ISPadmin 4.26 beta1


  • Clients Internet: The page loading time has been reduced.
  • There is a new category Except VAT on cash receipts. It is used, for example, for invoice settlements.
  • Date field is now updated when a note is modified in Client card.
  • You can now check the Delete service automatically when cancellation date is over option while adding a new client´s cancellation. This way the affected service will be automatically removed on Contract ends on date. In addition, an email will be sent to the client. You can define the email in Settings Other E-mail templates, Cancellations column.


  • The following pages have been rewritten: Hardware Routers Router status BW test and Hardware Routers Router status Wifi scan.
  • You may now filter routers by POPs in Hardware Routers All.


  • The following pages have been rewritten Settings:
    Syst.settings CATV SIP template
    Syst.settings CATV Modem template
    Syst.settings VPN server
    Active services DVBC Programs
    Active services DVBC Packages
    Active services DVBC Packets
    Other VOIP asterisk
    Code lists SchedulingHolidays
  • The setting sms_minute_limitation now applies to SMS reminders too.


  • Statistics Client stat. By connection: Revenue data for usage (private clients) are available for all types of Internet services.
  • Statistics IP addresses has been rewritten.


  • In Invoicing Overviews Payments, it is now possible to export data to an XML file.


  • The following pages have been rewritten in Other:
    Free SMS
    ToolsMAC address duplicities
    ToolsMAC address duplicities in Access List
    ToolsClient graphs
    ImportVoIP overviews
  • Other Bulk E-mail: You can choose the Enter custom email option in the Sender menu and then enter an email address and a name. This option can come in handy if you do not want to use one of the system email addresses as sender address.
  • Scheduling Calendar - : Show unspecified tasks checkbox has been added.
  • Ramdisk functionality has been modified. In addition to daily backups, the system now stores 2 most recent monthly backups (as of 28th of each month) as well. We strongly recommend that you run /usr/local/script/ispadmin/ stop each time you restart/switch off the system. This way you ensure that the current ramdisk backup is stored and ramdisk is correctly stopped. When the system is restarted, ramdisk will be restored automatically from the last correct backup.
  • Depiction of graphs of shared tariffs has been fixed.
  • Number of records triggering the delete warning has been optimized in Statistics History.
  • A new Overview of displayed info page tool has been created in Other Tools. It shows if an info page was displayed to a client and if this client it, or not.
  • A bug in sending emails to gTLD domains with more than 4 chars has been fixed.


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