ISPadmin 4.06

ISPadmin 4.06



  • Regarding customization of the system function for cutting off peak levels of graphs the key "rrd_graph_alignment" in the tab Settings / Syst. settings / General has been set to the default "0" value. To use this function properly, please set up this limit again to the required value instead of default "0" value as it is there now.



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing" there was fixed bug in fulltext searching where, in some cases, it worked incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug in the tab "Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing" where, in the case of disabled accounting codes (in Invoicing settings) the system did not display detail by clicking on the checkbox "Show statistic for individual services".
  • Fixed bug in the tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Time period" where were counted also pro-forma invoices. It is fixed now and there are counted only official invoices.
  • E-mails from ERA bank newly comes from different email address, so it was necessary to customize script for accepting incoming emails even from this new address.


  • After a contract in the Client card is created the system converts it from RTF to PDF format in a few seconds. When finished PDF icon will be displayed next to RTF icon.
  • Detailed information about conversion of documents to PDF is available in the changelog version 4.03 beta2.



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers
  • If there was any discount set for a service (time limited discount), so the system did not apply it for manually created invoice but only for bulk generated invoices.


  • In the tab "Settings / Syst. settings / General" there is a key "rrd_graph_alignment". This key provides better displaying of values in the graph (cut off peaks in graphs) in the case of communication failure between devices because in some cases there were Tbit/s displayed in the graph. By setting this value (in Mbit/s) graphs provides better overview. In the case of 1024 value graph will use max. value 1Gbit/s.
  • In the client card in the tab "Information" there are newly displayed also additional VS (variable sysmbols) which serves to match incoming payments for particular Client.

Newly rewritten pages

  • Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Accounting
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Clients
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Opening Bal.
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Pending it.
  • Settings / Other / E-mail templates
  • Settings / Other / SMS templates
  • Client card / Contracts / Send by e-mail
  • Client card / Active services / VOIP service / More IP phones


  • In the tab "Statistics / Server stat. / SMS" there it is possible to show not sent SMS messages (ready for sending).
  • Not sent messages can be deleted individually (clicking on the delete icon at each SMS) or it is also possible to delete them all by clicking on the button "Delete all NOT sent SMS".


  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Time period" there is displayed time period of created invoices which might be usable for accounting purposes. Clicking on the checkbox "Show statistic of individual services" will display detailed information for specific services.


  • Implemented invoicing function for IPTV service.
  • Due to first implementation of invoicing for IPTV service it is recommended to check invoices when first invoices for this service are created.


  • In the tab "Scheduling / Calendar" there is possible to display tasks schedule and the calendar for every day in a month. Clicking on the date will display scheduled tasks for specific day.
  • In the tab "Settings / Syst. settings / Scheduling" there is a new variable "planning_calendar_day_start", where it is possible to set up the first hour displayed in calendar. Example: If there is "8" value so the calendar will start at 8AM for scheduling.


  • In the list of Clients there are also displayed Clients' phone numbers.
  • If there is any service assigned to a Client's task, there is newly displayed also the name of service, IP address, MAC, etc.
  • Newly it is possible to display detailed transfer graphs if there is any Internet service assigned to the task.
  • Assigned tasks are synchronized with Google calendar and it is possible to display them on their mobile phone or other mobile devices.

contract - variables

  • New added variables which can be used for new contracts for IPTV service.
  • New variables:
    • $IPTV_SERVICE_NAME$ - Service name
    • $IPTV_CONNECT_FROM$ - Connected from
    • $IPTV_INVOICE_FROM$ - Invoice from
    • $IPTV_INVOICE_PERIOD$ - Invoicing period
    • $IPTV_CONTRACT_NO$ - Contract number
    • $IPTV_PRICE_EXCL_VAT$ - Price per month (excl. VAT / TAX)
    • $IPTV_PRICE_INCL_VAT$ - Price per month (incl. VAT / TAX)
    • $IPTV_PACKAGES$ - Packages
    • $IPTV_PACKAGES_PRICE$ - Packages price (excl. VAT / TAX)
    • $IPTV_PACKAGES_PRICE_VAT$ - Packages price (incl. VAT / TAX)


  • Fixed bug in displaying of total amount on postal money orders when the total amount is automatically rewritten to the text.


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