ISPadmin 4.03

ISPadmin 4.03



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by Customers.
  • Customized VOIP IPEX import where the structure of SOAP interface has been changed from the supplier's side.
  • Fixed a bug about incorrectly displayed data transfer graphs of cable modems.


  • The tab Settings / Code lists / Clients / Client groups newly displays the number of clients in each group.
  • The tab Settings / Code lists / Locations newly displays the number of customers at each location.
  • The tab Statistics / Client stat. newly displays total sales turnover even for DVBC and IPTV services.
  • The tab Clients / Mobile newly includes te a field for full-text searching.
  • If a client has assigned RADIUS client type, so it is possible to fill in SSID detail like as WIFI client type has.

rewritten pages

  • Settings / Code lists / Clients / Client groups
  • Settings / Code lists / Locations


  • Newly added function for auto-conversion of RTF documents (Documents and contracts) to PDF format.
  • When uploading RTF document into to system there is another function ran on background which convertes documents to PDF automatically.
  • Function to auto-convert documents to PDF is now available for cotracts only in the tab Settings / Contracts.
  • If the upload of RTF document is correct the system will create PDF file automatically in a few seconds and displays icon of available document in PDF format next to the icon with text format.
  • Anyway, RTF format is not ideal so it is recommended to check output file in PDF format and in the case of differencies found in the output file it is necessary to edit the original RTF file and use e.g. another font or line spacing. After customization of the original file it is necessary to upload the file again and check the result in PDF if it is correct.
  • If the auto-conversion of documents is not required, so this function can be disabled in the tab Settings / Syst. settings / General switching the key "pdf_automatic_convert" to 0 value.
  • Next version released will also contain auto-conversion of contracts in the client card.


  • Newly added support of another protocol communication with UBNT version 5.5.8 devices.


  • Customized export to PL SYMPLEX accounting system. Data are newly exported in CP1250 charachter encoding.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the tab "Invoicing / Invoices"
  • Improved export to OMEGA accounting system, where is newly extension to export "VAT control statement"

invoicing - bulk payments

  • In the case when created pro-forma invoices are paid by import file of bulk paments in the tab "Invoicing / Bank / Bulk", the system creates official invoices automatically. It is almost the same as in the case of standard payment via bank transfer.



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by Clients.
  • Fixed bug in cancelling payment in the Client card for FIO bank (CZ and SK only) where the payment affter cancelling still looks like settled in the tab "Invoicing / Bank / FIO".


  • In the Client card in the Tab "Active service" there is newly displayed Total call price for additional telephone numbers for VoIP service . There is also displayed total call price for previous month.
  • In the Client card in the tab "Information" there is newly displayed "Representative person" if set.
  • Switch management newly also retrieves MAC addresses from devices by the port where they are connected to. In the Tab "Routers" when mouseover the port on the switch displayed, the system will show data transfer graph and also "Retrieved MAC addresses" of end devices.
  • The Tab "Statistics / Client stats" is newly divided by the Service type to IPTV and DVBC.

rewritten pages

  • Invoicing / Invoices
  • Invoicing / Bank / Unidetified payments
  • Invoicing / Bank / E-mail
  • Invoicing / Bank / Supercash
  • Statistics / WiFi list
  • Settings / Code lists / Inventory / Inventory types
  • Settings / Code lists / Inventory / Type of Goods
  • Settings / Code lists / Inventory / Group of Goods
  • Settings / Code lists / Inventory / Suppliers
  • Settings / Code lists / Task types / Add, Edit


  • While adding new task to the system there is newly an option to set dead line for technician to contact the Client.
  • In the Tab "Scheduling / Free" where are all Free tasks displayed there is a checkbox "Show this page after login". Newly in the case of marked checkbox the page is displayed only in the case when there is any Free task. In the past only blank page was displayed in the case of no Free task added.
  • In the Tab "Settings / Code lists / Task types" there is a new option to assing Requested documents to any task which might be required to upload to close (solve) task.


  • Work on standalone interface only for technicians has been started. These technicians won't be able fully access the admin interface but will see only their interface with assigned tasks and details needed to solve tasks.
  • In the tab "Settings / Administrators" there is the new tab "Technicians" to add the technician with limited access to the system. Every technician has assigned own location to cover and other locations are not visible for them and it is used to schedule tasks for them. Every technician may have several "primary" and "secondary" locations to cover. Secondary locations might be shared with another technician (e.g. Due to a distance). Locations available while adding new technician can be set in the tab "Settings / Code lists / Locations" where all clients are assigned into.
  • Technician with pre-defined account can log in via standard login screen to the system but after login they see only their limited interface and assigned tasks from the Scheduling.
  • If there is any task with flag to contact the Client, so the technician can enter that the Client was contacted and when. It is also necessary to enter result of communication with the Client (e.g did not answer a phone call).
  • When the task is solved it is possible to close the task. If there is required to upload any requested documents the technician has to upload them before closing task and also enter description / result of the task.
  • Every task has an option to add note.


  • Added new export type to ÚČTO accounting system (depends on localization). This Invoice export type can be selected in the Tab "Invoicing / Settings / Universal" by editing key "export" to value "20".
  • Customized invoice export to MK-SOFT accounting system (added missing XML tags).
  • Added new export type to OBERON accounting system (depends on localization). This Invoice export type can be selected in the Tab "Invoicing / Settings / Universal" by editing key "export" to value "21".
  • While sending Requests for payment (Reminders) the Sender e-mail is filled by address pre-defined for particular Invoice group in the Tab "Invoicing / Settings / Invoice group". If there is no e-mail set, so in that case system will use default address from settings located in the Tab "Invoicing / Settings / Universal" at key "billing_email".
  • Customized invoice export to POHODA accounting system for correct export for "Check VAT statement" whixch is newly necessary for SK localization.
  • Customized invoice export to MONEY S3 accounting system where are newly also displayed rounding of invoice amount also to the amount excl. VAT.
  • Česká Spořitelna (CZ only) has changed the format of bank statement for import, so it is customized in the system as well now (The Tab "Invoicing / Bank / Import").

invoicing - export of payments

  • In the Tab "Invoicing / Bank / Import" there is newly possible to save all payments to XML format by clicking on the "XML" icon at item "Print all payments for period". XML tags are newly included in XML file:

<invPrice>112.00</invPrice> Invoice price which the payment is matched to

<invPriceAddedToInvoice>112</invPriceAddedToInvoice> Matched amount of payment done


<creditId>1</creditId> ID in the Credit table

<creditPrice>65338.00</creditPrice> Amount added to Credit


In the Tab "Invoicing / Overpayments / Included" there is a new XML icon. By clicking on this icon the system will export Overpayment to the XML format:



<creditType>addToInvoice</creditType> Defines how the system will manage Overpayment (3 options)

1 - addToInvoice - Counted to invoice

2 - backToClientByBankTransfer - Returned to Client to their Bank account

3 - backToClientByCash - Returned to Client by Cash

<clientId>6012</clientId> Client ID

<price>400.00</price> Amount

<invSymVariable>35</invSymVariable> Invoice VS (Valid for addToInvoice type only )

<invSymSpecific>6012</invSymSpecific> Invoice SS (Valid for addToInvoice type only )

<invId>10</invId> Invoice ID (Valid for addToInvoice type only )




invoicing - SEPA payments

  • Almost all countries in Eurozone have a duty since 1.2.2014 to move to SEPA payments which are designed for all domestic but mostly for international bank transfers between EU banks. Detailed description of goals and purposes of this project is available at
  • Due to this duty SEPA payments has been integrated to the system ISPadmin in the universal XML format SEPA CORE SDD which is designed for Direct debit payments only. The specific standard is pain.008.001.02 which fully replaced individual domestic formats for created Direct debit files sent to the bank in EU.
  • No domestic bank account number are allowed for SEPA payments, so it is necessary to change all domestic bank account numbers to IBAN so the to international bank account number and bank specification has to be changed to the BIC which is the international bank identification code. In other cases Direct debit payments won't be applicable for SEPA payments because of incorrect identification from generated XML file.
  • In the Client card (in the tab "Information / Edit") there are new fields IBAN and BIC, which are used as values sent to a XML file for SEPA SDD payments sent to a bank.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoices" there it is possible to generate XML file with SEPA payments for every invoicing group for pre-defined period.
  • Against the duty all banks are not ready to accept XML format for SEPA SDD payments because of individuals for some EU countries done by EPC (European Payments Council) and that countries have an option to use their domestic modifications of SEPA formats, so it is recommended to check what format is acceptable in local banks to avoid situation of sending incorrect file to the bank for Direct debit payments.


  • In the tab "Clients" there is the new tab "Mobil" where are displayed all Clients with active the "Mobile phone" service.
  • Every "Mobile phone" service newly has option to assign more phone numbers to the one Active service. The list of Active services displays also another assigned numbers. The same detail is displayed also in the Call list.
  • In the tab "Settings/ Active service / Mobile phone / SIM cards" there is the option to import SIM card numbers from CSV file. CSV must have follows format: ICCID; IMSI; PRESENCE; HLR_ACTIVE; BRAND; PARTNER_ID; HID; MSISDN
  • In the tab "Settings/ Active service / Mobile phone / Numbers" there is newly possible to add Ranges of phone numbers.

invocing - mobile service


  • Invoicing of the Mobile phone service is newly as automated process as the Internet service.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Settings / Universal" there is the new Key "mobile_invoicing_offset" which defines what month will be used for invoicing of total calls price.
  • 0 - Current month (e.g. Generated Invoices for period 2/2014 = Mobile phone service for period 2/2014 and Total Call price from statement for period 2/2014 )
  • 1 - Previous month (e.g. Generated Invoices for period 2/2014 = Mobile phone service for period 2/2014 and Total Call price from statement for period 1/2014 )
  • 2 - Two months ago (e.g. Generated Invoices for period 2/2014 = Mobile phone service for period 2/2014 and Total Call price from statement for period 12/2013 )
  • If there is the Fixed price set for the service, so this amount will be used for invoicing.



  • Newly it is possible to upload a photo to the Photogallery with pre-defined width of photos. This function avoid situation when larger photo (than needed) are uploaded to the server and takes a lot of disk space.
  • In the tab "Settings / Syst. settings / General" there is the new Key "photo_default_width" which defines default width of uploaded photo. Height is proportional re-sized. Default value is 0, it means that a photo will be uploaded with original size.
  • Before uploading a photo to the Photogallery it is also possible to select different size of uploaded photo from the Pop-up menu.


  • To be able use the IPEX SOAP gateway it is necessary add login name and password. Setting is available in the tab "Settings / Syst. settings / General" at the key "ipex_username" and "ipex_password". Login details can be found in the Admin interface provided by IPEX.
  • Account can be activated in the B2BISP6 portal provided by IPEX company in the tab Settings.

system backups

  • Added function to check sending of backup to FTP. If there is any problem on FTP server (e.g. It is not possible to log in), so backup has not been saved and Administrator will be informed about the event.
  • In the tab "Settings / Syst. settings / Backups" there is a new checkbox "Send e-mail about any FTP error" and also option to fill in the e-mail address for notifications. If not set the e-mail about failure will be sent to the default e-mail address pre-filled in the tab "Settings / Syst. settings / General" at key "admin_email".
  • The e-mail is sent only in the case of failure of FTP backup.


  • Newly it is possible inform the Client that their contract will expire. To enable function the contract has to be set as time fixed and setting is available in the tab "Settings / Syst. settings / General". The Client's e-mail address is required in the Client Card.
  • user_ending_contract_days - Defines how many days before expiration the email notification will be sent.
  • user_ending_contract_hour - Defines in which hour the e-mail notification will be sent
  • user_ending_contract_send - Enable / Disable function
  • E-mail template setting is available in the tab "Settings / Other / E-mail templates" where in the column"The Contract expiration" select appropriate template. It is also possible to use system variables for Client and also for the Internet service.


SYSTem variables

  • Newly added system variables for contracts. System variables can be displayed in the Tab "Settings / Contracts"
  • $STAT$ - Country (e.g. Czech Republic)
  • $STAT_FAKT$ - Country (For Invocing)


  • In the past system retrieved transfered data of Customers from router sorted before CMTS. In some case it caused problem because some network topologies do not allow to retrieve data correctly.
  • Data are newly retrieved from Cable modems directly so it is no longer necessary to retrieve them from router as in the previous case.


  • Fixed bug in displaying of cancelled invoices.


  • Client card newly have an option to generate IBAN and BIC number by the bank account number defined in the Client card.


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