Basic system info and control

Password change

Change ISPadmin password in Password.

Information ribbon

  • It is displayed at all times and provides basic system and licence information, as well as main control buttons.


Latest Stable Version We recommend using stable versions only for beta versions are meant for testing new features.
Licence owner Name of subject who purchased ISPadmin licence
Logged user Currently logged in user


Total licences Amount of purchased licenses

Active Amount of currently used licenses
System updates to Deadline for provided system updates
Dashboard Link to Dashboard
language version Predefined language as set in Settings Syst.settings General, ID lokalizace. Click on flag to switch between language versions.
Wikipedia Link to this web with system documentation.
Logout Safe system logout.
Set up auto logout in Settings Syst.settings General, ID auto_logout.

Basic system information - login

  • Every time you log into ISPadmin you will see the following: Click on Continue to display Current changelog (it is displayed only once after its release).

ISP admin - Systémové informace

  • Upon login ISPadmin automatically checks the following items, and displays warnings, if applicable:
ISPadmin version You may turn on/off displayed Beta version in Settings Syst. settings General, ID show_beta_version. If newer version is found upon login information on update procedure is shown.
Check of default database passwords for
users root and ispadmin
If default passwords have not been changed instructions on how to do so is displayed.
Number of clients / licences Warning is displayed in case you have 10 licenses remaining, or less.
Unallowed frequency 5GHz bandwidth Define this warning in Settings Syst. settings General, ID check_5G_bands.
NetFlow data Only if NetFlow module is activated.
Collision of IP address and devices  
superCASH communication If superCASH is activated eventual communication error is shown.
VOIPex communication Again, eventual communication error is displayed only.
Backups encryption System checks if it is set.
Database corruption If database is corrupted, damaged tables are displayed with instruction on how to fix them.
Firewall System checks if it is set.
Disc capacity A warning is displayed if disc free space falls below value from Settings Syst. settings General, ID disk_usage_warning.
UBNT vulnerability alert It is possible to disable the UBNT vulnerability alert with the help of the show_ubnt_warning item in Settings Syst. settings General.
Big history database In Statistics History Settings, the system will highlight those records that are over the limit and you will be able to change the length of data retention setting.


More system information


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