ISPadmin 4.26

ISPadmin 4.23 Stable


All changes from previous beta versions have been implemented.


ISPadmin 4.26 Stable


All modifications from previous beta versions have been implemented.


ISPadmin 4.26 beta6


  • Modifications have been made to the way router backups work. Monthly backups are now created as well. The number of backups setting remains the same, but the backup procedure differs. If 10 router backups are to be made, 5 daily and 5 monthly backups will be created. That is, half the backups will be daily backups and the other will be monthly backups. If the value entered is an odd number, the number of daily backups will be greater than the number of monthly backups. The total disk space occupied will remain the same. 



  • Modifications have been made to the SMS queue (Statistics Servers stats SMS). You can now see here even SMS messages that have not been sent because of some sort of SMS gateway error (formerly: Other Tools > SMS Errors). You can send them again or delete them.



  • There is a new item SEPA_custom_mandate_identification in Invoicing Settings General. It allows you to enable/disable the SEPA ID field on a client's configuration page. If you enter a certain value into the field, it will be used in the process of SEPA SDD XML generation.
  • HU localization: Postal check OC31 - Line breaks are now supported. There are no longer any decimal places in the total amount.



ISPadmin 4.26 beta5


  • Client card / Invoicing / Payments: The list of received payments now includes a new column Accepted. This column displays the name of the administrator that received a given payment (through Invoicing Payments Payments).
  • A bug has been fixed in the check mechanism on the Add new contact / Edit contact information page. In the case of company clients, it was not possible to enter other than numerical values into the Company ID field.
  • A bug in credit note cancellation has been fixed: The credit note amount was not added to a client's credit.
  • In the IPTV service configuration, it is now possible to enter a contract number.
  • In the cable internet service configuration (CMTS), it is now possible to not enter a client's IP address. A dynamic IP address is used instead. The address is taken from the range defined on a given router in the Routed Network section (the Dynamic range of DHCP fields). Such a service can be saved to the system only if the Use DHCP box in the router configuration is checked.
  • Client card / Active services / Internet: Services can be ordered by name or ID. This may come in handy, for example, when one of the services is primary and the rest are secondary.



  • Hardware Routers: The current frequency, not the set frequency, is displayed for MikroTik routers with DFS activated.
  • An extra contact bug in the router configuration has been fixed. This bug could cause problems with the sending of Nagios notifications.
  • Router backup notifications have been implemented. If a problem occurs during the backup process, an email will be sent to the administrator.



    • This feature is now available in all localizations. You can disable/enable it with the help of the reverse_charge item in Invoicing Settings General.
    • The Reverse charge type code field is also globally available. You can disable it with the help of the reverse_charge_code item in Invoicing Settings General
  • There is a new item invoice_vat_table in Invoicing Settings General. This option allows you to enable/disable the display of the VAT breakdown table on invoices. Default setting: disabled.
  • Invoicing Overpayments Overpayments: Export files now contain a new column Invoice group. In addition, the automatic generation of CSV files has been implemented. This option must be enabled in the export_monthly_statistics item in Invoicing Settings General.
  • There is a new tab Statistics in Invoicing Bank. On this page, CSV files are automatically generated on the last day of a month. This option must be enabled in the export_monthly_statistics item in Invoicing Settings General.


ISPadmin 4.26 beta4


  • A bug in the component that generates PDF invoices has been fixed.


ISPadmin 4.26 beta3


  • A bug in sending bulk invoices has been fixed.
  • A VAT tab on invoices has been modified.


  • Data reading from MikroTik devices has been fixed.

ISPadmin 4.26 beta2


  • In Clients Contacts, you can now display/print the following columns: Company ID and VAT ID - iconopen.
  • You can now send Cash Payment Receipts individually by clicking on icon email2.


  • A new column - Variable symbol - has been added to the list of Credit notes in Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By period.
  • Now it is possible to cancel proforma invoices even if a given invoicing month is locked.
  • VAT invoices now include a table with a VAT breakdown by rate.


  • A new button Delete has been added to a task-editing screen in Scheduling.


  • A new fuction has been added to the Change router tool in Other Tools. This function enables you to select routed networks thus moving some clients/devices only.
    alert icon Proceed with care while using this new function - it is still being tested.
  • A bug in sending SMS texts containing unallowed characters via SMPP procotol has been fixed.
  • Reading frequencies from MikroTik wireless cards has been fixed.
  • A new column IP from DNS has been added in Settings Info page Allowed pages. This column is automatically generated based on the domain name entered. This will help in cases when entered IP address ceased to be valid. Both IP addresses will be written to a router in case of any difference. The address is updated once a day.

ISPadmin 4.26 beta1


  • Clients Internet: The page loading time has been reduced.
  • There is a new category Except VAT on cash receipts. It is used, for example, for invoice settlements.
  • Date field is now updated when a note is modified in Client card.
  • You can now check the Delete service automatically when cancellation date is over option while adding a new client´s cancellation. This way the affected service will be automatically removed on Contract ends on date. In addition, an email will be sent to the client. You can define the email in Settings Other E-mail templates, Cancellations column.


  • The following pages have been rewritten: Hardware Routers Router status BW test and Hardware Routers Router status Wifi scan.
  • You may now filter routers by POPs in Hardware Routers All.


  • The following pages have been rewritten Settings:
    Syst.settings CATV SIP template
    Syst.settings CATV Modem template
    Syst.settings VPN server
    Active services DVBC Programs
    Active services DVBC Packages
    Active services DVBC Packets
    Other VOIP asterisk
    Code lists SchedulingHolidays
  • The setting sms_minute_limitation now applies to SMS reminders too.


  • Statistics Client stat. By connection: Revenue data for usage (private clients) are available for all types of Internet services.
  • Statistics IP addresses has been rewritten.


  • In Invoicing Overviews Payments, it is now possible to export data to an XML file.


  • The following pages have been rewritten in Other:
    Free SMS
    ToolsMAC address duplicities
    ToolsMAC address duplicities in Access List
    ToolsClient graphs
    ImportVoIP overviews
  • Other Bulk E-mail: You can choose the Enter custom email option in the Sender menu and then enter an email address and a name. This option can come in handy if you do not want to use one of the system email addresses as sender address.
  • Scheduling Calendar - : Show unspecified tasks checkbox has been added.
  • Ramdisk functionality has been modified. In addition to daily backups, the system now stores 2 most recent monthly backups (as of 28th of each month) as well. We strongly recommend that you run /usr/local/script/ispadmin/ stop each time you restart/switch off the system. This way you ensure that the current ramdisk backup is stored and ramdisk is correctly stopped. When the system is restarted, ramdisk will be restored automatically from the last correct backup.
  • Depiction of graphs of shared tariffs has been fixed.
  • Number of records triggering the delete warning has been optimized in Statistics History.
  • A new Overview of displayed info page tool has been created in Other Tools. It shows if an info page was displayed to a client and if this client it, or not.
  • A bug in sending emails to gTLD domains with more than 4 chars has been fixed.


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