ISPadmin 4.26 beta2


  • In Clients Contacts, you can now display/print the following columns: Company ID and VAT ID - iconopen.
  • You can now send Cash Payment Receipts individually by clicking on icon email2.


  • A new column - Variable symbol - has been added to the list of Credit notes in Invoicing Overviews Invoicing By period.
  • Now it is possible to cancel proforma invoices even if a given invoicing month is locked.
  • VAT invoices now include a table with a VAT breakdown by rate.


  • A new button Delete has been added to a task-editing screen in Scheduling.


  • A new fuction has been added to the Change router tool in Other Tools. This function enables you to select routed networks thus moving some clients/devices only.
    alert icon Proceed with care while using this new function - it is still being tested.
  • A bug in sending SMS texts containing unallowed characters via SMPP procotol has been fixed.
  • Reading frequencies from MikroTik wireless cards has been fixed.
  • A new column IP from DNS has been added in Settings Info page Allowed pages. This column is automatically generated based on the domain name entered. This will help in cases when entered IP address ceased to be valid. Both IP addresses will be written to a router in case of any difference. The address is updated once a day.


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