ISPadmin 4.07

ISPadmin 4.07



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • In the tab Other / Export / Clients there are two new columns added for export Min. fixed time of contract and Auto Renewal of the contract.



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • In the tab Other / Import / IPEX there is now possible to on a number of matched and not matched records to display detailed list of telephone numbers


  • Fixed some bugs reported by providers.
  • The new form of adding task is newly possible to save without necessity to fill in the Client number or router.
  • Faster form loading thanks to a customized list selection of clients. Now there are displayed 50 pre-filled clients and the list is automatically updated when writting in to the selection field.
  • Scheduling now includes also long-duration tasks. Task is displayed in a daily plan at the row with unspecified time. In a weekly and monthly plan these tasks are resized over particular days.
  • E-mail setting is available in the tab "Settings / Syst. settings / Scheduling" by the key "planning_email_from" and "planning_email_from_txt". Please check settings!
  • While editting task there is now displayed magnifying glass icon next to the client name. By clicking on the icon the Client card of particular client will be displayed.
  • When mouseover a task in the calendar the system will display detailed information about the task. Newly it is possible to display a list of service interventions by clicking on the assigned icon.


  • In the tab Settings / Syst. settings there is a new tab "IP POOLS".
  • Here it is possible to add ranges for clients connected through RADIUS. In the past it was necessary to add the range of IP addresses for RADIUS for each router what was is not very practical.
  • While adding IP poll for RADIUS it is now possible to select routers from a pop-up menu which are this IP range assigned for. IP addresses from pre-defined pool are will be offered while adding new Internet services only for those clients which are connected to a particular router. Every range may have more assigned routers using CTRL button while selecting routers from the pop-up menu.
  • Next version will offer IP addresses from the range while adding the new Internet service (not finished yet).


  • In the tab Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing there are now displayed also overviews of columns by clicking on the number of paid, unpaid or total number of invoices
  • In the tab Invoicing / Settings /Inv. groups there is now possible to "Hide invoicing group" by a checkbox. If selected the system will not display data for chosen invoicing group.



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • Updated library which generates automatic emails sent by the system. Sent emails should not be no longer marked as SPAM.
  • In the tab "Client card / Information / Send SMS" there is now possible to send SMS also to contacts mentioned at client's contact persons.
  • There is not required to add SIM card number for "Mobile" service. It is enough to fill in only the number of mobile service.


  • Client card / Active services / VoIP / Next IP phones
  • Routers / Routes / Add new range
  • Client card / Information / Send SMS
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Claims / Statistics
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Claims / Claims
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Payments
  • Invoicing / Overviews / History
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Reverse charge
  • Invoicing / Overviews / Changes hist.
  • Scheduling / Calendar / Add task
  • Other / Import / IPEX


  • Completely rewritten page where it is possible to add tasks to the calendar. By clicking to the calendar the system will display new window to add or edit task. The tab "Scheduling / Add" is still display as "origin" due to a sync with google calendar.
  • While editing individual fields the system no longer refresh whole pages as in previous case.
  • Newly it is possible to choose start / end of 5 mins interval.
  • Possibility to set up date and time when the long-duration task should be solved. If the date is set a technician will see the task in calendar as long as the task is finally solved.
  • If the task is assigned to a technician and then a client is chosen with this assigned task, then it is possible to select contracts which are displayed in the technician interface (changelog 4.03 beta2). There it is possible to display e.g. transfer protocol which has been signed by client.
  • Tasks for technician can be overlap in calendar. The technician may have more different tasks in the same day.
  • Actual sync with google calendar is not supported. Actual sync in "old" task adding tab ("Scheduling / Add") will be turn off in November. Unfortunatelly the new "Google Calendar Api" is not possible to implement yet due to a technical reasons (Google does not support API for management of more than one calendar like in the old API).


$IPTV_STREET_INST$ - Street ( installation )
$IPTV_CITY_INST$ - City ( installation )
$IPTV_Postcode_INST$ - Postal code ( installation )
$IPTV_FLAT_INST$ - Flat ( installation )
$IPTV_FLOOR_INST$ - Floor ( installation )
$IPTV_INSTALLATION_FEE$ - Installation charge ( installation )

  • Extended support of SK SIPO for following types:
  • "VPR" - Export file of paid orders for defined period
  • "PSR" - Export file with settled payments


  • If there is a credit option enabled for VOIP service (settings of VOIP tariff) and VOIP service has also assigned additional phone numbers, the credit is in that case applied for all assigned phone numbers.


  • Added SIPO support for SK.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Settings / Bank / FIO" there is now possible to add mark to download statements for each account with description for better resolution in the case of more FIO bank accounts.
  • In the client card in the tab "Invoicing" there are displayed detailed information about payments for this info by clicking on the invoice detail icon.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Overviews / Payments" there it is possible to export payments to ABO format for every invoicing group. Exported data can by filtered on page "Payments" (FROM-TO, fulltex, or additional filters). This option is available for CZ and SK localization only.


  • Export to accountin system EKONOM newly also includes option to add prefix for export of invoices to this accounting system.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Settings / Inv. groups" there it is possible to select and edit invocing group and add there requested prefix to the field "Export prefix for number line" (e.g. 000 nebo FAV).


  • There is now possible to export also accounting codes to MRP/KS accounting system for individual items.
  • If using of accounting codes is enabled (the tab "Invocing / Settings / Universal" using the key "accounting code" = 1), the system sets accounting codes for each invoice by settings "Settings / Active services / Accounting codes" and in the tab "Invoicing / Settings / Accounting codes").

ROUTER - routes

  • New rewritten page "Routers / Routes / Add new range" where it is possible to assign IP range dedicated for clients with AP defined in the tab "Access points" at a router.
  • If the IP range is defined for access point, so in the case of adding new IPTV service it is possible to select router and also the access point from the pop-up menu. After selecting the AP the system will offer only those IP addresses assigned to this AP. This solution is suitable for larger (mostly optical) networks where there are e.g. 200 VLANs and in that case the system would offer 200 IP addresses and a technician would not know which IP range is correct.
  • This system will be available also for other services when the system is rewritten to framework.

CMTS - MINICMTS integration

  • Newly integrated support of MINI CMTS headend developed by LICA company.
  • While adding CMTS headend to a router it is possible to select "MiniCMTS" headend from the pop-up menu but it is necessary to add IP address and SNMP community to access the headend (SNMP access is necessary to create through a CMTS management).
  • If all details are set correctly the system retrieves data about signal which are displayed in graph like at other CMTS headends.


  • Customized adding of tariffs in the tab "Settings / Tariffs / Internet" where it is possible to select location, client type which the tariff is valid for and also if it is active. This detailed selection of tariffs will be used for adding of the "Internet" service. In the case when there is a lot of tariffs in the system which are mentioned for particular locations or connection types, it will be quite complicated to select correct tariff for a client. The settings if the tariff is active or inactive will be used in cases where the particular tariff is no longer offered to clients but old clients have this tariff still active.
  • While adding / editing tariff it is possible to select "Location" a "Connection type".
  • In the case of selected Client type "Cable" it is not possible to choose "Connection type".
  • In the list of tariffs (the tab "Settings / Tariffs / Internet") there are displayed columns "Location" and "Connection type".
  • In the list of tariffs there is a new column "Active" which is possible to click on and swith from active to inactive or back.


  • In the tab "Routers / Radius / Access log" and "Routers / Radius / Active clients" there it is possible to open "Client card / Active services" by clicking on the client name.


  • While moving goods to pending items on invoice there is now possible to fill in also the warranty period. By using system variable $USER_GOODS$ the system will display the same warranty period. Settings is available in the tab "Settings / Syst. settings / Inventory".


  • Cash receipt now includes also amount in cash rewritten to words


  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoices" there it is also possible to download SEPA file for a bank for each month after selecting correct Invocing group.


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