ISPadmin 5.07 beta2

GPS coordinates

  • The following options are available in all the forms in the system that contain a map (Add/Edit client, service, router, etc.).
  • A new button has been added to the form that allows you to find a place in the map using the GPS coordinates entered: Find using GPS.
  • If you click on the existing Find button, the GPS field will be filled with the GPS coordinates corresponding to the address entered (city, street, etc).
  • Coordinates in the DD format are now displayed correctly.


Further changes

  • Add new task (Scheduling / Calendar): If you click on a particular technician and time period in the Calendar, the Add new task form appears. The first Technician select box contains the name of the technician on whose column you clicked.
  • Deletion of text (SMS) messages from the queue: SMS messages are deleted one by one. The deadlock timeout has been changed to 1 second.
  • Bug fix: Add a new set-top box to an IPTV service (Client card / Active services / Add new service / IPTV)
  • Bug fix: Add a new unscheduled task (Scheduling / Unscheduled / Add unscheduled task)
  • Bug fix: Filters From/To in Statistics / Client stat. / Cancellations
  • Bug fix: Filter Status in Client card / Items from Inventory / Assign items



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