ISPadmin 4.23 beta2


  • In the tab Hardware Routers, the filter Locality is now the first filter on offer. The filter Router is second. When you choose a particular location from Locality, the menu Router contains only those routers that are in a given location.
  • It is possible to set the maximum number of SMS messages that can be sent in a minute. You can do that with the help of the key sms_minute_limitation in the tab Settings Syst. settings General. By default, the value set is 0. That means that the function is not active. If you enter any other number, the function will be activated. The value entered = the maximum number of SMS messages that can be sent in a minute.      
  • Serbian localization for the Client portal
  • In the tab Hardware Routers Router status WiFi clients, new columns have been added to the table: Hardware type (client's device) and Firmware version (client's device).
  • Internet service: A new variable has been added to the system - DISCOUNT_NAME. It is to be replaced by the name of the discount entered in a given Internet service.
  • In the tab Hardware Routers, it is now possible to fulltext search even among network interfaces. You can activate this option in the configuration window that appears after you click on the icon in the upper-left corner of the page.
  • Performance optimization: ISPadmin took longer than normal to load when the provider's server was offline and could not download data from the Sentinel server. Now the situation is back to normal. It takes only a few seconds for ISPadmin to load.
  • In the overview of invoices to be generated during the bulk generation, proforma invoices are now highlighted with the correct colors.
  • In the tab Other Map, you can filter by individual APs that are on a particular router. You have to pick one of the routers from the menu and the system will then offer you only those APs that are on a given router.
  • Claims statistics (the tab Invoicing Overviews Claims Statistic): The former category 31 - 90 days was split into two: 31 - 60 days and 61 - 90 days. 
  • In the tab Invoicing Cashbox Unsent, the system now records also cash refunds to clients (e.g. refunds from Client card / Invoicing / Return overpayment).
  • In the tab Clients General, it is now possible to set which columns are to be displayed in the table and which are to be printed. You can also set whether the table is to be printed in portrait or landscape mode. You can print the table to PDF by clicking on the Print button.
  • In the tab Statistics Unlinked CATV, it is now possible to print the current overview to PDF.
  • The tab Clients Internet: The first icon in the last column serves as a link to the statistics page of a given service. When you hover over it, a relevent graph (graphs) will appear.
  • In Invoicing Settings Code lists VAT rates, you can now enter values with decimal places.
  • For Internet tariffs (Settings Tariffs Internet), you can have the system display graphs of so-called shared lines. These are basically graphs of the usage of given tariffs. Graphs for all tariffs can be displayed at once by clicking on Show all graphs. A graph for a particular tariff can be displayed by clicking on the graph icon in the corresponding row. If nothing appears, there is no graph for this tariff yet. 



  • Hardware Routers Router status WIFI status
  • Statistics Unlinked CATV
  • Add a VoIP active service



  • The tab Other Export has been removed.
  • Data can now be exported from the system on corresponding pages. For example, client data can be exported from the tab Clients Contacts. These exports must be allowed in the configuration of individual administrators.



  • Suspended clients are now redirected to the relevant info page even when they use the HTTPS communication protocol.
  • Info messages that appear when there is a delay in payment now work even when the HTTPS communication protocol is used.



  • This type of validation can be used in all EU localizations with the exception of CZ. In the CZ localization, the ARES service is used.
  • The system now automatically verifies saved VAT numbers with the help of the VIES system. Clients with incorrect VAT numbers can be viewed in Other Tools / VIES.
  • When you are adding/editing a client, you can click on the VIES button next to the VAT number field and have the system check whether the VAT number entered is a valid one.

RADIUS - Dynamic IP addresses

  • The dynamic assignment of IP addresses by the Radius service
  • ISPadmin now supports the dynamic assignment of IP addresses from the user-defined pool (Settings IP pools Radius).
  • A dynamic pool can be added to the system in Settings IP pools Radius: Click on the button , fill in the form and select Dynamic in the item Type.
  • In the configuration of the active service Internet (Radius), choose one of the dynamic ranges offered in the item Client IP address.
  • A random unused IP address from the selected dynamic pool will be assigned to a given client. The IP address will then change every time the client tries to access the internet.
  • This one pool can be used for all routers in the system.



  • Arris modems are supported now: Allowed IP addresses of clients and devices are added to the configuration file of a modem using a new variable USER_ARRIS_IPS
  • The IP addresses listed will be able to access the internet. All other traffic will be disallowed. An object called docsDevFilterIp is used.


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