ISPadmin 4.22 beta2


  • You may now limit fulltext search in Clients. The limit regards a minimum number of characters to be entered by an administrator for a search to work. Define the limit for each administrator in Settings Administrators Administrators, parameter Limited clients´ search.
  • You may now set Returned Contract flag to clients in Other Bulk Action.
  • You can define a default GPS position to be displayed while editing a client, router, etc. To define it, go to Settings Syst. settings General, ID google_maps_default_gps.



  • Hardware Routers All > Add > Add net interface
  • Hardware Routers All > Settings > Virtual line
  • Hardware Routers All > Extra > Planned antennas on the router


  • New rights were created in Settings Administrators Administrators in Scheduling section:
    • Allow task completion
    • Allow task opening: Opening of closed tasks
  • You may now re-schedule tasks with unspecified time in Other Tools Scheduling.


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