ISPadmin 4.31 beta1


  • The Client card / Invoicing / Invoice - detail / Credit note cancellation page has been rewritten.
  • The script used to suspend clients' services has been rewritten. The way it works has been modified: The system suspends only the service for which the now overdue invoice has been issued. The other services are left intact.
  • Bug fix - Restore VoIP service script



  • The Hardware Routers All > Test connection page has been rewritten.
  • The Hardware CMTS Detail > Ping page has been rewritten.
  • The Hardware Routers Router status WIFi Links page has been rewritten.
  • MikroTik - Settings - /radius: The src-address parameter is now automatically sent to the relevant MikroTik device. It works only via API.
  • Net::SSH::Perl upgraded to 2.14



  • The Settings Syst. settings Syslog page has been rewritten.
  • The Settings Other SNMP OID page has been rewritten.



  • Statistics History History: Unsent emails are highlighted.
  • Bug fix - Contract expiry emails are properly recorded in the history.



  • Invoicing Settings General: A new setting has been added to the system - invoicing_period. With its help, you can set on the basis of which invoices are to be categorized into individual periods. Two options are available: Date of taxable supply or Invoiced month.
  • Invoicing Settings General: A new settings has been added to the system - reminder_active. With its help, you can globally deactivate reminders.
  • Invoicing Settings General: A new settings has been added to the system - export_abo_vs_data. Define what you want to appear in the VS field in the ABO export: 0 - VS retrieved from payment details, 1 - client number.
  • Invoicing Cash book Cash book: The total amount can now be seen above the table. The number of entries displayed on a page has been increased. The filter preset bug has been fixed.
  • Invoicing Overviews Debts Debts: A new filter has been added here - Within due date/Past due date.
  • Invoicing Invoices Time period By invoices: A month/year filter has been added.
  • Bug fix - Omega Kros invoice export
  • Bug fix - RLB export (HU localization)
  • Bug fix - System variable $CELKEM_S_DPH$ - IPTV services



  • The Other Import VoIP import page has been rewritten.
  • The Other Backups System page has been rewritten.
  • Bug fix - Other Bulk E-mail - A server error occurred when the template was removed.



  • Inventory has been rewritten.
  • In the process, new permission settings have been added.
  • Please go to Settings Administrators Administrators, check the settings, and make the necessary changes:

    • Global (system-wide) settings - Table Inventory on the left:
      • Display sale prices
      • Display purchase prices
      • Manage only assigned items


    • Rights for the individual parts of the system:
      • Client card / Items from Inventory
      • Hardware Routers All > Assigned goods
      • Settings Syst. settings Inventory
      • Settings Code lists Inventory
      • Inventory


  • New: Column Quantity > Total. You can now see here the total quantity of a certain type of item after you have filtered out the rest.
  • One-way conversion of inventory history to a new format



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