.
  • You can now Show HTML of emails in the email queue in Statistics Server stats E-mails Queue.
  • Printing a list of clients into PDF (Clients Contacts) has been modified to include those clients and columns which are currently displayed. You can modify the column setup by iconopen - Columns for print. You can turn on/off this button for any administrator in their setup.



  • Other Tools
  • Other Backups Routers
  • Other Bulk Action
  • Scheduling Calendar > Print to PDF / Sending PDF to email



Generation of Contracts

  • The process of bulk creation of contracts has been implemented into the system replacing the old “Bulk contracts” from Other Bulk Document. This has been discontinued.
  • You may generate bulk contracts in Settings Contracts Bulk.
  • It is just like an individual contract, except there are filters to select certain clients who you are creating the contracts for. You can also select a type of active service thus creating the number of contracts according the the number of services.
  • You can also use system variables, and an automatic transfer to PDF.
  • You will see who and when generated bulk contracts, and how many contracts were generated. You can use the number to click on it and display a list of contracts.
  • By deleting a contract, you will remove the contract from client´s account.
  • Bulk contract is marked as Bulk contract icon check ok in Client card.


Request form

  • You can now set the system to send an information e-mail upon creation of a request.
  • The settings needed:
    • Settings Syst. settings General, ID send_email_after_new_client_request = 1
    • a due record in Settings Syst. settings General, ID system_mail and system_mail_name
  • You can define the email layout in Settings Other E-mail templates. To activate the template, click on icon check ko in New request column.




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