ISPadmin 4.30 beta1


  • Clients Internet --> Column SSID: The way an access point is determined has been modified. The system first tries to find the access point name based on the configuration of a given Internet service. If there is no SSID, the system retrieves the requested information from a relevant MikroTik device based on MAC address.
  • Clients Internet --> Column HW end device - modification: CPE is displayed here, not a client's end device (their own router).
  • Clients Internet --> Click on a particular amplifier --> Statistics of the amplifier: Clients' addresses and direct links to the Client card have been added.
  • Individual invoice creation --> Other items on invoice (cena_dph_typ = 1): The way the price excl. VAT is calculated has been modified. CZ localization x other localizations.
  • Individual invoice creation --> Other items on invoice (cena_dph_typ = 1): The way the calculated price excl. VAT is rounded has been modified.
  • The Add/Edit Internet service page has been modified: If you did not select any location, you were not able to choose any of the tariffs with a set location.
  • The page Client card / Invoicing --> Invoice details --> Edit date on invoice has been rewritten.
  • The page Client card / Invoicing --> Invoice details --> Cancelled invoice recovery has been rewritten.
  • Client card / Internet statistic: In the case of SNMP unavailability, the Modem online function could slow the system down. As a result, a timeout limit has been set for this function.



  • Hardware Routers All --> Network interface --> WiFi scan: The scan tool has been rewritten.
  • Hardware Routers Router status WiFi scan: The scan tool has been rewritten.
  • Hardware Routers All --> Device connected to router: If the installation address is not filled out, the Show on map button is disabled.
  • A duplicate IP address check has been introduced for active routers and switches. If you need to add a device with a duplicate IP address, the device status must be set to inactive.



  • Settings Syst. settings Mikrotik - reading_dynamic_routes: To speed up the retrieval of data from MikroTik devices, the following modifications have been made:
    • Option 0: Only static routes. Some local routes will not be retrieved. You will see warning messages in the list of routed networks ("This network is not configured on the router"). Such messages do not affect the way the system works. In case of need, please try changing the setting to 1 or 2.
    • Option 1: Local + static + PPP + PPPoE.
    • Option 3: An option #3 has been added - retrieval of data from routing tables deactivated. This option is suitable for specific situations: for example, for situations where the BGP protocol is used and the routing table has 360 000 rows. ISPadmin tries to retrieve static and local routes, but it takes too long. The process execution time exceeds the set limit, and the process is thus terminated. As a result, data is not retrieved and the requested update is not performed.
  • SMS failure notifications: A new function has been added that checks how long SMS message have been in the queue. If a set limit (sms_failure_notify in Settings Syst. settings General) is exceeded, a notification is sent to the email address of the system administrator.
  • If your license covers the Netflow module, but you do not use it (it is inactive), a message appears informing you of the fact that Netflow is not active. You can disable this feature using the netflow_button item in Settings Syst. settings General.
  • The page Settings Syst. settings Security has been rewritten.



  • Bug fix - Scheduling Report: Data in PDF files are now correct (complete).



  • Invoicing Settings Cash book Category: The settings Invoicing group, Income/Expense and Amount have been removed. These items are to be set in the settings of a relevant group. Thus, they are unnecessary here.
  • Invoicing Cash book Cash book: When adding a new entry, you can (again) choose any one of the invoicing groups offered.
  • Invoicing Overviews Accounting: The Rounding column has been added. A bug affecting cancelled invoices has been fixed (HU localization).
  • Bug fix - Bulk invoice generation: If a proforma invoice is settled by an overpayment, an email with a corresponding tax invoice is sent to a given client.
  • Bug fix - Bulk invoice generation: Invoice date and Date of taxable supply are now set to the current date (HU localization).
  • Bug fix - VoIP service invoicing: An issue with VoIP services with more than 78 numbers.
  • Bug fix - Mobile service invoicing: Wrong invoicing periods appeared on invoices containing call charges if the invoices had not been issued for the current month.
  • Bug fix - VAT in pending items
  • Bug fix - Proforma invoices in a locked period can now be cancelled.
  • Bug fix - SEPA payment import: In certain cases, some payments could not be imported.
  • Bug fix - Download of bank emails via IMAP: Occassional problems have been resolved.



  • Other Bulk E-mail: A new filter has been added to the form - Access point.
  • Other Free SMS: Now you can enter more than one phone number into the field provided. Numbers must be separated by commas or semicolons.
  • The Overdue payment tool in Other Tools has been removed: Overdue invoices can be viewed in Invoicing Overviews Debts Debts.
  • The E-mail history tool in Other Tools has been removed: Emails can now be deleted in Statistics History Settings.




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