ISPadmin 4.00

ISPadmin 4.00



  • The Tab "Invoicing / Overviews / Accounting" now includes option to export in CSV format.
  • In the Tab "Invoicing / Bank / Import" there is now possible to export all payment to XML format at item Print all payment for period by clicking on the XML icon.

update details

  • Update to version 4.00 can be done only from version 3.74. In the case of any older system version it is necessary to run command "ispadmin_update stable" which will display detail of your current system version and also information how to update system to the version 3.74 by the command "ispadmin oldstable". By this command the system will be updated to version 3.74 and after that it will be possible to update system to version 4.00.
  • Recommended procedure of system update in the case of version older than 3.74:

   1)  ispadmin_update stable  ( test of your current version )
   2)  ispadmin_update oldstable   ( update on 3.74 )
   3)  ispadmin_update stable  ( update on 4.00 )

  • In the case of any questions contact our technical support to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported in previous version.


  • Mouse middle button now contains function to open new browser panel with submenu of the main tab in the system menu.
  • In the Client card while creating contract in PDF format there is a new option to display preview of contract before saving to the system.
  • In the tab "Setting/ Syst. setting / General" there is a new key "voip_dont_show_null_records_invoice". If set to value 1 the invoice will show only those phone numbers which are active, it means there isn't null value for calls in the month. Phone numbers without any call (zero value) won't be displayed on the invoice.



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported in previous version.
  • Updated import format of bank statement from VUB bank which has changed format of bank statements.


  • Customized displaying and selection of available languages in the system. Newly the header of the page display chosen language (localization). Mouseover the icon of chosen language will display other available language.


  • Export of invoices to the accounting program STEREO newly includes also Client number in the field "PAR_ZNAK".
  • Export of invoices to the accounting program POHODA contained fixed text before. Newly it is possible to define own text on the invoice in the tab"Invoicing / Settings / Universal" using the key "export_popis_faktury".

mobile service

  • Newly supported Mobile phone service. This service provides register and management of SIM cards and mobile phone numbers for Virtual operators. Currently the service is not connected to any virtual operator (MVNO) but we are working on that to the next versions.
  • In the tab "Settings / Active services / Mobile / Numbers" there it is possible to assign mobile phones numbers assigned to any virtual operator. In the next versions there will be possible to add whole ranges of mobile phone numbers (assigned blocks of numbers from telephone operator).
  • In the tab "Settings / Active services / Mobile / SIM cards" there it is possible to add SIM cards assigned by telephone operator which contains IMSI and ICCID code. All these details it is possible to add to the Code list. In the next versions it will be possile to do data import from CSV format.
  • In the Client card there it is possible to add new active service chosing the "Mobile" service. To add Mobile service it is necessary to fill in some required details like Name of the service, Connection date, telephone number, SIM number, etc.



  • Fixed bugs reported in previous version.
  • Fixed bug in displaying of some items according to different permission rules assigned to administrator.


  • In the Client card the left menu link with "Active services" newly contains also number of active services assigned to the client for fast preview of number of active services.
  • In the Client card the left menu also contains number of records in following menu tabs: "Contracts", "Interventions" and "Photogallery".
  • Every day (5:30AM) the system checks database for any table failure, if found the system will send e-mail to administrator with information about database table failure and also information how to repair table.
  • In the Client card when the graph of WiFi signal is displayed there is also displayed channel where the client is connected to.

optimization for multi-core cpu

  • Optimization of process for retieving data from MikroTik and UBNT devices has been done. Newly the system checks information about CPU and total system loading and use that for time-sync of running processes for communication with routers what should make faster communication with routers.

IPTV service

  • Added IPTV service for managment and billing the IPTV services.
  • In the next versions it is planned to provide communication with middleware interfaces of IPTV providers. Currently there is possible to add individual rates (programme packages) for particular client.
  • IPTV service is currently not included in bulk billing.
  • In the Tab Settings / Tariffs / IPTV there it is possible to add packages provided by your IPTV provider. To add package there it is necessary to fill in the name of package, abbreviation (used for billing), price and also the Tariff ID (provided by IPTV provider) for matching of tariffs between IPTV middleware and the system ISPadmin.
  • IPTV service can be added by the same way as other Active services in the Client card. There is alos necessary to fill in all required fields and coose to appropriate tariff from defined menu. The last fields includes technical part of connection between ISPadmin and another middleware. There it is necessary to enter Set-top box unique serial number, PIN for setting of additional services directly via set-top box, IP address and MAC address of Set-top box.




  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by clients.
  • Customized import format of UNICREDIT bank statement where the e-mail format has been changed.
  • Fixed bug in the Invoicing module where the partial payment and customization of the invoice date caused incorrect displaying of the invoice in Client card.



  • The core of the system is newly rewritten to the framework. This new interface will help for future development of new functions. Currently there is rewritten the core of the system and some other basic pages. Every future update will contain another system pages rewritten to the framework.
  • Because of system requirements PHP 5.3 and Debian 6 version are required so it won't be possible to update system at older version of the system ISPadmin.
  • Because of the newest (framework) version of the system ISPadmin it is not possible to downgrade version 4.00 beta 1 to the version 3.x!

rewritten pages

  • Login screen
  • Bookmarks
  • Client card (Tabs)
  • Client card / Information
  • Client card / Active services (Preview of Active services)
  • Client card / Contracts
  • Settings / Contracts
  • Invoicing / Settings / Bank - e-mail
  • Invoicing / Settings / Accounting codes
  • Invoicing / Settings / Cashbook / Category
  • Invoicing / Settings / Cashbook / Group
  • Invoicing / Settings / Notice
  • Invoicing / Settings / Bank / FIO
  • Invoicing / Settings / Bank / E-mail
  • Invoicing / Bank / FIO / List of deleted payments


  • E-mail queue in the bookmark Statistics / Server stat. / E-mail / Queue newly contains option to delete e-mails which have not been sent yet. This function is available for "Masteradmin" administrators only.
  • Pages for sending Bulk SMS and Documents (bookmark Other / Bulk / SMS and Other / Bulk / Documents) now contains also option to select new item in details named as "Without e-mail address". Using this selection the system will send SMS or generate Document only for that clients which do not have set any e-mail address.
  • Newly the system daily checks graphs for peak levels higher than Gbit/s. If yes, system makes correction to avoid incorrect displaying of graphs.
  • These peak levels may ocurr e.g. in the case of communication with router on the packet loss rate line.
  • In the bookmark Other / VoIP import there is a new item in the option Type named as VOIP trunk VNET, which enables option to import data from VNET VoIP operator.


  • Released some minor optimalizations for version 6.x


  • Added new export option to the SYMPLEX accounting software which is used in Poland. Export can be set-up in the bookmark Invoicing / Settings / General using the key "export".

invoicing - IMPORT FIO

  • In the case of used import of bank statements from FIO bank (detailed description in the changelog version 3.74) it is now possible to move unmatched payment to unidentified payments like the e-mail import function has.
  • Added support for more FIO bank accounts.

invoicing - check of the correct account number on the invoice

  • If the system contains more Invoicing groups and each of them has different bank account number, so it is newly possible to check correctness of the bank account number for particular Invoicing group.
  • In the bookmark Invoicing / Settings / Universal there is a key "matching_payment_by_account". When the key is set to value "1" the system checks imported payment statements for correctness of bank account number for the Invoicing group and if it is not correct so the payment is marked as unmatched and it is possible to match it manually later.


  • If the task is closed the Masteradmin has an option to check task in edit mode. By clicking on the "Check" button the system will save information Who and When the task was checked by. This detail is also visible in the task history.


  • Integrated request form for communication between the system ISPadmin and end Client. If the client fill in the request form (e.g. on provider website) the data are sent to the system and it is not necessary to fill in client details in the system manually. Data sent from Request form are available in the tab "Clients / Requests".
  • This function will not work without correct request form for new clients displayed on webpage.
  • By clicking on the icon in the bookmark "Clients / Requests" it is possible to create new client using details send by the request form (name, address, etc.).
  • Activation of the Request form is possible in the bookmark Settings / Syst. settings / General setting up the key "service_request_form" to value 1.
  • Afterwards it is necessary to create and place the Request form on your webpage where is also necessary to create appropriate fields (INPUTBOX). Before using the form it is necessary to add source code mentioned below on your webpage with Request form to send new customer's details to the system ISPadmin properly.
  • In the source code there is necessary to replace variable $ISPadminDomain by the real URL address of ISPadmin interface.
  • Form fields must be strictly named by the codes mentioned below (e.g. web_form_input_name-name, web_form_input_name-city ...)

Example: <input type="edit" name="web_form_input_name-name" > ...... In other cases the data won't be saved to the system correctly.

----- BEGIN of the Source code to place on ISP's webpage -----

$ISPadminDomain = ""; /* Domain of your Support interface in ISPadmin, e.g.: or */

/* $_POST[] params fill of your web */

$name = $_POST['web_form_input_name-name'];

$surname = $_POST['web_form_input_name-surname'];

$street = $_POST['web_form_input_name-street'];

$city = $_POST['web_form_input_name-city'];

$zip = $_POST['web_form_input_name-zip'];

$email = $_POST['web_form_input_name-email'];

$phone = $_POST['web_form_input_name-phone'];

$download = $_POST['web_form_input_name-download'];

$description = $_POST['web_form_input_name-description'];

$vars = array( "name"=>$name, "surname" => $surname, "street" => $street, "city" => $city, "zip" => $zip, "email" => $email,
"phone" => $phone, "download" => $download, "description" => $description );

$ch = curl_init( $ISPadminDomain . "/service_request_add.php" );

curl_setopt( $ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $vars );

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 0);

$output = curl_exec( $ch );

curl_close( $ch );

----- END of the Source code -----

LokalizaTION CA

  • Invoices now displays USD currency in correct format. For example: "$ 5.99" instead of "5.99 $".

Lokalizace IT

  • If there is a type of payment set as "Postal money order" in the Client card, so the system will display pre-filled Postal money order on the invoice as it is used in Italy.


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