ISPadmin 4.08

ISPadmin 4.08



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.
  • Fixed function for auto-conversion of text documents to PDF where some fonts had a problem to be converted correctly.
  • BASH SHELLSHOCK (CVE-2014-6271) problem corrected.


  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Time period" there are now also displayed credit notes and now there is possible to sort invoices and credit notes separately.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Bank / E-mail" there is now possible to work with individual payments even for email payment notifications received from a bank. So if there is any unidentified payment from the list, it is now possible to move only this unidentified payment to unmatched payment list instead of removing a whole email as it was in the past.


  • Client portal now also displays information about total client balance below the list of invoices.



  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by providers.


  • In the client card (in the tab "Statistics") there is now possible to restart modem by clicking on the restart button at particular modem.
  • Modem will be restarted in 10 minutes.


  • In the tab "Invoicing / Overviews / Invoicing" there is a row with details about paid, unpaid invoices and also created invoices which are still in due date.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Time period" there is a new column with a client name (with active link to their client card) with option to display invoice (by clicking on a PDF icon).



  • Fixed bug in system variables "$INVOICE_PRICE$" and "$INVOICE_PRICE$_WITHOUT_VAT" for invoices. System variable "$INVOICE_PRICE$" has been replaced by new variable "$INVOICE_PRICE_WITH_VAT".


  • Sending of SMS from the Client card is now possible to divide by number of characters. Settings is available in the tab "Settings / Syst. settingGenerals / " at the key "sms_divide_after_chars". Value "0" means that SMS will not be divided and different value defines after how many characters a SMS will be divided.


  • Due to some displaying problems of PDF documents converted by Libre Office commponent in previous system versions we were forced to replace that by a new and more powerful commponent to convert whatever text document to PDF format you need.
  • Now it is possible to convert RTF, DOC and DOCX documents from their original formats and keep the same display in PDF documents converted with applied system variables.
  • In the case of upload of a new document (template) in the menu "Settings / Other / Contracts" the system will convert a document to PDF automatically in a few seconds. When finished a new PDF icon is displayed next to a text icon.
  • In the Client card the tab "Contracts" there it is possible to create a contract using a template already saved to the system or any different document.
  • By clicking on the original editable file it is possible to customize a text file and repeat uploadinf of customized document which replace the old one and convert document to PDF automatically.


  • Client card / Internet statistic
  • Invoicing / Cash box
  • Invoicing / Overpayments / Overpayments
  • Invoicing / Overpayments / Arrears
  • Invoicing / Overpayments / Included


  • Mikrotik API version 6.18 and later uses different format of signal-strength, so the system was not able to draw graphs of signal. New format of Mikrotik API is now implemented.


  • UBNT Edge routers are now supported.
  • In the tab "Routers" there is now possible to select also router type "Ubiquiti Edge Router".
  • System will display basic details (interface, CPU, atd.) and start to draw graphs of transfers and CPU loading in a few minutes after access details are inserted in.


  • If RADIUS is activated on particular router the system now supports authentication of clients to wireless access list. Before a client is connected on AP their MAC address is authenticated first via RADIUS and if sucessful connect a client to AP.
  • Now it is also possible to provide shaping on upstream router to authenticate clients via RADIUS. It is suitable for those who authenticate clients via RADIUS with only 1:1 aggregation but neet to do aggregation on central shaper device. There it is possible to select upstream router (from pop-up menu "Provide QOS on router") for shaping.


  • When mouse-over a task (in the tab "Scheduling / Calendar") the system displays info window with a task details. Now it is possible to click on a task name to display task details like documents, contracts, solution details and a task history with option to edit this task directly.
  • When adding information about task solution the system automatically fill in a name of currently logged in technician.
  • A task page display is updated to the new design.
  • Pop-up menu Client now displays also client ID in the case of more clients with the same names.
  • When a task is added by a "Head technician" the system displayes only those technicians which are assigned to a particular head technician.


  • In the tab "Invoicing / Invoices / Time period" it is now possible to display detailed list of invoices for particular period.
  • Cash receipts now displays also a client ID (assigned VS) for better identification.
  • In the tab "Invoicing / Bank / Import" system now offers only those import files which are available for particular system localization (a bank import options used in specific country).


  • "BANCO DE OCCIDENTE" and "BANCO DE PAIS" bank import files are now supported to accept bank transfer payments. In the tab "Invoicing / Bank / Import" it is now possible to import these types of bank files with money transfers.


  • "Bank of New Zealand" bank import file is now supported to accept bank transfer payments. In the tab "Invoicing / Bank / Import" it is now possible to import this type of bank file with money transfers.


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