ISPadmin 4.28 beta1


  • The $CLI_USER_GOODS$ variable has been replaced with a new one: $CLI_GOODS[column][number]$ . This variable can be used in contract templates, which can be added to the system in SettingsContracts My templates. More information can be found here:
  • Bug fix: When a service was automatically deleted at the end of the notice period, no information was given on the name of the administrator that had entered the cancellation into the system.
  • The Inclusion of overpayment page in Client card / Invoicing has been rewritten.



  • The Settings Syst. settings Backups page has been rewritten.
  • The SettingsAdministrators Administrators / Allowed IP addresses has been rewritten.



  • Statistics IP addresses: When an Internet/VoIP service is transferred, a record is made of this action.
  • There is a new tab Services in Statistics Client stat.. You can find there all clients' services and their details (service name, connected from, suspended, PPPoE name, price, invoice group, client number, VAT ID, client name). You need to set the corresponding rights for this tab on the administrator configuration page.
  • The Statistics Data page has been rewritten.
  • The Statistics IP phones page has been rewritten.
  • The Statistics Syslog page has been rewritten.
  • The Statistics Client stat. By Tariff page has been rewritten.



  • IE localization: Generation of SEPA files for AIB



  • The  Other Tools / Mikrotik script page has been rewritten.




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