ISPadmin 4.27 beta1


  • Radius NAS IP lock - If the Lock Client checkbox in the Internet (Radius) service configuration is checked, the system goes through all the routed networks and assigns ("locks") a given client to the router where a match with their IP address has been found. If a match has been found on two routers, the client is assigned to the one that is (according to the configuration) closer to them (if shaping has been set up on it). If the situation is not clear-cut, the original algorithm is used (the client is "locked" only after their first log-in from any concentrator). For all this to work correctly, the client's IP address must be entered into the system. Already "locked" clients are not affected in any way.



  • Redundant router - If you are in the process of adding/editing a router, you can now choose a new option Mikrotik - redundant in the Router type drop-down menu and then select a particular Master router. The rules applied to the redundant router will be the same as those applied to the selected Master router. Thus, there will always be a backup router with up-to-date configuration that can be used when it is necessary.



  • Statistics History Settings - Bug fix: Items in some categories were not deleted according to the settings (the set number of days).



  • A new check has been implemented: If invoices are being generated or saved in more than one invoice group at a time, a warning message is displayed.




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