ISPadmin 4.29 stable

ISPadmin 4.29

Bug fixes

In version 4.28 in global settings in the menu "Invoicing / Settings / Invoice group" where it is possible to tick off checkbox "Issue a pro-forma invoice" for whole particular invocing group, the system had ignored this setting and it caused that generated pro-forma invoices displayed incorrect text in printed PDF files. Invoice number line was not affected but it is necessary to correct this issue and send invoices to your customers again.

Please proceed with following steps for automatic correction:

1) Typing command "ispadmin_update stable" in command line on your server update the system to the latest version which will automatically make corrections on incorrectly displayed pro-forma invoices.

2) Send again all invoices to your customers in the menu tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices" (for currently generated invoices) by clicking on the option "Send invoices by e-mail" located on the right side of the last generated period. It is necessary to mark checkbox "Send each invoice" for assurance that all of your customers will get correct pro-forma invoice.

During development process optimalization of invoice "Issue date" has been released in version 4.28.

There are now two settings for mass generated invoices for particular period:

A) While generating invoices in the menu tab "Invoicing / Invoices" there is possible to set up "Issue date" for all invoice which you are going to generate (default value is the 1st day of month the invoices are generated for)

B) In Client card in the left side menu tab "Information" there is possible to mark checkbox "Set Invoice issue date according to Invoice date:" and set up "Invocing date" by filling up the value, what means the Issue date which will be displayed on generated invoice for particular customer. If the value is set and the checkbox is marked, system will ignore settings while generating invoices (point A) but will use this settings for particular customer as superior for their invoices.

If you wish to generate invoices for all customers in particular invoicing group with the same date as described in point A, it is necessary to check issued invoices if there is any superior settings applicated from Client card as described in point B.


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