ISPadmin 5.09 beta1

Router copy

  • Hardware / Routers / All: New option: Copy router.
  • The relevant button can be found in the router header next to the Delete and Edit buttons.
  • When you click on the button, you will be redirected to the pre-filled Edit router form.
  • Complete the form and save it.
  • A new router is added to the system.
  • This feature will make your work easier, especially if you often create new routers with similar settings.


extra MAC address addition

  • Extra MAC address addition has been modified (Edit router, Type: Mikrotik).
  • Now: The MAC addresses entered will be saved only after the entire router configuration has been saved.
  • Before: The MAC addresses entered had been saved before the router configuration was saved.
  • To delete MAC addresses that are not at the end of the list (in the middle or at the beginning), you have to delete all the values entered in all the fields of a given row.


Larger text edit windows

  • An enlargement icon has been added to all the text fields in the system.
  • If you click on it, a large window appears into which you can enter the desired text much more easily.
  • When you are done, you can close the window by clicking on the icon.


Pop-up windows

  • Pop-up window delay has been added to the system.
  • Transitions between pop-up windows were too fast. Now they are not.
  • Only one window will be displayed at a time.


Locked invoices

  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices: There is a new column in the table (next to the Period column).
  • The column may contain either a red (locked) lock icon or a green (unlocked) lock icon.
  • If at least one invoice in a given period is locked, the red (locked) lock icon will appear. Otherwise, the green (unlocked) lock icon will appear.
  • Statistics / History / History: The history of locking and unlocking invoices is displayed in the section Invoicing / Invoices / Invoice lock.


Break down rounding amounts into Price excl. VAT and VAT parts

  • The feature can ba activated/deactivated in the configuration of individual invoice groups in Invoicing / Settings / Invoice group.
  • It is no longer limited to the Czech localization only.
  • VAT non-payers: The option is not available.


Further changes

  • Client card / Invoicing / Issue invoice: When you manually issue an invoice, three new buttons appear at the top of the page: Print invoice, View invoice and Send invoice via email.
  • Client card / Invoicing / Invoice details: In the Invoiced periods section, all the relevant years are now displayed (not only the current one).
  • Client card / Invoicing / Invoice details / Edit invoice: Column widths have been changed. The Name column has been substantially enlarged.
  • Client card / Invoicing / Invoice details / Issue credit note: When you issue a credit note, three new buttons appear at the top of the page: Print credit note, View credit note and Send credit note via email.
  • Client card / Invoicing: It is now easier to distinguish between sent and unsent invoices.
  • The Send invoices via email checkbox gets automatically checked if an email address has been entered into the Email and/or Invoicing email field in the Add/Edit client form. Fixed.
  • Client card / Contracts: The cross icon in the Show in CP cloumn was not displayed correctly. Fixed.
  • Client portal: The discount name is now displayed even in the Client portal.
  • Hardware / Routers / All --> Particular router / Settings / Access points --> Click on the number in the Number of clients column: The Back button has been fixed.
  • SSIDs are highlighted in the overview of devices.
  • Settings / Tariffs / Internet: Page rewritten
  • Settings / Code lists / Scheduling / Holidays: A new feature has been added to the page: Copy holidays from the current year to another one (a maximum of 5 years).
  • Invoicing / Invoices / Invoices: Bulk invoice generation: Background color changed
  • Inventory / Inventory / Assign items: When assigning Inventory items to clients, you can now search not only by name, but also by client ID.
  • Inventory / Inventory: The Fulltext search feature now goes through the POP list too.



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