ISPadmin 4.32 beta4

  • GDPR – Data deletion

    • In the Client Card, there is a new option that allows you to delete a client completely from the system (Delete button). All the client data – with the exception of invoicing data – is deleted from the database and disk.

    • The Deactivate button merely moves a given client to Statistics Deactiv. clients. There you can delete the client as well.

  • GDPR – Consent

    • Settings Code lists GDPR Personal data: A list of personal data + default consent expiration times for individual items (in months from the contract end date).

    • Settings Code lists GDPR Types

    • Settings Code lists GDPR Templates: Consent templates can be created here. Only the default type Consent to personal data processing allows you to select individual items of personal data from the relevant code list. All types allow you to upload RTF, DOC and DOCX files with system variables.

    • Other Bulk GDPR: Here you can bulk generate consent documents for groups of clients. No matter whether such a document has been generated individually or as part of bulk generation, the file will be available in the Client Portal. A client can consent to the contents of this document or withdraw consent.

    • Client Card / GDPR Client consent management and history

    • Clients Contacts – Filter Client Detail GDPR consent filter option

  • An Invoicing Forecast feature has been added to the system. With its help, you can generate an invoicing forecast covering future months. First, it is necessary to update the data using the Update button. Then, it is possible to generate a forecast for individual invoice groups covering a particular period (up to a certain date).

  • The Scheduled Suspension of Service (FROM – TO) feature has been fixed.

  • The suspension settings have been split into two parts. In the first part, you can manually suspend a service with immediate effect. This part also serves as an indicator of automatic suspension (for instance, in the case of non-payers). The second part is totally independent of the first one. Here you can set the scheduled suspension of service and invoicing.

  • Reminder issues have been fixed.

  • A new IPEX REST API has been incorporated into the system. If you want to use it, you will have to set the ipex_rest_api_password and ipex_rest_api_username items in the system settings and delete the old SOAP access details.


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