ISPadmin 4.24 beta1


  • In Clients Requests, you can now add as many notes to each request as you want. It is also possible to send an email directly to the person that made the request in question. These emails are then saved to the history of the given request.
  • Authorized requests from clients now contain a link to the relevant Client card.



  • There is a new subtab in the Hardware tab - Settings. In the future, it will aggregate all the global settings related to hardware matters. At this point, three tabs can be found here: Device type, End devices and Antennas.



  • There are new items in Settings Syst. settings - request_create_the_task and request_hour_for_task. The first item mentioned allows you to activate the automatic creation of a new task in Scheduling on the basis of the data that a client entered through the request form on the web. Such a task is then assigned to those administrators that have the Manage request in Scheduling option activated. The task is scheduled for the following day. The time is set according to the request_hour_for_task item. 
  • Bulk SMS messages - sms_minute_limitation: If you want to use this function, bear in mind the following: The configuration part is the same as before, but the function itself works differently. You can enter the maximum number of SMS messages that may be sent within a minute in the system settings. In practice, however, the system monitors the number of SMS messages sent within a second. The number of SMS messages sent within any second can never exceed 1/60 of the set limit value. This function is especially important in the case of the SMPP protocol.
  • It is now possible to disable the UBNT vulnerability alert with the help of the show_ubnt_warning item in Settings Syst. settings General.
  • In Settings Contracts Bulk, generated contracts are zipped into one ZIP file that you can download.
  • In Settings Active services General, it is possible to set a different VAT rate for the Internet service. This setting is particularly relevant to Hungarian providers.



  • If the History database is too large, you will be notified of the fact immediately after login. In Statistics History Settings, the system will highlight those records that are over the limit and you will be able to change the length of data retention setting.



  • A new column - Estimated time - has been added to the Scheduling Unscheduled tab. You can specify how long individual unscheduled tasks are supposed to take.



  • Bulk generation of invoices: If you are about to issue invoices for the previous year/for the next year, the system will inform you of the fact and ask you whether the numerical series used is correct. The system also checks whether the issue date is separated from the invoiced month by more than a month.



  • There is a new item in Other Tools - Check e-mail addresses. When you click on the Continue button, a list of clients with wrong e-mail addresses will be displayed.
  • There is a new item in Other Tools - Bulk configuration of NAGIOS notifications (for selected device types).
  • There is a new option in Other Tools - Suspend your Client portal. When you click on the Continue button, you can enter a message that will be displayed to your clients.




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